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Berengar's wives gathered in a large meeting room within the Imperial Palace, each and every one of them clutched a newborn babe to their breasts as they spoke about their husband, and his most recent affair. Linde was leading the conversation, assuring the women that it was her idea, so that they did not blame their husband for his infidelity.

A red hair, blue-eyed baby boy named Bruno von Kufstein was suckling at Linde's teat as she began to speak. Despite the numerical improbability, all of Linde's kids shared a variation of her red hair. It had pretty much become a symbol of Berengar's children who shared Linde's lineage as a Habsburg.

"I gathered you all here to discuss something important. I must admit I have been keeping a secret from you all for some time now. However, I will say that I did so for the sake of keeping our family together, but I fear you will all find out sooner or later, and blame Berengar for his actions.

Berengar has fathered two bastards. Well, outside of Henrietta's children, no offense... Of course, he did so with my insistence that he spreads his seed among the world's many princesses, ensuring that his bloodline eventually rules over the earth.

One of these children is with a woman some of you may be familiar with. The Aztec Princess, Tlexictli. I assure you their relationship is nothing more than friends with benefits, so you don't have to worry about his heart lingering.

The other is with the Majapahit Princess. Who is more of a passing fancy than anything else. Though I don't doubt he will sleep with the woman while he visits her family's empire, I know for certain that he feels nothing other than physical attraction to her."

The reactions on Berengar's wives and lovers' faces were not what Linde was expecting. Their expressions appeared to be one of acceptance and understanding as they nodded their heads. Linde was about to question whether she was seeing things before Henrietta spoke up and confirmed her suspicions.

"I suspect my brother would sooner or later find another woman he wanted to pleasure himself with. He's not exactly a man who knows how to control his urges. In all honestly, I blame that aspect of his character on his previous incarnation.

From the story he told me, it sounded like he was a very bitter virgin when he died. He is probably taking advantage of his good looks, wealth, and power in this life to sleep with as many beautiful women as he can to fill the void in his heart.

I already know that I am nothing more than a mistress, one who naturally shouldn't have a right to sit on this council. But I really don't care if my big brother sleeps around, so long as he doesn't fall in love with another woman."

Clutched to the Princesses' bosom was a young girl who looked like an infant variation of Henrietta herself, though she had Berengar's sapphire eyes. This girl was named Heidi and was the woman's daughter.

Adela smiled and grabbed Henrietta's hand, reassuring her that she had every right to sit and speak with the rest of them about domestic matters.

"You may not be lawfully wed to Berengar, but you are every bit a part of this family. Something that can't be said for his other mistresses. I think I speak for us all when I say that I consider you to be one of my beloved sisters.

As far as Berengar's infidelity is concerned. I must say that I have already accepted the fact that my husband has a harem. Honestly, what is the difference between having four wives, and having four wives plus a few concubines? Besides, you all need to remember that Berengar is allowed five wives as per the laws in place within the Reich.

And you just know he is going to take advantage of that. I suppose we should just be thankful that these are a few flings, and not another wife who will cause needless drama. Though we should prepare ourselves for the worst. Perhaps one day he will find another woman that he actually loves."

Clutched to Adela's breast was a blonde-haired and blue-eyed girl named Irene. Like so many of Berengar's other children, there appeared to be an intelligent gleam in her eyes despite her young age.

Honoria was the next to speak up, causing Linde to be surprised when she heard the words that the Byzantine Princesas uttered. There was a baby boy with dirty blonde hair, and emerald eyes clutched her bosom named Constantinus.

"I'm in agreement with Adela and Henrietta. I'm already sharing the man with all of you, and knew that I would have to do so since I first met him. If he sleeps around, so be it. As long as he returns home to us, I don't really care. As for the issue about his fifth wife, it is a bit tricky. Aside from Linde, all of our marriages been political in origin.

For example, Berengar married me so that he could gain the land required to build the Kaiser's Pass. He married Yasmin so that he could gain access to the strait of Gibraltar. We all know the reason Berengar agreed to marry Adela was so that her father could protect him from Lothar's wrath.

But if you take a moment to think about this, there is no nation left on this earth that can offer Berengar something he doesn't already have. So wouldn't he marry his fifth wife for love? Or perhaps he will marry this Empress Itami Riyo of Japan, as a way to hold control over her empire after we defeat them in the upcoming war. I hear she is quite the rare beauty."

Yasmin finally spoke up as she nodded her head in agreement with this claim before expressing her views on the matter.

"I would much rather my husband marry this Japanese Empress for political reasons than take another wife because he loves her. As much as you all, I value the relationship I have with Berengar, and though he loves all of us, I know in my heart that he loves one of us more than all others. I would honestly be afraid to see what happens if his final wife were to compete for his affections with that terrifying beauty..."

All eyes shifted over to Linde, who had a conceited expression on her luscious lips. Though she looked calm and confident, the very idea that some whore could replace her as Berengar's number one wife deeply enraged the redheaded beauty within the depths of her heart.

By the looks on the other women's faces, they could easily guess what dark and twisted thoughts were brewing in Linde's mind at the moment. Thus, Henrietta began to shift the topic to something else.

"By the way, how many kids do you girls want? I know I want at least five!"

The various women looked at each other with complicated expressions, thinking about how best to approach the subject. Yasmin, however, gazed at the floor in depression. She was now in her mid-thirties, and the likliehood of her giving birth to another healthy child grew slimmer with each passing day. She could only admit her fate aloud.

"I'm fairly certain that little Aayan here will be my last. Isn't that right, my little cutie?"

Clutched to Yasmin's substantial breast was a brown hair, and blue-eyed boy named Aayan. Though the boy looked like a perfect blend of his mother and father, he had skin much lighter than that of his siblings.

The other girls of Berengar's harem took a deep breath, realizing that sooner or later, they would end up like Yasmin. Incapable of having any more children. This sparked the intense desire in some of the younger women to perhaps take advantage of their youth.

As for Linde, she bit her lower lip in displeasure. She had just turned thirty recently, and knew that in a few years, she would be like Yasmin. Ultimately, silence prevailed in the room for the next few moments. Eventually, Linde sighed before announcing a closure to their little meeting.

"On this depressing note, I hereby conclude the 7th meeting of the Council of Wives. You are all dismissed."

After saying this, each woman rose from their seats and gave one another a hug before leaving the meeting room. Yasmin's words had left Linde much to think about in regards to who Berengar's fifth wife would be. Perhaps she should intervene so that the man did not marry another woman out of love.

Linde knew deep within her heart that she could tolerate any number of women around her man, but only if he loved her most of all. If a woman were to replace her as Berengar's most beloved wife, she might lose her sanity altogether. Thus, Linde remained in the room for some time while staring out the window in silence, with her youngest son clutched to her breast.