"A hundred years?!" Chu Kuangren burst out in laughter when he heard the high priest.

"If I need a hundred years to break through, I might as well choke myself to death with a piece of tofu."

"Ignorant fool. Without a great Opportunity of Fortune, breaking through into the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm is not easy," the high priest said.

Based on his knowledge, more than half of the Heavenly Champions and Prodigies of the living world might not ascend to become an Arch Gilded Immortal.

Only a handful of top Prodigies or even Peerless Prodigies could reach the Arch Gilded Realm in a hundred years.

"Hmph. We'll see about that then." Chu Kuangren did not try to argue with the high priest anymore.

"Oh, I heard you've captured the clan leaders of Li and Mei, who are both Arch Gilded Immortals. If you're trying to recruit them to strengthen Fengdu's strength, I have something here that might be able to help you with that."

The high priest gave Chu Kuangren two black rings.

"Oh? What are these?"

In fact, Chu Kuangren already had Lil Ai analyze the rings.

"These are the Ghost-Binding Rings. Refine them and put them on the two ghosts to make them your subordinates forever," the high priest said.

"Sounds like a good item," Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

Lil Ai's analysis also matched the high priest's description, and the rings had not been tinkered with.

While sending the high priest off, countless yasha marched closer to the city from the horizon.

The leading figure was none other than Ye Yunluo.

The Underworld soldiers thought that some other forces had come to invade Fengdu again and almost prepped for war. It was Bai Mei who stepped up to explain the situation.

"You even recruited the Yasha Tribe to your side? It seems like you are more capable than I thought," the high priest said as he looked at Chu Kuangren deeply.

Emperor Qin's Underworld Terracotta Army and the Yasha Tribe both submitted to Chu Kuangren, and it strengthened the high priest's confidence in Chu Kuangren.

He believed Chu Kuangren would be capable enough to become the new Divine Underworld Daoist.

"It's still too early to be surprised," Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

After sending the high priest off, Chu Kuangren welcomed Ye Yunluo and her tribe to Fengdu.

He gathered some male yashas together and then flew up into the air with the Cursebreaker Sword.

Mystical sword qi was released at the male yashas, breaking the curse that had been haunting them for ages.

The ferocious male yashas swiftly turned into handsome young men.

"Waw! You're looking good!"

"Is this my true face?!"

"Don't stop me! I have to confess to Ye Ying! I'm sure she won't reject me anymore!"

"Don't even bother! You're too weak!"

The male yashas were delighted as they congratulated and teased each other.

Ye Yunluo was relieved to see the scene. She looked at Chu Kuangren and said, "Thank you, Ghost Emperor."

"That's all for today. As for the others, I'll arrange another session for them some other day," Chu Kuangren said as he kept the Cursebreaker Sword away.

He needed time to see if the Yasha Tribe had truly pledged their allegiance to him, so it was natural that he refused to break all the curses at once.

"I understand. Thank you so much for your help, Ghost Emperor."

To Ye Yunluo, breaking the curse was not a simple task.

Chu Kuangren must have consumed a lot of energy in the process.

After settling the Yasha Tribe down, Chu Kuangren went ahead to refine the Ghost-Binding Rings.

Then, he went to the Li Clan Leader and Mei Clan Leader.

Emperor Qin's Underworld Terracotta Army held them captives, and since they were already heavily injured, neither of them caused any problems.

When Chu Kuangren got to them, they were still being held behind bars.

The two clan leaders were in the worst state possible.

They were once reputable Arch Gilded Immortals who ruled over their respective tribes, yet they ended up as captives and being held up in cages like animals.

The different treatment traumatized them.

When they saw Chu Kuangren, their eyes flickered in fear.

They saw how Chu Kuangren revived the dead souls. It was like he was the Divine Underworld Daoist reincarnated, which shocked them.

It was too late for them to regret now. They should have not listened to Yincao and stayed in their respective lands, yet they just had to lead their tribe into the lion's den.

"Fengdu Ghost Emperor, what do you want?" Li Clan Leader said after a deep breath.

"I remember the two of you saying that you are ready to submit?" Chu Kuangren said.

Both clan leaders' eyes gleamed.

The reason they claimed that they were ready to submit was because they were trying to stall and buy time.

Now that Chu Kuangren mentioned it again, they were tempted.

"That's right. We're ready to submit."

In order to live another day, the Arch Gilded Immortals threw away their pride because staying alive was their priority, and they would be able to make a comeback another day.

"Great. Put these on."

Chu Kuangren tossed the Ghost-Binding Rngs to them.

"The Ghost-Binding Rings?!"

Being a knowledgeable clan leader, the Li Clan Leader knew what the rings could do at first glance. They were items that could restrict and bind one's soul to a master.

His gaze shifted. "How did you get this?"

"That's not an answer you should be asking. Put them on if you want to live."

The two clan leaders were hesitant.

They claimed to submit but not wholeheartedly. It was just a plan to buy time for a solution.

However, with the rings on, they would truly be Chu Kuangren's slaves and adhere to his every command.

The thought fueled their grievance.

The Mei Clan Leader took a deep breath and looked at Chu Kuangren with her beautiful eyes. "Ghost Emperor, I swear to be loyal to you. I don't think the rings are necessary."

A hint of pink flashed in her eyes.

She was using some kind of bewitching technique to charm Chu Kuangren.


A sharp sword qi shot out and perforated her chest, causing her to scream in pain and tremble in fear.

"Put your dirty tricks away," Chu Kuangren said coldly.

The fear in the Mei Clan Leader's eyes grew more intense. The man before her was not a subject that she could charm with her tricks.

Using the phrase stone-cold heart to describe him was also an understatement.

"I'll say this one more time: put them on or die. Chi, Mei, Wang, and Liang will then disappear from the Underworld!" he said coldly.

The two clan leaders glanced at the Underworld Terracotta Army with a stoic expressions. Judging from the ferocious qi exuding from their eyes, they strongly believed Chu Kuangren was more than capable of erasing them.

"I'll put them on!"

The Li Clan Leader grabbed the rings and put them on helplessly.

It was not just for himself. It was also to ensure the survival of his entire tribe.

Since the Li Clan Leader had compromised, there was no reason for the Mei Clan Leader to continue her resistance. With a bitter chuckle, she took the rings and put them on.

"Who would have thought that after reigning the Underworld for so many years, I would end up as a slave."

After they put the rings on their neck, the rings glowed and merged with their bodies.

Chu Kuangren instantly felt the control he had over the two clan leaders.

"Release them," Chu Kuangren said.

With that, the cage opened.

The two clan leaders came out and knelt before Chu Kuangren.

"Your Majesty."

Just like that, Fengdu had gained two more powerful combatants.

Several days later, Chu Kuangren planned to visit the Equinox Tribe to meet someone — the Equinox Maiden Sage, who was also known as the first equinox flower to ever exist, Hua Wuai!