Chapter 745: The start of the picnic, a new case that surfaced

[Side quest completed]

“Special scenario bonus reward: current level’s exp 2%

After the group was taken away by officer inokosuke, a system notification rang in Feng bujue and Wang Tanzhi’s ears.

They opened the game menu and took a look. The [assist tumei in solving the corpse-less murder case] section had been ticked. Judging from the results, the reward for this side event was experience points, not the skill points from the main event. Xiong Ji’s aggro didn’t increase after the incident was resolved.

“Very good, this mission is much easier than the main plot.” Feng bujue looked at the game menu and commented,

“But … Brother Jue, you’re really something. When the situation was turning for the worse, you managed to turn the situation around with a simple provocation.” Xiao Tan added.

“Well … Because I have a good understanding of the original work, I can roughly guess … How to deal with this character from the ‘sun and the universe’.” Feng bujue said in a low voice,”other than a few characters with normal intelligence … Such as CEng Liangjun (kawaya CEng Liang), Hirata-san (Hirata Hirata), and Mei (Ono-san)… Other than these people, most of the other characters have a certain level of comedic nature.” He explained in all seriousness,”that is to say … When necessary, as long as you ask them a little bit, they will say or do something that is full of flaws.”

“Is this the so-called comical instinct?” Xiao Tan’s expression turned serious.

“That’s right, it’s like the urge to’ step on a banana peel and fall down when you see it ‘…” Feng bujue continued.”Most characters in this world have this kind of urge, including rabbit beauty … She would often ask Xiong Ji something like’ there aren’t any cases recently, so why don’t you jump down from a building ‘and her’ glare expression ‘… These are the characteristics of the character that creates trouble. She is not aware of the existence of this attribute, and it is impossible for her to change it. ”

“Oh …” Xiao Tan nodded.”I think I kind of understand … Why Xiong Ji committed so many crimes and was repeatedly caught …”

“Mao San lang, Kotaro, get ready to go.”

While they were talking, the three of them had finished dressing up. At this time, meowmei, who was the closest to them, turned around and called them.

“Oh, I’m here.” “Yes,” Feng bujue replied loudly and then walked over with Xiao Tan.

“Eh? “There’s no change of venue this time …” Wang Tanzhi mumbled as he walked.

“That means … Something else is going to happen next …” Feng bujue said softly.


Thirty minutes later …

The five of them came to a place with beautiful scenery (in terms of the painting style of this world).

This place was filled with flowers, water, mountains, a gentle breeze, birds, and flowers. It was indeed a good place for a picnic.

The five of them had walked for a long time and were a little tired. They could take a rest on the grass and have a meal.

“Argh! This is bad! I ran too fast to catch up with everyone, and the honey in the bag flowed out, making everything sticky!”

As soon as meowmei laid the picnic blanket on the ground, Xiong Ji couldn’t wait to open his backpack, but … The moment he opened it, he said such a line with a face full of regret.

“What an idiot.” Tu Mei looked down at him.”Don’t expect me to share my food with you.”

“Eh, eh, eh,” Xiong Ji said in an aggrieved tone,”you’re too … Too cold, Usami-chan!”

“That’s enough …” Xiao Tan pitied Xiong Ji and patted the latter’s shoulder.”I’ll give you some of my food.”

“Argh! You really are a good person!” Xiong Ji immediately looked at Wang Tanzhi with gratitude.

[Xiong Ji’s aggro toward you is 2%.] At the same time, a system notification sounded beside Xiao Tan’s ear.

“Oh? So, I can reduce his hatred toward me like this … Xiao Tan thought to himself. Even though I still don’t know what the meaning of this ‘hatred’ is, I feel like … The lower the hatred, the better.

As he thought about it, he sat down on his knees on the picnic mat and picked up the backpack on his shoulder. (Since the last turn, backpacks had appeared on Xiao Tan and brother Jue’s shoulders.) Long before they met Sanzang and his disciple, they had already checked each other’s backpacks and found that they were filled with ordinary food.

