When the Purple Cloud Miasma Formation was activated, the entire Feng Domain was sealed off.

Inside Myriad Arms City, many people panicked upon seeing that dense purple mist. They leaped into the air and tried to escape from it.

However, the bolts of lightning released by the huge net within the purple mist blasted them away.

"Damn it. I can't get out."

"What's going on? Who's doing this?"

"We're all trapped."

Meanwhile, at Myriad Arms City's entrance, a black-robed man slowly approached. He looked at the weaponsmiths coldly and sneered. "None of you can leave anymore."

"You're… Dai Tian! What is going on?"

Everyone looked at Dai Tian in shock.

Dai Tian was the former first place on the Weaponsmith Leaderboard.

After losing to Chu Kuangren in Myriad Arms City, he was kicked out.

Now, he had appeared again.

Everyone looked at him suspiciously.

"Ha! If you want someone to blame, just blame Chu Kuangren. He's the one that got all of you into this mess." Dai Tian laughed.

The people still wanted to question him further, but several powerful auras suddenly erupted from among the crowd.

Several cultivators were charging toward the Pan Gu Sect.

"These people are… the Celestial Divine Tribe?"

Someone noticed those cultivators were shrouded in a layer of mysterious Immortal Sparks. That was the Celestial Divine Light unique only to the Celestial Divine Tribe cultivators.

The one leading them had the most dazzling Celestial Divine Light.

The dense energy fluctuations coming from him were causing the void to tremble non-stop.

"No, the Celestial Divine Tribe are not the only ones here," someone in the crowd exclaimed with shock.

Besides the Celestial Divine Tribe cultivators, many other cultivators emanating unique auras were also there, such as dragon qi, sword qi…

Those were cultivators from various forces.

They had been lurking in Myriad Arms City the entire time.

"What are they trying to do?"

"That's the direction to… Pan Gu Sect. They're going to deal with Chu Kuangren!"

Everyone was shocked.

Then, they looked at the dense layer of purple clouds in the sky and the powerful elite cultivators and gulped.

Was a cataclysmic change about to happen in Myriad Arms City?

"Chu Kuangren, I have come to test your strength."

The cultivator leading the Celestial Divine Tribe cultivators was a person named Tianshen Wuxin.

He was the only person ranked beneath Chu Kuangren and Armament Destruction on the Grand Dao Leaderboard. He possessed a power beyond ordinary Supreme Honorables, making him a rare talent in the Celestial Divine Tribe.

Meanwhile, Tianshen Chang was beside him.

"Besides Celestial Divine Tribe, the Dragon Tribe, Dragon-blooded Huang clan, Dragon Hunters, and Divine Sword Palace have also joined in on this operation. I can't wait to find out how Chu Kuangren will survive this!" Tianshen Chang said coldly.

"The Apocalyptic Martial Ruler is pretty remarkable to have convinced so many forces to take action. Even the Formation King has joined."

"Other than the Formation King, I heard other Monarchs are joining this siege too. Chu Kuangren… is doomed!"

Both Tianshen Chang and Tianshen Wuxin believed that Chu Kuangren could never survive the attack.

Meanwhile, a man in black armor was leading another group of cultivators toward the Pan Gu Sect. That person was a member of the Dragon Hunters named Wang Yi.

The men behind him were elites in the Dragon Hunter Tribe.

His gaze was ice-cold. "Chu Kuangren, the Purple Cloud Miasma Formation has been activated. Today is the day the heavens will ignore your cries and the earth will forsake your pleas. For tricking the Dragon Hunters, I shall make you pay a thousand times over!"

A while ago, he had come with a bunch of resources to negotiate a trade with Chu Kuangren for the Dragonslayer.

Unexpectedly, Chu Kuangren regained the Dragonslayer using some sort of trick.

He even caused a violent battle to occur between the Dragon Hunters and the Dragon-blooded Huang clan, further causing both sides to suffer heavy casualties. What he did was simply irreconcilable.


A dragon's roar reverberated in the distance.

