Fierce, powerful, well-organized, and great at both offense and defense.

The Underworld Terracotta Army showed countless people the true meaning of war!

The coalition army was not on the same level at all. Therefore, even with the advantage of numbers, the four great tribes could not secure an advantage.

It was a one-sided battle!

The Underworld Terracotta Army ravaged the Underworld soldiers mercilessly, preventing them from making any effective counterattacks.

"Damn it! We can't just stay passive like this!"

The four clan leaders grew restless.

They looked at Chu Kuangren with utmost murderous intent. "We must kill Fengdu's Ghost Emperor in order to win this battle!"

The four clan leaders exchanged a quick look and then channeled their respective emperor seals. A vast samsara energy swept over the field like a tidal wave.

"You have to go through us before you can hurt the Ghost Emperor!" Meng Yi shouted.

He stepped forward with explosive Yin qi. The spear in his hand shone in Daoist patterns as he thrust it forward.


The clash of the two energies shattered the void.

Even Meng Yi was sent flying away by the explosion. His spear even buzzed loudly.

"Something felt strange about this Yin general."

The clan leaders frowned.

They channeled their Samsara Emperor Seals for the combined attack. Not only did the attack contain unrivaled power, but it also carried the Ghost Emperor's authority, which was the bane to all souls.

However, Meng Yi blocked it.

"No, he's not a dead soul, or at least not a simple one!"

"They have real bodies!"

The sudden realization shocked all four of the clan leaders.

They looked at Meng Yi and the countless Underworld Terracotta Army. They gulped nervously and their eyes shrank in fear.

"They are using Yin qi, but they have real bodies! They are Underworlders! That's why they are not affected by the Ghost Emperor's authority!"

The clan leaders finally found out the truth about the Underworld Terracotta Army.

"Who? Who forged an army like this?"

"It's terrifying!"

Some knowledgeable great ones realized the truth after some thought. "This is the legendary Emperor Qin's Underworld Terracotta Army!"

"What? Emperor Qin? That Emperor Qin who tried to restore the Human Emperor's throne in ancient times?"

"This must be it! Legend has it that Emperor Qin was an ambitious man. Not only did he want to restore the Human Emperor though, he even wanted to expand his conquest to the Immortal Halls and Underworld. This Underworld army was forged for the sole purpose of conquering the Underworld!"

"Rumor has it that the Immortal Halls searched for the Underworld Terracotta Army for many years, but they could not even find a clue. Who would have thought that Chu Kuangren would get to it first."

Some of the great ones were impressed.

It was no wonder that the army was so powerful because they were the soldiers that Emperor Qin forged to conquer the Underworld.

The great ones looked at Chu Kuangren with a complicated gaze.

No one was able to locate the Underworld Terracotta Army for countless years, yet Chu Kuangren ultimately found it and gained control of it.

What did it mean?

In addition to his Heavenly Samsara Physique, which was the same physique that the Underworld Divine Daoist once possessed, it seemed like he was destined to rule the Underworld.

"Meng Yi, stand down. Leave those four to me," Chu Kuangren said.

He stood up from the chariot and released a boundless aura across the field!

Golden light shone behind him as the nine True Emperor Dragons rose to the sky, carrying endless Immortal Sparks.

The Ghost Emperor's authority shook the realm, and the might of the Human Emperor dazzled the world!

He was like the supreme emperor that ruled over the world of the living and the dead!

Even the Underworld Terracotta Army was captivated by his matchless aura!

Being under his command might be as glorious as being under Emperor Qin's rule.

"Your Majesty, the four of them are Arch Gilded Immortals..." Meng Yi tried to voice his suggestion, but Chu Kuangren stopped him with a wave of his hand.

"I said, leave these four to me."

Meng Yi did not say anything since Chu Kuangren insisted.

Chu Kuangren took a step into the sky and faced the four clan leaders. The endless pressure shadowed the land.

There were two reasons why he wanted to fight the four clan leaders himself.

First of all, Meng Yi was also alone, and he could not take on four of the clan leaders at once.

Second, although the Underworld Terracotta Army listened to his command, they were still Emperor Qin's army. In order to earn their full loyalty, he has to display his strength and erect a strong image in them.

The four clan leaders would be a decent target for him to achieve his goal.

"Fengdu's Ghost Emperor, you are really arrogant. You really think you alone can fight four of us?" the Li Clan Leader scoffed.

In the next moment, endless Yin qi gathered on him and formed an endless river in between his fingers as he reached out to grab Chu Kuangren.

"Blade of Zhou, Infinite Void!"

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward, releasing domineering Daoist patterns from his fingers. A massive sword shadow was formed.

The massive sword shadow could cut all Daos with its immeasurable strength.

The sword qi and the Yin qi clashed, shaking the world.

The clash sent both of them sliding backward.

It was at that moment, Mei Clan Leader appeared behind Chu Kuangren and launched a palm of freezing Yin qi at him!

An Arch Gilded Immortal sneaking up on a junior!

"Hmph!" Chu Kuangren grunted.

He countered with a punch that contained the Arch Gilded Intent of his physical body!

Endless qi and blood turned into rampant crimson lightning and dispersed the Yin qi.

The Mei Clan Leader was pushed backward by the punch.

"What a powerful handsome man, I like you." Mei Clan Leader licked her lips.

Her words differed from the ruthlessness of her attacks.

All kinds of deadly attacks were launched at Chu Kuangren as the other three clan leaders joined her.

With a single thought, a dazzling orb appeared above Chu Kuangren's head. It cast a blinding light onto him and formed an indestructible barrier that blocked all the attacks.

It was the final opportunity that Chu Kuangren acquired from the Interstellar Arena, Divine Genesis Source Orb!

The orb's barrier was powerful, it could even withstand the attacks of four Arch Gilded Immortals!

"A powerful item! He really has a lot of tricks up his sleeve!"

"Hmmm. He should not be underestimated."

"It's just a barrier! I don't believe I can't break it!"

The four clan leaders attacked again. Arch Gilded intent wreaked havoc in the void as each attack carried immeasurable power.

While having the Divine Genesis Source Orb above his head, Chu Kuangren brought out the Nine Province Cauldrons as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The four clan leaders were profound in cultivation, but they were unable to secure an advantage against Chu Kuangren while he deftly utilized all his treasures to defend or attack.

The great ones were astonished by the scene.

"Chu Kuangren is really a monster!"

"His physical body might have contained the Arch Gilded Intent, but his cultivation has not reached that realm, yet he's able to match four Arch Gilded Immortals! Terrifying!"

"Not just that. The four clan leaders are not just common Arch Gilded Immortals, each of them is stronger than the Zhong Clan Leader."

The Nine Province Cauldrons clashed with the clan leaders' Yin qi.

The cauldrons were blasted away, and the four clan leaders were forced back.

They looked at Chu Kuangren under the protection of the Divine Genesis Source Orb grimly as they were unable to harm him.

Four Arch Gilded Immortals failed to take down a junior even after teaming up?

If word of that got out, they would end up as jokes!