"Hmph. They are all just an illusion."

Chu Kuangren swung his sleeve and broke all the bubbles.

The water of Three-Lives River was indeed profound and mystical. Not only did it grind the physical body, but it even sucked one's soul into endless Samsara just to slowly grind off the soul.

Had Chu Kuangren's Daoist core been any weaker, his soul might disappear after the hundredth reincarnation.

That would be his advantage over other Arch Gilded Immortals who wished to challenge the river.

"Next would be comprehending the third divine ability of the Heavenly Samsara Physique."

Chu Kuangren stared at the endless river as he pondered.

Then, he released the energy fluctuation of Heavenly Samsara Physique and cast the Divine Samsara Overworld, which somehow resonated with the water of the river.

He vaguely spotted mystical runes floating in the water.

Chu Kuangren quickly calmed his mind and did his best in comprehending the runes.

Even after going through more than fifty reincarnations, Chu Kuangren's soul did not weaken. Instead, it got stronger and firmer. He even gained substantial insights into Samsara.

With the help of the newly gained insights and his already powerful cognizance, the runes in the water started to resonate with his Samsara Dao.

Then, he felt like he touched something in the water.


Back at the riverside, it had been a year since Chu Kuangren went into the river.

Meanwhile, Hua Wuai and Desire Flower spent that time chatting with each other.

"You said the Divine Underworld Daoist comprehended the third divine ability of Heavenly Samsara Physique in Three-Lives River, so how long did he take?" Desire Flower asked.

"A hundred years," Hua Wuai answered indifferently.

"Huh? A hundred years?! Does it mean I'm going to spend a hundred years at your Loveless Garden?" Desire Flower was stunned.

"On top of that, the Divine Underworld Daoist was a complete Arch Gilded Immortal when he comprehended the Samsara Universe. However, Chu Kuangren is just a Gilded Immortal. He might take even longer."

Desire Flower's lips twitched helplessly. "Don't tell me he might not even come out during your next reincarnation."

"It's entirely possible."


While the two of them chatted, the river suddenly became restless.

The turbulent currents stirred up waves that crashed onto the riverside. Then, the river started to shine in Immortal Sparks.

Hua Wuai's eyes gleamed. "I might have underestimated him. The one whose fate is non-existent cannot be measured using common means."

Water pillars shot up from the river and reached the sky of the Underworld.

Vigorous samsara energy fluctuation spread and shook the entire Underworld. It even attracted the attention of countless great ones.

"This energy is coming from Three-Lives River!"

"What's happening there?"

The great ones were baffled, and they quickly sent their Immortal Consciousnesses to learn more about the commotion.

"Hmph." Hua Wuai grunted as she narrowed her eyes, looking displeased. "Who allowed you people to peek into my territory?"

Equinox flowers bloomed in the sky one after another.

When the great ones sensed Hua Wuai's presence, they grunted as it felt like a hammer had smashed into their heads. The uncomfortable feeling made them recall their Immortal Consciousness.

"It's the Equinox Flower. I almost forgot about her."

"Hmph. She's indeed a scary one. It's better not to step on her tail."

"I wonder if she's the one behind the commotion at Three-Lives River."

"I don't know, but she's the ruler of that river, and she must be involved."

The great ones of the Underworld dared not peek into the river again after being warned.

However, they stared at the pillars of water that shot up from the river curiously and confusedly. All of them refused to simply recall their Immortal Consciousnesses as they wanted to find out more.

As the ancient river of the Underworld, the Three-Lives River had been there as long as the Underworld itself, and it rarely had any commotion.

The huge and unexpected commotion from the river intrigued the great ones.

"Look! Someone's there!"

One of the Immortal Consciousnesses sensed something and quivered. It felt unbelievable.

The other great ones sensed it too.

Someone was in the river!

The realization made them gasp in shock.

The water of Three-Lives River contained life-death reincarnation energy that could destroy even an Arch Gilded Immortal.

How could someone be inside the river?

"Who is that?"

When they saw the white robes in the river shimmering in Immortal Sparks, they immediately thought of someone — Chu Kuangren, the Fengdu Ghost Emperor!

He was the only one in the Underworld who had been able to surprise them.

"It's really him!"

"The white robes, the Ghost Emperor's authority, who else could it be if not him?"

"What is he doing in the Three-Lives River?"

The great ones were baffled.

Among the Underworld Arbiters, the high priest suddenly opened his eyes and related the commotion to something buried in his memories.

"Is he going to awaken the third divine ability of the Heavenly Samsara Physique?"

The Underworld Arbiters were directly under the Divine Underworld Daoist, and that was why they had access to many Underworld secrets, including the Divine Underworld Daoist awakening the third divine ability in the Three-Lives River.

"Could he achieve what the Divine Underworld Daoist did in the past?" the high priest muttered, his eyes gleaming in anticipation.

In the river, Chu Kuangren opened his eyes. Daoist runes appeared around him, he and released a powerful samsara energy fluctuation outward.

The energy fluctuation was ridiculously powerful, and it continued to grow stronger as it expanded!

In the end, the samsara energy fluctuation ascended and transformed into the Samsara Arch Gilded intent!

"He has broken through to the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm!" one of the great ones said.

Despite being only a Gilded Immortal, Chu Kuangren's power could already rival some of the Arch Gilded Immortals.

Now that he had ascended to the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm, how much scarier would his power be?

No one dared to imagine.

The great ones of Yincao Underworld City reacted grimly to the scene.

They had a feeling that the toughest battle would be upon them soon now that Chu Kuangren had ascended to the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm.

"It's time. Prepare for war!"

Back at the Underworld Arbiter's place, the high priest was stunned as he stared in the direction of the Three-Lives River.

"He has become an Arch Gilded Immortal!"

A while ago, he said that if Chu Kuangren could break through to the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm within a hundred years, he would serve him wholeheartedly.

It had only been less than a year since then, and Chu Kuangren had become an Arch Gilded Immortal!

It was crazy even for a Prodigy or Heavenly Champion!

Then, his expression darkened. "Since he has broken through to the Arch Gilded Immortal realm, that means I have to get prepared. It has been a long time since a ruler reigned over the Underworld, and the situation should end soon.

"Yincao, Taishan, I hope you guys won't cross the line!"