The four great clan leaders joined forces to fight against Chu Kuangren.

However, Chu Kuangren was seen using the two treasures, namely Divine Genesis Source Orb and the Nine Province Cauldrons continuously. He was evenly matched with the four great clan leaders with his Gilded Immortal cultivation.

"What a monster the Fengdu Ghost Emperor is. His strength is indeed extraordinary!"

Chi Clan Leader's face darkened, then mobilized the Samsara Emperor Seal in his hand. Seeing his action, the other three Clan Leaders also mobilized their Emperor Seals together!

Soon, four Ghost Emperor's authorities charged forth toward Chu Kuangren and intended to suppress him.

However, Ghost Emperor's authority erupted from Chu Kuangren's body, coupled with nine dragons circulating him and the Human Emperor's power. Even though the four Clan Leaders were Arch Gilded Immortals and activated the Ghost Emperor's authorities together, they failed to suppress him!

"How dare you guys utilize the Ghost Emperor's authorities in front of me?!"

Chu Kuangren sneered with disdain in his eyes.

"D*mn it. We can't let him continue being arrogant."

"Let's set up a formation!"

Chi Clan Leader said after taking a deep breath.

The other three Clan Leaders revealed a strange look upon hearing his words. "Are we going to use this formation technique again after so many years?!"

"I feel uncomfortable thinking that the formation will be used to deal with a young junior."

"We four ghouls have been traversing the Underworld, and now we have to use this formation technique to deal with a young junior. It seems that we have fallen."

Wang Clan Leader and Liang Clan Leader lamented.

However, Chu Kuangren was far trickier than they had imagined. If they don't utilize the formation technique, they might not be able to harm him.


Chi Clan Leader grunted coldly. Then, the four ghouls dashed out and surrounded Chu Kuangren.

As the four of them formed mysterious Daoist Arts with their hands, a supreme power erupted! Soon after, streaks of treacherous black rays suddenly appeared in the void, then turned into a giant formation technique in mid-air and enveloped Chu Kuangren.

"That's the... Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation!"

A knowledgeable great one exclaimed in shock upon seeing the formation technique cast by the four great clan leaders.

The Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation was an ancient formation technique in the Underworld.

It was said that the ancestors of the four great clans were powerful Ghost Rulers who traversed the Underworld in the ancient Immortal times. These four ghouls once caused countless blood rain and repulsing stench in the Underworld that troubled the three great Underworld cities. However, they became brothers when they first met, and even painstakingly studied a peerless formation technique, which was the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation!

According to the legend, the formation technique could greatly increase the four ghouls' combat strength. Once their combat strength combined, it could produce a power that annihilated heaven and earth!

At that time, the four ghouls relied on this formation technique to fight against an Embodier Realm's existence.

After the four ghouls were demised, the formation technique was passed down for generations among the four great clans and cultivated by their Clan Leaders.

It was because of the formation technique that the alliance between the four great clans had been unbreakable and they were like a family for many years.

"The formation technique is powerful. In addition, the four great clan leaders are all with Arch Gilded Immortal's cultivation. With their strength, I'm afraid Chu Kuangren can't escape death even if he possesses great ability," a great one said in a solemn tone while looking at the formation technique that was filled with vast power.

"Good job!"

A Yincao City's great one was cheering.

This was the reason why they looked for the four tribes, Chi, Mei, Wang, and Liang, to attack Chu Kuangren. They were more confident in dealing with Chu Kuangren with the formation technique!

"Chu Kuangren, we, Yincao City requested Chi, Mei, Wang, and Liang to come forward to fight against you with the Samsara Emperor Seals that we'd worked so hard to obtain. So what if you can get the help of Emperor Qin's Underworld Warriors?"

"Once the formation technique is activated, even Emperor Qin's Underworld Warriors won't be able to help you!"

Yincao City's great one looked triumphantly at Chu Kuangren who was trapped by the formation technique.


"Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation? It's been a long time."

The gray-robbed elder of the Underworld authority looked in the direction of Fengdu City with a grin.

Back then, when he was traveling in the Underworld, he had conflicts with the four tribes and had seen the formation technique which was indeed remarkable.

"So, Chu Kuangren, how are you going to break the formation?"

The gray-robed elder mumbled.

He was secretly observing and would stop Chu Kuangren if he could not hold. After all, Chu Kuangren had been involved in too many karmas, and he must not die in the Underworld.

In the meantime, on the bank of the endless flowing Three-Lives River, a lady in a black robe was quietly watching the river, which reflected the current situation in Fengdu City.

"I won't make a move. If you can't break through the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation, then you won't be able to able to help me get rid of the established reincarnation."

"But rest assured. If you die, I'll let the four tribes accompany you," mumbled the lady, Hua Wu Ai.


In Fengdu City, countless dead souls looked at the gigantic formation in mid-air with worry.

"Lord Ghost Emperor will be fine."

"Lord Ghost Emperor is powerful. For sure the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation can't harm him."

All dead souls were praying.

They had no idea what would happen to them if Chu Kuangren died.

Perhaps, they would either demise or remain the same as before, except that Fengdu City had a change of master.

No matter what, they did not want something bad to happen to Chu Kuangren.


Chi Clan Leader snorted coldly.

Then, a huge formation brilliance flashed, followed by Yin qi that gushed out and impacted Chu Kuangren's Godly Pearl Barrier.


With a loud bang, a crack appeared at the entire Godly Pearl Barrier.

"Endless Ghouls Devouring Heaven!"

As Wang Clan Leader slashed forward the long saber in his hand, numerous ghouls dashed out with saber rays and slashed toward the barrier.

Chu Kuangren raised his hands to release Celestial Demon qi. Soon, Universal Life-Death Cycle emerged in the air, and the Reincarnation Tribulation Light was reflected. The two divine abilities merged and erupted suddenly, releasing endless immortal brilliance!

When both energies collided, the life-death reincarnation energy exploded on the spot!

The saber rays continued impacting the barrier and thus created another crack.

"Weeping Gods and Howling Ghouls!"

Liang Clan Leader held a scepter with countless white stripes and kept waving it.

A shrill howling sound echoed continuously, then turned into substantial sound waves and impacted the Godly Pearl Barrier one after another.

Chi Clan Leader and Mei Clan Leader also activated their ultimate moves.

Endless Yin qi gushed out like a boundless torrent. Eventually, the Godly Pearl Barrier could not bear the terrifying energy and shattered on the spot!

Under the impact of the Yin qi, Chu Kuangren was pushed back more than a dozen kilometers.

Seeing this, countless dead souls exclaimed with intense worry.

"Fengdu Ghost Emperor, you will fail before the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation!"

The four Clan Leaders stared at Chu Kuangren coldly.

All Underworld great ones were not optimistic about the battle because the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation was too powerful.

Even a Five Qi Realm Arch Gilded Immortal might find it difficult to deal with.

In their opinion, it was not easy for Chu Kuangren to be able to hold on until now.

"All soldiers, listen here!"

Meng Yi raised his arm and shouted with a cold gaze. He was ready to lead the Underworld warriors into the formation at any time.


At this moment, a chuckle sounded.

A long bronze halberd suddenly emerged in Chu Kuangren's hand, and a boundless domineering aura permeated the air. "Such a word doesn't exist in my dictionary!"