"High Priest, we haven't forgotten the ordinance left by the Heavenly Child but Chu Kuangren has crossed the line! Just look at the condition of Yincao Underworld City now."

A great one from Yincao City complained while pointing to the ruined Yincao City.

"Indeed. Chu Kuangren's act is just unacceptable."

"We always keep in mind the Heavenly Child's order and be in harmony with other Underworld cities, but as Fengdu Ghost Emperor, Chu Kuangren's act is simply despicable."

"High Priest, do you expect us to let this slide?"

Every Yincao City's Arch Gilded Immortals gritted their teeth while accusing Chu Kuangren.

"Do you think that I have no idea what you guys have done?"

The old man's voice snorted coldly.

Soon after, the expressions of all Yincao City's great ones changed, and they suddenly fell silent after looking at each other.

"You guys secretly searched for Samsara Emperor Seals and gave them to the four great tribes to attack Fengdu City. Do you need me to explain in more detail?"

The old man's voice continued saying.

"We attacked indirectly and didn't violate the Heavenly Child's order, but Chu Kuangren directly attacked my Yincao City."

A Yincao City's Arch Gilded Immortal summoned up some courage and said.

Hearing this, the coercion that shrouded the entire sky above Yincao City became even more terrifying. All the great ones felt as if billions of stars were crashing their bodies. Soon, their knees bent, and they almost knelt before the high priest.

"Aren't you ashamed for saying so? Fengdu City has only one Ghost Emperor, who is a young junior, but you all have the Ten Hellion Temple Kings. You all have plotted against a junior, and now you're accusing the junior of attacking you all. I never expect that the Yincao Underworld City has degenerated into such a state!"

The high priest's tone became extremely cold, while many great ones' faces blushed with embarrassment and indignation.

They suffered a huge loss this time.

Not only were the four Samsara Emperor Seals gone, but the Yincao Underworld City was in a mess due to Chu Kuangren's halberd attack.

"Yincao City is not allowed to attack anymore. I'll talk with the Fengdu Ghost Emperor," said the high priest.

Soon after, the overwhelming coercion dissipated.

The great ones of the Yincao Underworld City looked at each other and vaguely felt that the high priest was favoring Chu Kuangren.

"What has Chu Kuangren done to have the high priest's protection?"

"Is it because he possesses the same Heavenly Samsara Physique as the Underworld Heavenly Child?"

All of Yincao Underworld City's Great Ones felt a little uneasy.

They looked at the depths of the Yincao Underworld City where a great one was having a deep slumber. He was the pillar of the Yincao Underworld City and also the person who blocked Chu Kuangren's halberd attack just now.

If the high priest was really partial to Chu Kuangren, this great one was the only person among them who could fight against him.

"The high priest has been suppressing us for a long time. Perhaps, it's time for us to remove the mountain."

There was a cold look in the eyes of one of the King Yama.

Hearing the words, the rest of King Yamas' eyes flickered and revealed thoughtful expressions.


In the sky above Fengdu City, Chu Kuangren was holding the Great Wasteland Halberd. He released a total of three halberd attacks after activating the Great Wasteland Halberd's Daoist laws.

The former two halberd attacks broke the Four Ghoulish Ashura Formation and defeated the four great tribe leaders respectively, while the last halberd attack slashed toward the Yincao Underworld City.

Chu Kuangren used his Immortal Consciousness to observe the destruction of the Yincao Underworld City caused by the halberd attack. Besides, he also saw the Daoist law energy that was against the Great Wasteland Halberd.

"It seems that there is an Embodier great one hidden in the Yincao Underworld City," mumbled Chu Kuangren.

He wanted to unleash a few more halberd attacks, but he was unable to use the Great Wasteland Halberd energy because his Immortal's Core was exhausted at the moment.

Although the Weapon Card granted him the power to activate the Daoist law, it consumed his Immortal's Core.

