Chapter 1551: The Wen Yan Couple (56)

“Why are the heavens so cruel? Why did they do this to me?” Nangong Lengyu questioned hoarsely.

She wanted nothing but the baby. She could only beg God to return the baby to her. What had she done to deserve this? Did God have to punish her like this?

“Yu’er, life and death are up to fate.” Wen Ruoshui looked at her seriously. “You live well. I have to live well too. We have to live well so that we can make them proud. Don’t worry, Baby is in another place. Chu Chu will help us take good care of her.”

Nangong Lengyu cried even more sadly and hopelessly. “Why did you do this to me? You took Chu Chu away, and now you’ve taken the baby away.”

Chu Chu was there.

That’s right.

How could she have forgotten that Chu Chu was over there!

Chu Chu would definitely take care of the baby like she was her own daughter.

“Don’t cry. If you continue like this, Baby and Chu Chu will feel sorry for you.” Wen Ruoshui hugged her. “My heart will ache too. Look at Uncle Nangong and Little Mo. They’re so haggard because of you.”

People had to live for the living, not the dead. They could think about them and remember them forever but they couldn’t be immersed in pain and suffering forever.

Nangong Lengyu wiped her tears and stopped crying. She bit her lip and said nothing.

Wen Ruoshui looked at the cold food and asked gently, “Shall I make you some noodles? Your favorite Yangchun noodles.”

Nangong Lengyu was tired from crying. She had no strength left in her. She slumped onto the bed, her eyes swollen like walnuts. “I’m not hungry.”

She didn’t want to eat. Her baby was gone. What was she doing alive? She should be with her!

She had thought about it day and night, looking forward to her arrival. In the end, she didn’t even want her anymore.

Shui Shui was right. She had her father, Little Mo, and her. There were still people in the world she cared about. She wasn’t alone.

Nangong Lengmo walked in from the door and brought over a new hot meal. His heart ached so much that he did not know what to do. He hoped that Sister Shui Shui could persuade his sister. “Sister, I beg you, just eat something!”

He was wrong. It was all his fault. He should have stayed close to his sister and Little Star. Maybe then this wouldn’t have happened, and Little Star wouldn’t have just left them.

She was so young. If she went to that world alone, could she find Grandma? Could she find Aunt Chu Chu?

Wen Ruoshui brought the food over and looked at Nangong Lengyu. “Yu’er, look at Little Mo. Open your eyes and look at him. Look at what he has become. Doesn’t your heart ache at all?”

For the first time in so many days, Nangong Lengyu looked at him seriously. He was so thin that his sharp chin was out. His dark circles were like eyes, and his cheeks were sunken. In an instant, tears could not help but roll down her face. She choked up and said, “Little Mo, tell Daddy that I’m fine. I’ve thought it through. I won’t continue like this. Let him rest well!”

Little Mo was already like this. Her father had been with her these days because of her. He didn’t sleep or rest, afraid that she would do something stupid.

Nangong Lun walked in and asked her angrily, “Yu’er, what do you want Daddy to do? Tell me, do you want me to die and take care of her before you’re satisfied?”

She was his daughter. It hurt him most to see her torment herself.

There were many moments when he wished he could tell her to give up, but he couldn’t be softhearted. He had to keep going. The pain would pass.

He didn’t want her daughter to ruin her life because of that child.