Han Cai sighed and murmured, "My woman is a peasant."

Hearing this, Lan Yulan glared at him, "What did you say?"

Han Cai quickly replied, "Nothing, I was just saying you're very beautiful."

Lan Yulan instructed, "Cultivate today. Tomorrow, when the treasure ship leaves with the Core disciples, I will ask an elder to take you with us. Do not create any trouble."

Han Cai responded, "You don't have to." He produced a dark blue jade in his hand, which surprised Lan Yulan.

"How did you get a Core disciple medallion?" she asked.

"I told you I'm a genius. You didn't believe me, thinking I was bragging. But actually, I am a Core disciple of the sect. I was on a secret mission in the Outer sect to find out why female Core disciples were falling in love with Outer sect disciples."

Lan Yulan frowned, "Stop with your rubbish. Can't you speak anything honest?"

Han Cai nodded, "Yep, you're right!"

Lan Yulan sighed, "Cultivate now. We leave tomorrow."

Han Cai replied, "I journeyed so far to be with you. Will you be so cruel as to leave me alone? We are married, and you won't even serve your husband any wine."

Lan Yulan creased her brow and said, "Stop with your drama, I'm going to cultivate."

After that, she left for her meditation room. Instead of cultivating, Han Cai took out a spirit wine bottle and began to enjoy the wine.

The next day, Lan Yulan found Han Cai lying on a cushion, snoring blissfully with an empty wine bottle beside him. She stared at his face for a long time, then suddenly kicked him. Han Cai flew and crashed into the wall, waking up.

He yelled angrily, "What the hell?"

"Serves you right. I asked you to cultivate and you spent the whole night drinking and sleeping. Is that something a cultivator would do?" Lan Yulan retorted.

Han Cai shot back, "Is kicking your husband while he's sleeping something ladylike?"

Lan Yulan, knowing she couldn't win this argument, gave up and said, "Get ready, we leave soon."

Han Cai shrugged and replied, "I'm always ready."

Lan Yulan rolled her eyes and left.

After some time, Lan Yulan came back dressed in the official Core disciple attire of the Azure Dragon Sect. To her surprise, Han Cai was also dressed in the same attire.

Leaving Lan Yulan's abode, they flew towards the Holy Daughter Lan Yinmei's residence. As an Earth Immortal, Lan Yulan flew at a speed that Han Cai couldn't keep up with, and he was left trailing in her wake.

By the time Han Cai arrived at the abode of the sect's Holy Daughter, he was panting. Inside the abode were Lan Yanmei, Wei Biyu, and Bai Qian.

Lan Yanmei was notified that someone was outside her abode. As she was about to get up, Lan Yulan said, "Let him stay outside."

Lan Yanmei, Wei Biyu, and Bai Qian gave Lan Yulan curious looks. Lan Yanmei asked, "Who is he?"

Unsure of how to explain, Lan Yulan simply told them, "He will be with me during the war."

Wei Biyu said, "But you are supposed to be with us during the war?"

Lan Yulan nodded and replied, "And he is going to be with me."

Their curiosity grew.

At the door, Han Cai started knocking and announced, "Hello, this is Yan Cai, husband of Fairy Lan Yulan. I believe she is inside. Could you let me in?"

Hearing this, all the girls inside were taken aback. Lan Yulan, now furious, flew out and delivered a flying kick to Han Cai, who flew for half a mile. He stabilized himself and yelled, "You dare hit your husband! Don't you have any shame, woman?"

Lan Yulan, now even more enraged, flew towards Han Cai again with all her fury, delivering another kick.

Han Cai had had enough and yelled, "Just because you are a woman, don't think I won't fight back."

Hearing this, Lan Yulan flew again, kicking him again. Lan Yanmei, Wei Biyu, and Bai Qian had come outside the abode and watched the debacle unfold with wide eyes. They had never seen this side of Lan Yulan, who was usually simple and reserved.

After thirty minutes, Han Cai was inside the Holy Daughter's abode, beaten and bruised. He did try to fight back, but Lan Yulan was an Earth Immortal, and he stood no chance. He took the beating like a man.

She had threatened him that if he spoke during the whole journey, she would beat him until he couldn't walk.

Lan Yulan's friends couldn't control their laughter as they looked at the bruised and battered Han Cai.

After their laughter subsided, they all prepared to leave. Han Cai followed behind the fairies, seeming like a frog chasing after beautiful cranes. He felt no shame about it.

They flew to the sect's Grand Hall, where many other Core disciples had gathered for the journey to the Empyrean Mystic Realm.

When Lan Yanmei and her friends arrived, the other Core disciples made way for them to reach the center. Han Cai arrived a bit later. Seeing them standing in the center, he decided to hang in the back.

There were around one thousand Core disciples present. The sect had more than five thousand Core disciples. Out of these, four thousand were going to participate in the war. The rest were either too young or had other equally important duties. They were being sent in groups of one thousand in each batch. This was the third batch of Core disciples being sent to the Empyrean Mystic Realm.

After all the disciples had arrived, around a hundred Core elders flew in and stood before the disciples.

The head elder of the group, Lan Fuyao, announced, "Everyone, be prepared. We will be journeying to the Empyrean Mystic Realm to fight a war for our sect. Make sure to follow discipline and accept orders from your superiors."

All the Core disciples bowed together and said in unison, "Yes, Elder!"

Soon, a massive treasure ship arrived near the Grand Hall and stayed floating in the sky.


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