Chu Kuangren left everyone in Fengdu and headed to the Equinox Tribe alone.

The Equinox Tribe was a powerful tribe in the Underworld that triumphed over even the Yasha Tribe and the four great clans.

Even the Underworld cities revered them.

As Chu Kuangren approached the tribe, he heard the flow of water.

Further away was a massive yellow river that connected both the sky and land with its endless currents. There was no end or start of the river in sight.

Chu Kuangren was captivated by the river at first glance and felt his Heavenly Samsara Physique moving when he laid eyes on the yellow current.

He could even sense substantial samsara energy flowing in the water.

"So this is the legendary Three-Lives River, huh?" Chu Kuangren muttered as he sized up the river.

"I believe you're the Fengdu Ghost Emperor."

A man in crimson robes, exuding a surge of powerful samsara energy, suddenly appeared before Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren told Lil Ai to analyze the man as soon as he appeared.

It seemed like the man was the tribe leader of the Equinox Tribe.

"Yes, I am," Chu Kuangren nodded.

"Greetings, Ghost Emperor. The Maiden Sage is already waiting for you at the Three-Lives River. Please come with me." The Equinox Tribe Leader nodded and said with a smile.

"Please lead the way," Chu Kuangren said.

He was not surprised that Hua Wuai expected his visit.

After all, as the first equinox flower, she was one of the oldest beings in the Underworld, even older than the high priest. Almost nothing in the Underworld could escape her eyes.

Chu Kuangren arrived at a field of equinox flowers by the riverside.

The girl was in a glamorous black robe with crimson equinox flowers sewn on it, and she was sitting on a huge rock with her feet soaked in the river.

The river had vigorous samsara energy exuding from its ripples.

The Equinox Tribe Leader brought Chu Kuangren to the entrance of the equinox flower field and stopped there. He dared not enter as if it was a restricted area.

"My Lady, Chu Kuangren is here."

"Let him in." Hua Wuai's indifferent voice sounded.

However, the Equinox Tribe Leader was shocked.

Ever since the Equinox Maiden Sage created the field of equinox flowers, no one had been able to set foot inside.

Even as the tribe leader, all he could do was pass messages to her at the entrance.

Now, the Equinox Maiden Sage wanted Chu Kuangren to go in?

It was unbelievable even if Chu Kuangren was the Ghost Emperor.

The tribe leader was baffled, but he did not voice his concerns.

"Ghost Emperor, this way please."

"Alright." Chu Kuangren nodded and headed to the riverside.

When he set foot on the field, a breeze blew in his direction, and the equinox flowers danced along, releasing their fragrance into the air.

Having sensed something when Chu Kuangren came in, Hua Wuai looked at Chu Kuangren's arm and said, "You seem to have an interesting one with you."

Chu Kuangren felt a momentary scorching sensation on his arm, and the Desire Flower popped out.

She lay on the flower field lazily as her Desire Dao exuded into the air.

Even the Equinox Tribe Leader started to lose control over himself when he saw the Desire Flower.

"Leave us," Hua Wuai said to the tribe leader.

"Yes, My Lady."

The tribe leader dared not linger.

The Desire Flower was an uncommon existence. It was like a whirlpool of desire that would suck all lives into oblivion and desolation.

However, the Ghost Emperor was fine and showed no signs of losing himself even with the Desire Flower on his arm. It showed that his Daoist core was far stronger than the tribe leader.

"The Fengdu Ghost Emperor is indeed a terrifying existence," the tribe leader muttered.

Back at the flower field, Hua Wuai looked at the Desire Flower calmly, but a hint of delight flashed across her eyes. "I'm surprised you survived, little flower."

"If even a flower as strange as you survived, why would I die? As long as there is desire in the world, I live. You know that."

"I want to die as well, but the vortex of samsara is endless," Hua Wuai said helplessly.

Chu Kuangren watched as the two flowers chatted. He was surprised that they knew each other.

However, on second thought, it felt normal for two flowers, the Desire Flower and Equinox Flower, that have existed since the primordial age to know each other.

"How did you convince her to follow you?" Hua Wuai asked Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren honestly and briefly talked about how he met the Desire Flower.

The Desire Flower pouted angrily. She originally wanted to form a symbiotic contract, but she fell into his trap before she knew it. She had no idea how it happened.

Every time she thought of Chu Kuangren's strange and domineering fate, she trembled in fear.

"Your fate is indeed a special one."

Hua Wuao looked at him with surprise. She knew his fate belonged to the void, but she did not expect it would be so domineering that it could force the Desire Flower to submit to him.

"I came at your request. What is this meeting about?" Chu Kuangren asked.

Back at the Interstellar Arena, Chu Kuangren had a brief meeting with Hua Wuai, and she invited him to visit her at Three-Lives River.

"Come closer to the river."

Chu Kuangren did as told.

Hua Wuai then shot a sliver of her Immortal's Core into the water, causing it to boil and form a mirror on the water.

The mirror reflected the sky, the trees, and even the flowers, but it did not show Chu Kuangren's reflection. It was as if he did not exist in this realm or samsara.

Hua Wuai dispersed the water mirror. "You are indeed the one with the non-existent fate. The Three-Lives River can reflect one's past, present, and future, and it worked even on an Embodier great one, albeit not that effectively. However, it was useless on you because you are the only one in this universe who has no fate."

"In that case, how can my fate help?"

"I have no idea," Hua Wuai said.

"No idea?"

"No one has ever had no fate, so I don't know what you can do for me. However, I have a feeling that you can help me break free from this endless reincarnation."

As the first equinox flower, Hua Wuai contained the Samsara Dao in herself.

She was born from the Three-Lives River, and with the geographical advantage, not even an Embodier could harm her.

However, such power came with a huge cost.

Hua Wuai had to go through reincarnation once every three thousand years and start over.

Sometimes, she was reborn as a normal person with a normal life and was able to enter reincarnation early after her death.

Sometimes, she was reborn as a top Prodigy who could cultivate for a thousand years or ten thousand years. She even had the potential to become an Arch Gilded or even an Embodier.

Despite having such potential, she would still have to enter reincarnation once the time arrived.

The cycle happened over and over again, and it had no end.

Hua Wuai grew tired of the cycle, but she could not free herself from samsara, as if she was a person caught in a whirlpool.