Chu Kuangren rose into the sky proudly without fear while facing the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation. "Fail? Such a word doesn't exist in my dictionary!"

He held the Embodier Weapon, the Great Wasteland Halberd, and secretly utilized the Weapon Card that he obtained through a gacha roll some time ago.

In an instant, the Daoist laws of the Embodier Weapon in his hand were lit up one by one.

A Daoist law was a power that could only be mastered in the Embodier Realm. Chu Kuangren's current cultivation was merely Gilded Immortal. Hence, he could not utilize the Daoist laws contained in the Embodier Weapon even though he was its master.

However, the Weapon Card's power could enable him to transcend a realm's barrier and utilize the Daoist law energy!

"W-What energy is this?!"

The four great clan leaders seemed to sense indescribable coercion emanating from Chu Kuangren.

The energy made their hearts palpitate.

"It's the long halberd!"

"It is an Embodier Weapon. He's channeling the Daoist law energy that contains in the Embodier Weapon!"

"How is this possible? His cultivation hasn't even reached the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm, so how could he activate the Daoist law energy?!"

The four great clan leaders panicked, while the Yincao City's great ones who were observing secretly, panicked too.

Chu Kuangren could utilize the Embodier Weapon's Daoist law energy?!

It was beyond everyone's perception!

"I wonder how many of my halberd attacks can this Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation withstand."

Chu Kuangren snorted coldly, then held the Great Wasteland Halberd to unleash an attack!

The Great Wasteland Halberd Technique shattered stars!

Meanwhile, the Daoist law energy interweaved in the void, then turned into a gorgeous galaxy that was dazzling and captivating.

However, within this stunning scene, there was a violent murderous intent that would turn the world upside down!

The four great clan leaders yelled to raise the power of the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation to its limit.

In an instant, four towering Ghost Emperor shadows emerged from the formation with endless Yin qi permeating from their bodies.

The four Ghost Emperors of Chi, Mei, Wang, and Liang emerged as if it was in ancient Immortal times!

As the four Ghost Emperors collided with the gorgeous galaxy, countless stars shattered one after another. The endless majestic power swept all directions and insanely impacted the entire Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation.

Soon after, three of the four Ghost Emperors exploded together under the force!

"Since a halberd attack doesn't work, then I shall release another attack!"

Chu Kuangren held the Great Wasteland Halberd with an indifferent expression. Soon, he slashed forward his long halberd again to activate the Great Wasteland Halberd's second form, Nine Heaven Cry!

The endless demonic qi gushed out like an endless gust of wind. In the blink of an eye, it shattered the remaining Ghost Emperor Avatar and blasted the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation into pieces.

Following that, the surging demonic qi swept out endlessly!

The four great clan leaders could not bear the surging power. Having taken the brunt of the impact when the formation shattered, they were enveloped by the demonic qi and severely injured on the spot. They were then sent flying backward, and their souls were crushed to the core!

Under two halberd attacks, the formation was broken while the four great clan leaders were defeated tragically!

The majestic demonic power shocked the Underworld and horrified countless Underworld's great ones who were observing secretly!

These were exactly the Embodier power and the Daoist law might!

It was a mere Embodier Weapon's Daoist law but possessed such terrifying power. How frightening would it be if a real Embodier attacked?!

Before all the great ones came back to their senses from the horror, Chu Kuangren once again made a thrilling action.

He was seen holding the Great Wasteland Halberd while standing in the air and did not restrain his aura after defeating the four great clan leaders. On the contrary, his aura was constantly rising, becoming more powerful and terrifying!

When his aura reached its limit, his eyes glowed like lightning as he looked into the distance. Soon, his Immortal Consciousness surged as he locked onto his target. "Yincao City, you guys have plotted against my Fengdu City. How about I repay you with a halberd attack?!"

He was lazy to plot against the Yincao Underworld City.

Since Yincao City dared to attack his Fengdu City behind his back, there would be a tooth for a tooth and blood for blood!

As Chu Kuangren held up high the Great Wasteland Halberd in his hand, endless demonic qi soared into the sky and shook the Underworld. Countless Daoist laws then manifested in the void, and the vast Daoist power shocked everyone's heart!

Soon, a gigantic bronze halberd shadow of millions of meters long emerged out of thin air and slashed toward the direction of Yincao City!

Everywhere the long halberd struck, mountains and rivers collapsed, and the space exploded as if it was the end of the world!

The endless demonic might was like an ancient Demon God who led countless demons with endless battle intent, murderous intent, and destructive intent!

It was the Great Wasteland Halberd's third form, Great Wasteland Subjugation Halberd!

In the Yincao Underworld City, all the great ones suddenly opened their eyes in horror.

"That's bad!"

"D*mn it. Hurry up to stop this halberd attack!"

All the Yincao City's great ones appeared above the sky. They were all Arch Gilded Immortal existences.

Some of them were the Ten Hellion Temple Kings' current King Yama, who were the Arch Gilded Realm existences.

Their pupils trembled, and their hearts experienced endless shock when they looked at the gigantic annihilating halberd shadow that shot out from afar.

As the halberd attack was constantly approaching, the entire Yincao Underworld City fell into unprecedented turmoil. It was a chaotic scene with dead souls wailing while the Underworld soldiers screaming!


A leading Yincao City's great one grunted. Then, he channeled endless Yin qi which turned into a huge Nether Abyss Ghoulish Saber to attack the long halberd!

The rest of the great ones also made their moves.

All kinds of divine abilities and Immortal Techniques were activated one after another. There were sounds of ghouls wailing, a giant finger that contained the power of samsara, whirlpool-like palm qi...

Boom, boom, boom!

All kinds of Immortal Techniques bombarded the long halberd one after another and caused several shocking sounds of explosions. Endless energy's turbulent flows filled the universe.

Shortly after, a huge halberd shadow slashed across the sky among the violent energy's turbulent flows!

All the great ones' attacks could only disintegrate part of the halberd's power but could not completely block it!

Such was the Daoist law energy!

When the huge halberd shadow was about to slash Yincao City, countless Daoist laws flowed out from the depths of the city.

Both Daoist law energies exploded in the sky above Yincao City. Soon after, terrifying Daoist might swept out and affected most of the Yincao Underworld City.

Numerous dead souls and Underworld soldiers dissipated under the impact.

Even Yincao City's reincarnation mechanism had been affected to a certain extent.

After the Daoist laws gradually dissipated, eight of the ten Yincao Underworld City halls were destroyed. The ground was buried with rolled wood and rubbles, leaving only countless broken walls and ruins.

The faces of all Yincao City's great ones were darkened, and their eyes were red with infinite hatred and anger.

"Chu Kuangren!"

"I won't let you die in peace!"