As soon as the Chaos qi on the surface of the egg disappeared, cracks appeared and started spreading rapidly. Then, light burst out from within.

Mystical Daoist patterns intertwined from within, and Daoist chimes echoed across the chaos, shaking even the heaven.

The sudden changes in the egg silenced the entire battlefield as the sky-prides and Prodigies stopped fighting. All of them were staring at the cracking egg.

What was inside the egg?

Was it Chu Kuangren? Or was it the Innate Source Supreme Treasure that they hoped?


As the crack spread across the egg's surface, Lan Yu's heart pounded wildly.

She was right. The feeling was indeed from her master.

The light shone through the chaos, and a mystical energy fluctuation scattered outward. In fact, not only the Chaos Fragment but even the entire Immortal World was affected by the energy fluctuation.

All the great ones concentrated their attention on the Chaos Fragment.

When the Chaos qi and the egg shells completely dissipated, a shimmering green bud appeared before everyone's eyes.

The oval bud waved along the Chaos qi current and released seemingly endless Immortal Sparks in the air.

Many cultivators who laid eyes on the green bud felt an unprecedented desire of owning it.

It was an Opportunity of Fortune, one of the greatest that they had ever seen!

"What kind of bud is this? Why would it give out such feelings?"

Even the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist and Golden Crow Pseudo-Forefather were in awe.

However, when the great ones of the Immortal World laid eyes on it, they were shocked.

"T-This is…"

The Eternal Immortal Emperor of Kunlun Immortal Hall was deeply shocked.

On the other hand, the elderly in violet Daoist robes, who was also inside the chaos, was in awe when he saw the bud. "It's that thing!"

The strongest of the Celestial Demon Tribe who guarded the void sensed the bud in the chaos as well, and he chuckled. "That kid always surprises me. I can't believe he even got his hands on this. There's no place for this item in the world, and it should have been destroyed by the Great Dao! Anomaly, he's really an anomaly!"

"It can't be wrong! The unusual Daoist Rhymes, the Chaos energy presence that not even the Great Dao can conceal… This is the Chaos Green Lotus!"

"Oh my goodness! Why is the Chaos Green Lotus here?!"

"Impossible! The Great Dao doesn't allow its existence, so why is it here?!"

The great ones who recognized the Chaos Green Lotus were shocked.

The Chaos Green Lotus was a Supreme Treasure that existed during the late era of the Great Dao. It could be considered the strongest and most mystical treasure in the realm!

It trumped even the Innate Source Supreme Treasures because even the Great Dao feared that item.

It should have been destroyed when the chaos opened up into the current universe; it should not be able to reappear!

However, the green bud before their eyes was indeed the Chaos Green Lotus.

The great ones could somehow feel the Great Dao trembling and heaven and earth rumbling. It was as if the Great Dao of this world had locked onto the bud and attempted to destroy it.

"Is the Great Dao going to take action?" one of the great ones said.

At the end of the universe, the strongest of the Celestial Demon Tribe, Wu Han, reacted with a frosty expression. "Is the Great Dao acting?"

Then, endless Celestial Demon qi spread outward and swept across a dozen planets in the blink of an eye.

He stood up from the nameless planet. His tiny figure looked grand and majestic even when compared to a planet. It was as if an ancient Celestial Demon had awoken.

"Great Dao, do you really think it would be as easy as before?" Wu Han said indifferently.

Endless Celestial Demon qi swept across the universe and somehow resonated with the Great Dao's vital force.

The ancient great ones across the Immortal World and even the entire universe looked up to the sky with serious looks on their faces.

"He's fighting the Great Dao!"


"His strength makes me believe that he's not just someone with the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique but a real Chaos Celestial Demon!"

The Celestial Demon qi clashed with the Great Dao's vital force.

The ancient great ones watched the battle using their respective methods.

The clash was but a moment. However, everyone watching felt like it lasted billions of years or even an eternity!

"The Celestial Demon qi is no match for the Great Dao's vital force!" One of the great ones narrowed his eyes and said.

As Wu Han's energy had fallen to a disadvantage, a violet Immortal Spark came to Wu Han's aid and helped him fight back the Great Dao's vital force.

Following the violet Immortal Spark's aid, the declining Celestial Demon qi got revitalized and managed to overpower the Great Dao's vital force.

"Someone else has acted as well?!"

"Who is it?! Who is powerful enough to fight the Great Dao's vital force?!"

The great ones were shocked.

At the same time, some of them were aware of the mystical energy presence in the violet Immortal Sparks, which somehow shared the same energy presence as the Great Dao's vital force!

"I was right. Those ancient existences still exist, or at least some of them do. The Daoist Progenitor who acclaimed the Great Dao is still here!"

"The recluse behind Cloud Nine, the one who embraced the Daoist Truth, the one who transcended beyond the earth, he who be the master of Dao! Haha, this is amazing! The Immortal Dao's ancestor is still here!"

"Not only that, but he even resisted the Great Dao's vital force with Wu Han. Interesting."

The violet Immortal Sparks sparked a heated discussion among the great ones.

At the end of the universe, Wu Han conserved his Celestial Demon qi after withstanding the Great Dao's vital force. He then looked in the direction of where the Daoist Progenitor was and said, "Thank you for your help."

"This universe has no place for the Chaos Green Lotus, but it is undeniably a great boost for this current era. I'm doing this for the sake of the universe's future," the Daoist Progenitor said with a smile.


The two of them then continued to watch what was happening in the Chaos Fragment in the Immortal World.

Countless other sky-prides stared at the green bud with utmost desire.

Due to their limited cultivation level, they were unaware of someone fighting the Great Dao's vital force.

Instead, they were captivated by the green lotus bud.

"This is definitely a huge Opportunity of Fortune!"

"My god! My Dao is growing restless! It wants me to get this item!"

"Wait, someone is inside the bud!"

Then, they vaguely saw a figure in white within the green bud, sitting with his legs crossed. His handsome face looked calm and harmonious, and the Immortal Sparks he emanated intertwined with the bud's Daoist patterns.

"It's Chu Kuangren!"

Someone recognized him.

Although expected, they were still in awe.

The great ones of the Immortal World pondered deeply.

"Wait a minute. Chu Kuangren once displayed the transcendental energy. Could it have been the Green Lotus' energy?"

"Possible. The Green Lotus is a Chaos Supreme Treasure, which is stronger than a top-tier Innate Source Supreme Treasure. It has transcended beyond the Great Dao, which makes it the transcendental energy."

"I see…"