In Fengdu City, Chu Kuangren was refining the four great clan leaders' Samsara Emperor Seals.

The Yincao Underworld City was probably panicking now. In ancient Immortal times, after Fengdu City shattered, the nine Samsara Emperor Seals were scattered everywhere and difficult to be found in the vast universe.

Yincao City spent a great effort to find the four Samsara Emperor Seals and master part of Fengdu's reincarnation energy.

However, in order to deal with Chu Kuangren, they handed the four Samsara Emperor Seals to the four clans. Unfortunately, the four clans were defeated and the Emperor Seals eventually fell back into Chu Kuangren's hands.

As time passed, Fengdu City was relatively calm. The reincarnation mechanism was suspended while the Underworld soldiers were maintaining Fengdu City's order but the atmosphere was still somewhat solemn.

After all, the skeletal Yin general was severely injured, and countless dead souls were demised in the battle.

Those dead souls had lived in Fengdu City for a long time and waited in line to be reincarnated. They did not expect to encounter such a sudden disaster.

"Grandpa, is father not coming home anymore?"

A child-like dead soul said to an elder next to him.

The elder sighed softly and had no idea what should he say to comfort the child.

The three generations were all ordinary people initially. The flood caused by a battle between Immortals wiped out their entire village, and they eventually came to Fengdu City.

It was almost their turn to be reincarnated. Unexpectedly, Chi Mei Wang Liang attacked Fengdu City, causing them to die once again.

"Cai Feng Elder, do you think Lord Ghost Emperor can save Junior Sister and others?"

An Arcane Deity Sect's female cultivator asked while looking at Cai Feng.

Cai Feng sighed softly, "A person becomes a soul after he dies, while a soul turns into countless soul fragments after he dies. He will then dissipate, be sucked by the power of samsara, and form a new individual soul with other soul fragments. His previous soul can be regarded as completely disappears."

"This is the Heaven and Earth Order. Even if the Ghost Emperor is the master of Fengdu City, it may be impossible to recover the previous dead souls."

Cai Feng told the truth as she did not want the Arcane Deity Sect's cultivators to have uncertain expectations.

In fact, saving the dissipated souls is tantamount to resuscitating the dead, which could be regarded as acting against heaven.

At this moment, an elder in a gray robe came to Fengdu City.

Upon noticing the elder who appeared suddenly, the expressions of the Underworld soldiers around changed slightly, and they immediately surrounded him.

"Who are you?"

Many Underworld soldiers realized the elder's aura was unlike a dead soul.

Furthermore, Bai Mei, Ao Yue, Eighty Demonic Generals, and others sensed a terrifying threat from the elder as if they were facing an existence far above them.

"I'm here to look for Fengdu Ghost Emperor," said the elder.

He was the high priest of the Underworld authority, an existence that even many Yincao Underworld City's great ones paid respect to, and could be regarded as the Underworld Ruler.

Facing the siege of many Underworld soldiers, a glint flashed in his eyes. As long as he mobilized his thoughts, all Underworld soldiers present would dissipate.

However, he did not do so because it would be tantamount to declaring war on Chu Kuangren.

"The Ghost Emperor is having a closed-door meditation now, so he has no time to meet other people."

"Oh, I don't mind waiting for him."

All Underworld soldiers looked at each other.

Bai Mei thought for a while, then said, "Then I shall make some arrangements for you. Please come with me."

The elder was simply extraordinary.

As Fengdu City had just experienced a huge battle, they should not provoke more enemies.

The elder's intention was unclear. Therefore, Bai Mei wanted to wait until Chu Kuangren left the closed-door meditation before making plans.

After a few days, a figure in white slowly walked out of the imperial palace in Fengdu City. A vast Ghost Emperor's authority was then swept out.

Bai Mei, Ao Yue, Eighty Demonic Generals, and others were delighted.

"The Ghost Emperor is out."


The high priest was also looking in the direction of the imperial palace. "Such an extraordinary Ghost Emperor's authority."

One thing worth noting was that even during Fengdu Underworld City's heyday, each of the nine Ghost Emperors owned one Emperor Seal. In other words, a complete Ghost Emperor's authority was divided into nine portions.

However, Chu Kuangren refined eight Emperor Seals by himself.

No one knew what else could he do being a Ghost Emperor that possessed the Ghost Emperor's authority.

Outside the imperial palace, Chu Kuangren rose into the sky, while the vast and boundless Ghost Emperor's authority spread, then turned into a huge light barrier to envelope the entire Fengdu City.

In the light barrier, countless mysterious runes emerged one by one and reflected the void.

As billions of Immortal Sparks surrounded Chu Kuangren, he was like a supreme Underworld Ruler with permeating aura that made every soul submit to him.

A glint flashed in the high priest's eyes upon seeing him.

The scene that happened next shocked an Embodier great one like him even more.

Chu Kuangren was seen raising his hand to grab into the void. Then, countless orbs emerged one after another and gathered in the sky above Fengdu City. They were the dissipated soul fragments!

These soul fragments began to reassemble under Chu Kuangren's control!

Instead of a random rassemblement, the soul fragments were restored to the original appearance of the dead souls based on certain order!

Chu Kuangren was reviving the dead souls!

The discovery caused the high priest's eyelids to twitch. "He can actually do such a thing!"

Even the Fengdu Ghosts Emperor in his heyday in the past could not do this.

"Could it be that he can do it because he has mastered the eight Emperor Seals? What if he masters nine Emperor Seals? Perhaps, he can recreate the Divine Underworld Daoist's might in the past!"

The high priest was full of hope.

Reviving the dead souls was exactly what the Divine Underworld Daoist in the past could do.

"Come here, skeletal Yin general!"

At this moment, Chu Kuangren in the mid-air shouted.

The skeletal Yin general, who fell into a deep slumber as most of his soul dissipated, turned into a streamer and approached Chu Kuangren from a certain direction.

Soon, numerous orbs merged into the skeletal Yin general's body, and his originally slack body became stable.

In other directions, countless dissipated dead souls revived and reappeared.

"Grandpa, look! Father is back!"

A little boy pulled the elder's sleeve next to him with a look of joy.

The elder was extremely happy and moved. If he was not a dead soul, he would have burst into tears by now.

"Cai Feng Elder, Junior Sister, and others are back."

In the direction of the Arcane Deity Sect, countless female cultivators were extremely surprised.

Cai Feng was dumbfounded looking at the scene and had no idea what to say.

For her, the scene before her was like... A miracle!

"What has he done?"

Cai Feng mumbled. In her opinion, Chu Kuangren's act seemed to break the rules set by the Great Dao.

"Ghost Emperor."

"Long live the Ghost Emperor..."

"Long live the Ghost Emperor..."

Countless dead souls knelt on the ground while looking at Chu Kuangren with deep respect.

Cai Feng wanted to tell them that it was not a problem for Chu Kuangren to live for hundreds of thousands of years with his cultivation, but humans had no idea about Immortal Techniques. Therefore, she decided not to interrupt them expressing gratitude and respect to Chu Kuangren.

"Perhaps, Chu Kuangren, the Ghost Emperor, may reach a level like the West Ruler Matriarch in the future."

Cai Feng lamented while looking at Chu Kuangren.