The three halberd attacks had already exhausted his Immortal's Core. Other Ninth Grade Gilded Immortals probably would not be able to release a halberd attack like him.

"Forget it. Yincao City, we'll settle our score later."

Chu Kuangren snorted softly, then put away the Great Wasteland Halberd and looked coldly at the four great tribe leaders who had been severely injured.

Even though his Immortal's Core was exhausted, he still had the raw physical energy and Emperor Qin's Underworld Terracotta Army.

Soon, as his figure flashed, his raw physical energy erupted, then turned into an endless blood-colored thunder that exploded and crushed insanely toward the four great tribe leaders.

Bang, bang!

Having taken the brunt of the impact, Wang Tribe Leader and Liang Tribe Leader were powerless and fell on the spot!

Just when he was about to continue attacking, Chi Tribe Leader and Mei Tribe Leader immediately knelt on the ground, then said in horror, "We are willing to surrender. Please spare our lives, Ghost Emperor."

Hearing this, Chu Kuangren, who intended to make a move, had a glint flash in his eyes.

Fengdu City's power would be greatly increased if these two Arch Gilded Immortals were willing to surrender.

However, how could he ensure these two great tribes would not betray him in the future?

Chu Kuangren pondered for a while. "Meng Yi, imprison these two people first."

As Chi Tribe Leader and Mei Tribe Leader were severely injured and could not recover their combat strength in a short time, he planned to imprison them first and deal with them later.

Following that, he returned to Fengdu City and noticed that a group of dead souls was gathering.

Chu Kuangren approached them, and his pupils shrank slightly when he saw the skeletal Yin general lying on the ground with an illusory soul.

Upon noticing Chu Kuangren, the skeletal Yin general blinked the little flames in his eyes twice, then smiled and said, "Welcome back with victory, Ghost Emperor."

Chu Kuangren stepped forward slowly and said, "Don't worry. I won't let you die."

Soon after, he took a deep breath and unfolded the Yin Yang Life and Death Symbol. He then tried to heal the skeletal Yin general's injury but failed.

"Alert! The Life and Death Symbol is only applicable to living people, but the skeletal Yin general is a dead soul. Hence, the Life and Death Symbol cannot heal his injury," said Lil Ai.

"Is there any other way to heal the skeletal Yin general?"

"Analyzing... Reporting. The skeletal Yin general's soul has dissipated. The soul fragments can be collected and reintegrated..."

Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up after Lil Ai analyzed.

It was impossible to collect soul fragments. Otherwise, there would not be many dead souls with their souls being crushed to the core.

However, it was something possible for Chu Kuangren because he was the Fengdu Ghost Emperor.

As there was a reincarnation mechanism in Fengdu City, those soul fragments still existed in this particular space and had not drifted to other places.

"Since I'm the Fengdu Ghost Emperor, I have absolute control over Fengdu City. No dead soul is allowed to die without my permission!"

Then, Chu Kuangren mobilized his thoughts, and four Samsara Emperor Seals emitted endless brilliance to cover the entire Fengdu City!

There were countless orbs emerged in the enchanted boundary. Those were the fragments of the dead souls that died in Fengdu City.

Chu Kuangren temporarily stopped Fengdu City's reincarnation mechanism. Otherwise, reincarnation would suck those soul fragments and form new individual souls to reincarnate.

Following that, Chu Kuangren looked at the Samsara Emperor Seals left by the four great tribe leaders.

It was impossible to rely on his Ghost Emperor's authority to collect those soul fragments and assemble them into their original appearance.

Therefore, he needed a more powerful Ghost Emperor's authority!

"While waiting for me to leave the closed-door meditation, you guys take good care of the skeletal Yin general and settle down other dead souls."

After providing some advice, Chu Kuangren took the four Samsara Emperor Seals and entered the closed-door meditation.

Meanwhile, those Underworld great ones who were observing Fengdu City gradually left. What happened today was shocking enough to them for a long time.

No one could have thought that Chu Kuangren could activate the Daoist law energy.