Elder Lan Fuyao instructed, "Everyone, get onboard the ship."

The first to fly to the ship was the Holy Daughter, followed by Lan Yulan and her friends. When almost all the disciples had flown up onto the ship, Han Cai also took flight towards it.

Upon Han Cai's arrival at the ship, another elder named Lan Yundao, who was overseeing the disciples coming onboard, flew over. He gave Han Cai a curious look and asked, "Who are you?"

Han Cai took out a jade medallion that had a black dragon carved on it.

Elder Lan Yundao was surprised but after some thought, he said, "Wait here!"

He flew towards Elder Lan Fuyao and spoke to him privately. Elder Lan Fuyao then approached Han Cai and asked, "Show me the medallion."

Han Cai complied and showed him the medallion. Lan Fuyao looked shocked for a while but then he nodded and said, "You can find a chamber to rest in the ship. We will let you know when we arrive."

Han Cai nodded. Lan Yanmei, Lan Yulan, and the other Core disciples noticed Elder Lan Fuyao flying over to Han Cai and speaking to him. This piqued their curiosity.

Lan Yanmei asked Lan Yulan, "What did the elder want from him?"

Lan Yulan shook her head and replied, "I have no idea."

Before they could discuss more, Elder Lan Fuyao announced that the ship was ready for departure. He asked all the disciples to go to their chambers and wait for their arrival.

The ship was massive. Han Cai found an empty chamber and made himself comfortable. He planned to enjoy this journey like a picnic, so he took out some wine and started to indulge.

When night arrived, Han Cai left his chamber and went looking for Lan Yulan.

Han Cai easily found her chamber as it was the third one on the top floor of the ship. The first chamber belonged to the Holy Daughter.

Han Cai knocked and Lan Yulan opened the door.

She looked at him and asked, "What do you want? You are supposed to cultivate in your chamber until we arrive."

Han Cai spoke shamelessly, "What do you think I will want late at night from my woman?"

Lan Yulan frowned, wondering what people might think if they heard this. She pulled him into her chamber and closed the door.

Han Cai thought that maybe the traveling had done some good to her as she pulled him inside her chamber. Tonight might be the night, but before he could get his hopes up, he received a kick on his nuggets, indicating otherwise.

After kicking Han Cai, Lan Yulan went and sat on a meditation cushion and said, "We are going to war. We don't know how many will die and here you are just being selfish, thinking with your perverted thoughts. Leave my chamber and go cultivate."

Han Cai made an innocent face and responded, "How can you be so cruel? We might be at war soon. I might die. All I want to do is spend some time with my beloved before I might never see you again."

Hearing Han Cai's pleas, Lan Yulan's voice softened. She said, "Ok, you can stay here, but if you do anything perverted, you will get a beating that you will never forget."

Han Cai nodded and pulled out another cushion from his storage ring and a spirit wine bottle. He also pulled out some good spirit food to go with the wine. He was going to make the most of this trip and live life.

He started drinking the spirit wine and enjoying the beauty of Lan Yulan.

Seeing him drinking and not cultivating, Lan Yulan frowned, but she decided to give up and went back to meditating.

For the upcoming two weeks, nothing changed. Lan Yulan would cultivate and Han Cai would watch her, enjoying his drink and spirit food.

In the third week, there was a knock on the door of their chamber. When Lan Yulan opened the door, she saw that it was Lan Yanmei and her two other friends.

All three girls hadn't seen her for two weeks, so they came to look for her.

When Lan Yulan opened the door, they saw Han Cai sitting in her chamber, drinking wine and eating food without a worry in the world. Seeing Han Cai, they all frowned.

All the Core disciples were refined and presented themselves as gentlemen, while here Han Cai was drinking wine and eating food without a single care.

They waited for Lan Yulan to invite them in. Lan Yulan didn't want them to enter her chambers because the 'monkey' was here, but she couldn't just keep them outside, so she reluctantly invited them in.

She summoned three more cushions for them to sit on.

Han Cai, seeing three more beauties, was very pleased. Beauty and wine, what else could he ask for?

The women sat on the cushions, none of them knowing what to say upon seeing Han Cai drinking wine and staring at them.

Finally, Lan Yanmei couldn't take it anymore. She asked, "Why are you like this?"

Han Cai asked, "What do you mean?"

Lan Yulan spoke to Yanmei, "Don't bother with him. He's a monkey."

Han Cai interjected, "Is it lady-like to call your husband a monkey?"

Lan Yulan rolled her eyes.

Lan Yanmei frowned and said, "Why do you behave like one?" Han Cai replied as if he were an old man, "Young lady, you're still young and unfamiliar with the ways of the world."

Bai Qian decided to speak this time, asking, "What do you mean?"

Han Cai explained, "Most of the young men who act like gentlemen in front of you are probably doing so because they want to impress you and get under your robes. Meanwhile, I am already committed to Yulan, so I have no reason to try to impress anyone. Because of this, I behave the way I do, but my heart is clean, devoid of any demons. They may act all refined, but their hearts could be malicious."



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