Chapter 742: So it’s you three guys …

Faced with the sharp eyes of the rabbit beauty, Xiong Ji was a little incoherent as he said,””Could it be … No… This is …”

“Where did you steal it from? You perverted bear. ” Tu Mei pressed on the phone with a look of disgust and looked at Xiong Ji from the corner of her eyes.

“Don’t … Don’t call the police! This is my own stuff. “Xiong Ji replied,” is there a law that states that I can’t wear my own bra out?” He frowned and put on a serious expression.”Besides … Although I’m a pervert, I’m not a pervert! To actually compare perverts with perverts, it was really inconceivable! Even if I’m a pervert, I’m just a pervert with the title of pervert!”

Tu Mei broke out in a cold sweat. The corners of her mouth twitched as she continued,””So … That’s the worst scumbag …” She pursed her lips.”But … Since you’re wearing a bra you bought yourself, it means that there are no victims, which means … This is not an incident.”

“Yeah, yeah!” Xiong Ji replied.

Feng bujue and Wang Tanzhi also chimed in.””That’s right, that’s right. There’s no problem if you bought it yourself!”

“How could there be no problem …” Tu Mei continued,”indeed, this is not considered an ‘incident’, but … As a man, it is undoubtedly immoral to walk around in public wearing a bra. I still have to report …”

“Usami-chan, although what you said makes sense …” Xiong Ji interrupted in a deep voice,”but … If you’re called the police just by wearing a bra you bought yourself, don’t you think that the so-called personal freedom has been lost in this world?”

“The public security regulations exist to limit the freedom of perverts like you.” Tu Mei held her phone and smiled.”Besides … I just like to report cases. Can’t I?”

“I’m begging you, please stop!” Xiong Ji continued,”every time, you call the police over for such a small matter. It’s like … You can’t show your underwear except in the toilet and at home!”

“Isn’t that obvious …” Hearing this godlike conversation, even Xiao Tan was shocked. He thought to himself, what is the world in your brain like?!

“Alright! Xiong Ji!” By then, Feng bujue had already made his move.”You better shut up!” He muttered a vulgarity and pulled off Xiong Ji’s bra.

“Ha~” Xiong Ji was stunned, but he only let out a cry and did not resist.

“It’s done,” Brother Jue held the pink bra and turned to tell the two girls,”he has already taken off the bra.” He pointed at Xiong Ji and said,”it’s summer now. It’s normal for a boy to carry a school bag with his upper body naked.”

“Hmm … Since you’ve put it that way …” Tu Mei muttered to herself for a moment before putting down her phone. Then, she looked at Xiong Ji and said,”how about this … I won’t call the police for now.” Today, I’m going to observe your behavior and attitude during the outing. If you’re honest and serious, I won’t send you to the health center. ”

“Eh? The health center?” Xiong jiqi asked,”isn’t it the police station?”


Thirty minutes later …

The five of them headed north, and before they knew it, they had already walked several kilometers.

“Brother Jue …” Xiao Tan, who had good eyesight, seemed to have noticed something. He turned his body slightly and whispered to Feng bujue, who was beside him,”in our eleveno’ clock direction, about one and two kilometers away, there is a group of people gathered together …”

“Received.” “Yes,” Feng bujue replied before adding,”that place is most likely the ‘crime scene’. Don’t spread the news yet. We’ll see how it goes when we get closer.” When he said this, his eyes were fixed on Xiong Ji in front of him. It seemed that … Compared to the side case, he was more worried that Xiong Ji would be caught red-handed.

The group walked for a while more, and before long, they arrived near the “group of people.”

“Argh! It’s officer inokosuke. ” Meowmei said as she looked in that direction a few dozen meters away.

Because inokusuke was wearing a police uniform, and his fur was white, so…Even animals with poor vision could recognize him from a distance.

“Oh! Did something happen here?” Xiong Ji said excitedly.

“Let’s go and take a look. ” Tu Mei continued.

Therefore, before brother Jue and Xiao Tan could say anything, the group had already made their way there …

At this moment, there were four “people” and a horse standing on the grass.

The horse was a White Horse with a saddle.

The “people” were the following four …

The first one was officer inokosuke, whom everyone was familiar with. The second one was a bald monk in an orange Kasaya. The third one was a human-faced monkey spirit with a red scarf around his neck and a golden circlet on his head. The fourth one was a green-skinned Kappa spirit in a blue ancient costume.

When he got closer, Feng bujue saw the faces of the people.

At this moment, his balls were hurting even more …

Two seconds later, brother Jue lowered his head and held his forehead. He thought to himself, by the way … Are you guys from the same universe as Xiong Ji? the sun and the universe are connected?

Before Feng bujue’s mind could catch up with this terrible development, tu Mei had already stepped forward to start a conversation.””Officer inokosuke, what happened here?”

“Oh, it’s Usami-chan,” Inokosuke turned around and looked at his five friends.”Something happened here.”

“We’ll see! Usami-chan, it’s indeed an event!” Xiong Ji continued.

“What kind of incident is it? Officer inokosuke. ” At this time, Feng bujue also walked forward. He put on a serious expression and asked,”if it’s convenient, tell us. Perhaps we can help.”

“Oh, oh!” Xiong Ji cheered from the side,”we can see the long-lost detective showdown again!”

“If you’re not the murderer … There should be some sort of confrontation, right?” Xiao Tan mumbled.

“Hmm …” On the other side, inokusuke thought for a few seconds, looked at Tomi and brother Jue, and said,”this morning, the station received an anonymous call to report a murder. The person who reported it said that he witnessed a murder, and the crime scene was by a stream about ten kilometers away from here.” He paused for a moment.”According to the report, he saw a human, a monkey, and a Kappa attack a pig, and then they ran away with a White Horse.” As he said this, he glanced at the three people behind him,”so, I followed them on foot and happened to meet these three guys …”