Chapter 748: The consciousness of a protagonist?

“Even … Even if you say so …” Xiong Ji still didn’t give in. He said with a sincere face,”I’m indeed not the strange thief beast EYE!”

He had to admit that as a criminal who would easily expose evidence of his crime, his acting skills were worthy of recognition …

“That’s enough, Xiong Jijun …” Feng bujue revealed an evil smile.”The notes on the card have already sold you out …” He paused.”If I’m not mistaken … Hehe … That crime forewarning card just now, it was you who asked your neighbor, Lao Wang, to use a watercolor pen to write it for you, right?”

Brother Jue’s ability to deceive people was almost godlike. When faced with targets of all kinds of intelligence and personality, he had a corresponding set of methods. Right now, he had used an effective set of moves to deal with characters like Xiong Ji, and he had to put on a confident look by saying a set of wrong inferences. Moreover, he had to speak quickly and with great momentum.

He understood that in this funny universe full of jokes, as long as the atmosphere of the communication reached a subtle critical point, it would lead to …

“Nonsense … Nonsense!” Xiong Ji replied loudly,”I clearly wrote it with a pen in my left hand!”

“Pa! Pa!”

“I’ll paste your bear face!” Before Xiong Ji could finish, Xiao Tan flapped his wings.

“I’m sorry …” Xiong Ji, who had been tempted to confess and slapped in the face, knelt down.”Please forgive me … The strange thief … The forewarning of a crime … It was all an impromptu idea after watching a few episodes of the famous detective on TV … No matter what … I only sent a card, and I haven’t … Uh …”

At that moment, Feng bujue used the gorilla strangle to restrain Xiong Ji and interrupted,””When you’re explaining a problem, don’t avoid the important points …”

“Ah … I’m going to die …” Xiong Ji’s expression was pained, and his voice was hoarse as he replied,”I can’t … Hu … Breathe …”

Several seconds later, brother Jue let him go.

“Haah … Haah …” Xiong Ji knelt on the ground and gasped for breath.”It’s … It’s so painful … I think I saw the Santu River just now.”

“Hehe … The Penguin assistant is waving to you from the other side of the river.” Brother Jue smiled darkly and added.

“What … What …” Xiong Ji’s face suddenly changed into a state of horror.”Why did you suddenly mention assistant schoolmate Penguin …”

“What do you think?” At this time, Xiao Tan had a vague idea of brother Jue’s strategy. Therefore, he put on a stern face and said to Xiong Jiyan,”do you think … You’ll just let go of the murder of assistant Penguin?”

“Eh?” Xiong Ji’s face was iron-orange (because that was his color tone), and his whole body trembled as he replied,”you … What are you saying? The … The murderer who killed assistant Penguin was obviously an ape …”

“Yuan Ji?” “Ha!” Brother Jue said. He laughed drily.”Don’t forget that the person who made Yuan Ji take the blame through reasoning …”

“…That’s US,” Xiao Tan added.”It’s the two of us.”

“We knew from the start that you were the real murderer.” Feng bujue moved his cat-like face closer to Xiong Ji and said in a low voice,”so … You better be smarter …”

“We can arrest the innocent Akiyoshi,” Xiao Tan said.”Naturally, we can arrest you, a perverted criminal who has committed so many crimes.”

“You … Why are you doing this?” Xiong Ji’s face was filled with fear as he stammered.

“Pa! Pa!”

“I’ll paste your bear face!” Feng bujue also slapped him.”Don’t you dare ask questions!”

“I’m sorry …” Xiong Yunji immediately knelt on the ground and replied respectfully,”master Mao Saburo, master Kotaro, please advise me …”

“Even the way I address you has changed?” Xiao Tan thought to himself. To be honest … The speed at which this perverted bear’s integrity was being lost made him gasp in amazement.

Several seconds later, brother Jue gave Xiao Tan a look. Then he squatted down so that his line of sight was equal to Xiong Ji ‘s.”Listen well, Xiong Ji …”

At that moment, Wang Tanzhi and everyone who was familiar with Feng bujue should know … Brother Jue’s brainwashing was about to start again.

“From the criminal’s point of view, you’re really too weak.” Brother Jue sneered.”As a perverted gentleman, don’t you think it’s embarrassing … To keep getting caught?”

“Sir Mao San lang … What do you mean?” Xiong Ji asked tentatively.

“Let me teach you …” Feng bujue said.”The skill to let yourself get away with it …”

“D * MN … So that’s the reason …” Xiao Tan could not help but cast a disdainful look at brother Jue. The corner of his mouth twitched as he thought, but … Just like the ‘glare’ of Tomi, Xiong Ji ‘s’ idiotic self-detonation ‘and’ crime on the spot ‘are both basic attributes of his character … Can I really correct this?”

“Is … Is there really such a technique?” Xiong Ji looked at brother Jue with anticipation.

“Hehe …” Feng bujue revealed a smile that was full of seduction.”As long as you listen to me and do as I say, I can guarantee that you will continue to commit the crime and will not be arrested.”

“Hey, hey … Is it really okay for a main character to say something like that?” Xiao Tan finally could not help but complain.”You’ll be a bad influence on the innocent children and the young ones.”

“The word ‘innocent and kind’ should be reserved for the fictional female protagonists in Korean dramas. The people who read this book have long lost their moral integrity.” Feng bujue replied calmly,”those people’s lives … At the end of their lives, the merry-go-round that flashes before their eyes must be filled with embarrassing scenes.” He paused for a moment and continued,”as the main character, I managed to last 16 chapters in this kind of story. Do you think it’s easy for me? The protagonists of other people were all popular, drunk, killed bosses, gobbled up treasures, and had dozens of beautiful harems of different personalities, living a decadent life of excessive drinking and sex all day long … Even if it was Hiroshi Fuuma …”(The fictional detective in the Japanese drama ‘ 33-minute detective’) all have a beautiful assistant … But me … I can only bring a Bird Man with me, and I have to deal with a piece of trash with a bear face. Furthermore, I still have the content of the next 17 chapters to fill up …” He glared at Xiao Tan.”In a situation like this, how can you still be so picky about my way of doing things? do you have any shame?”

“I’m sorry … It’s my fault …” Xiao Tan lowered his head and revealed a look of pity and guilt.

“Very good, let’s get back to the main topic.” After brother Jue was done with Xiao Tan, he turned back to Xiong Ji and said,”then … Xiong Ji-Jun, since you’ve already given the warning, then … Tonight, you can act under my guidance …”