“Hmm … Let me see …” Xiao Tan took out the items from his backpack one by one. There were two lunchboxes and two boxes of drinks. The drinks were all in paper boxes, the kind that came with a straw. Earlier, when brother Jue had helped Xiao Tan inspect the backpack, he had analyzed this …’Koutarou’ s ‘wing hands’ might not be able to open the cap, and his beak could not drink through the mouth of the bottle, so … He could only drink from this kind of packaging.

“I have two lunchboxes, I’ll give you one.” After Xiao Tan took out everything from his backpack, he picked one up and handed it to Xiong Ji.

“Thank … Thank you so much!” Xiong Ji was moved to tears. He took the lunchbox and said,”I will definitely repay your kindness!”

“Ha … Ha ha … There’s no need.” Xiao Tan replied with a dry laugh.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that putting aside all kinds of criminal behavior … Xiong Ji could be considered a rather cute character.

Of course … This temporary favorable impression of his would soon disappear.


Five minutes later …

“Ah, Usami-chan, you didn’t even chew the fish eggs properly and ate the black carp in one bite!” Looking at the way tu Mei ate, Xiong Ji could not help but reveal a very difficult expression.

“You’re eating other people’s food, and you’re actually criticizing other people’s eating methods?” Tu Mei turned her head and glared at Xiong Ji as she replied in an unpleasant tone.

Hey, hey … Xiong Ji is eating my food, right? Xiao Tan thought to himself. Why does this guy sound like … I’m eating his food?

“By the way … Xiong Ji …” Feng bujue continued,”since your backpack is all dirty from the honey, why don’t you go to the river to wash it?” Isn’t it uncomfortable to be on my back? Also, the longer this thing is left in the room, the harder it is to wash it off. ”

“Ah, that makes sense.” Xiong Ji was stunned for a moment. He nodded and said,”I’ll go and take a shower then.”

After saying that, he stood up, picked up his backpack from the grass, and ran to a small river a dozen meters away.

“Brother Jue … What are you …” Xiao Tan turned to Feng bujue and tried to ask.

“Try to reduce his contact with beautiful rabbit and meow-Mei.” Brother Jue lowered his voice and replied,”in case he accidentally reveals any more evidence …”

“Hmm … Good idea.” Xiao Tan added softly.”

“Eh? MeowMeow-chan. ” On the other side, rabbit beauty seemed to have noticed something and asked meow Mei,”why aren’t you wearing any socks?”

“Oh …” Meowmei frowned and replied,”actually … My house was robbed last night.”

The moment they heard the word ‘stolen’, brother Jue and Xiao Tan’s expressions turned serious. Their first reaction was …”It must be Xiong Ji.”

“Is it a theft case? have you called the police?” “Do you need me to …” Tu Mei continued.

“No need, Usami-chan,” Meowmei explained,”only my socks were stolen. Nothing else was lost.”

As soon as she said that, tu Mei’s eyes became sharp again.””What did you just say?” She shouted loudly and turned her head abruptly to look at Xiong Ji in the distance.

Then … She got up and rushed toward the latter.

“Don’t be rash!” Brother Jue and Xiao Tan reacted almost at the same time and gave chase.

“You perverted bear!” Tu Mei ran towards Xiong Ji and shouted.

Xiong Ji, who was washing his backpack by the river, heard the sound and turned around. He was shocked,””Eh? What’s wrong? What are they doing?”

“Yesterday, a thief sneaked into tumei’s house and stole her socks!” Tu Mei said as she ran. In the blink of an eye, she had already arrived in front of Xiong Ji.

“Hey … What does that have to do with me? why are you charging at me with such a suspicious expression?” Xiong Ji asked while sweating profusely.

“Based on my deduction …” Tu Mei’s eyes were glowing with a golden light.”It’s 500% you, stinky bear, who did this!” As she spoke, she stepped forward and grabbed Xiong Ji’s arm.”It’s in your hands!” Hurry up and hand it over!”

“It’s … It’s not me … I didn’t …” Xiong Ji struggled to retreat as he tried to defend himself.

Unexpectedly … A few seconds later, he slipped and fell into the river with a “splash …”