An Elder Dragon soared through the skies, leading a huge group of elite dragons behind him. That Elder Dragon was one of the Dragon Tribe's Thirteen Warlords.

He was also one of the dragons who fought Chu Kuangren back in the Dragon Tombs.

The Dragon Tribe suffered massive casualties in that battle.

Back then, six of the Dragon Tribe's Thirteen Warlords were dispatched, and almost all of them were wiped out in the end.

He was the only one that survived.

Recalling the battle still made his heart pound.

However, he took a deep breath and mumbled, "This time, Chu Kuangren will be kept occupied by another group. Our main goal is the Pan Gu Sect!"

The Pan Gu Sect was filled with limitless potential.

That fact was evident from the recent rankings on the Primordial and Grand Dao Leaderboards.

Not only did they want to kill Chu Kuangren, but they also wanted to wipe out his entire sect.

To remove the weeds, one must first get to its roots!

"Chu Kuangren, I'll take revenge for what you did to Gudu Bubai, Jue Jian, and Jian Shifang. You will witness the might of the Divine Sword Palace today!"

Another group was also on the move, and they were all sword cultivators.

A chilling and killer sword qi was swirling around them as they dashed toward the Pan Gu Sect.

The one leading them was an elderly man with white hair. He was holding a greatsword that was surging with lightning and sword qi. His gaze was cold as ice.

Compared to the Dragon Tribe, the Divine Sword Palace had an even greater grudge against Chu Kuangren. After all, one of their Monarch Seeds, Jian Shifang, was killed by him.

Five groups of cultivators from the Celestial Divine Tribe, Dragon Hunters, Dragon Tribe, Dragon-blooded Huang clan, and Divine Sword Palace were all charging toward the Pan Gu Sect.

Their massive presence stunned everyone.

Inside Myriad Arms City, a spy from the Devil Tribe gasped when he witnessed all of that. "How dare these people do something like this? This will surely enrage the King. Are they prepared to face her wrath?"

"This is bad. I must report this to her."

He wanted to send word to the Devil King.

However, he realized that his message could not be sent out.

"This is a formation technique that cuts off the entire Feng Domain from the outside world. I can't think of anyone else besides the Formation King who can set up a huge-scale formation like that that covers an entire domain.

"Did they plan all of this just to defeat the Pan Gu Sect — a force that doesn't even have a Monarch — and Chu Kuangren?

"Have those people gone mad?"

The Devil Tribe spy's gaze turned serious.

In Pan Gu Sect, Chu Kuangren was mentally sparring with Li Jun when he suddenly sensed something.

He chuckled. "Our guests have arrived."

Immediately after, the cave where the Pan Gu Sect was located started trembling violently.

The skies were cracked open, and pieces of spatial fragments began falling like a broken mirror.

Following a huge explosion, the entire cave suddenly crumbled, causing the Pan Gu Sect to appear in the outside world.

"What's going on?"

"Enemy attack!"

One by one, Pan Gu Sect's cultivators rushed out, looking at their surroundings with caution. Unbeknownst to them, they had been surrounded by enemy forces.

An incredibly terrifying aura soon enveloped the area.

"How can there be so many of them?"

Fuxi froze, shocked. The Pan Gu Sect had not been founded for long, and they did not even have a Grand Dao Supreme Honorable among us, let alone a Monarch.

Yet, they had to face so many Monarch-class forces now.

Was it a joke?

"Chu Kuangren, today is the day when you and Pan Gu Sect will be wiped out!" A figure walked out and said coldly.

His Celestial Divine Light was boundless, sweeping the surroundings with a terrifying aura. That person was Tianshen Wuxin.

Chu Kuangren, however, did not seem to hear him. Instead, he looked at the purple mists in the sky and chuckled. "Not bad for a formation technique."

"Your end is here, Chu Kuangren!"

Upon being ignored, Tianshen Wuxin erupted with rage.

"A bunch of misfits dare proclaim that my end has come?"

A flash of light shot out from Chu Kuangren's eyes as he turned to look at Tianshen Wuxin.

Just one look and a beam of sword ray shot out from his eyes.