Armament Destruction walked out with his head held high and the Broken Arm in his hand. His white hair danced in the wind, making him appear like a demonic god. Terrifying waves of Blazing Flame Great Dao aura emerged from his body.

Dense Hongmeng spiritual qi also emanated from his Broken Arm.

That weapon was a Hongmeng Supreme Treasure.

It was the Broken Arm that Chu Kuangren had upgraded for him.

Chu Kuangren had brought back many Divine Hongmeng Metals from the Jiufang Tribe, and with his weaponsmithing abilities, upgrading the Armament Destruction's weapon was not a difficult thing to do.

"Wonderful. I shall test the power of this upgraded Broken Arm on you today!"

Armament Destruction held his Broken Arm, his gaze cold.

He stepped forward and leaped across the remaining eight golden barriers, dashing out of the Pan Gu Sect. When he arrived before Tianshen Wuxin, he swung his Broken Arm violently.

"Armament Destruction Art, Raging Inferno!"


Waves of scorching flames spread in the trail of his Broken Arm.

The void distorted, and Tianshen Wuxin's expression shifted when he saw that. He lifted his great saber high and blocked that Broken Arm with a clang.

However, the tremendous impact it contained still sent him flying hundreds of meters away.

His hand that held his weapon trembled, and he looked terrified. "So, this is Armament Destruction, ranked second on the Grand Dao Leaderboard? Such extraordinary power!"

He took a deep breath and became serious. "Although I can't defeat Chu Kuangren, there's no way I'll lose to someone like the Armament Destruction!"

Although Armament Destruction was ranked higher on the Great Dao Leaderboard than him, the leaderboard's rankings were not set in stone.

After all, various factors such as strength, cultivation level, combat experience, and environmental conditions could influence every battle. Even one's mental state during a battle mattered.

Any of those factors could cause the outcome of the battle to change.

Tianshen Wuxin believed he was no inferior to Armament Destruction.

"Now, die!"

His figure suddenly disappeared, and he attacked Armament Destruction with his Hongmeng Supreme Treasure.

"That's more like it!"

Armament Destruction's eyes narrowed. Instead of evading or dodging, he took the attack head-on.


When the energies of the two collided, the void blew up!

"Quick! Let's destroy this formation technique!" Tianshen Chang said coldly.

The Celestial Divine Tribe members behind him quickly cast a barrage of cultivation attacks.

"No matter what, I'll make sure the Pan Gu Sect falls today!"

Wang Yi's gaze was cold. He focused the anger he felt from being tricked by Chu Kuangren onto the Pan Gu Sect and led his men to attack the formation.

Meanwhile, inside the Pan Gu Sect, many cultivators were standing ready within the formation.

"Oh my, we can't just stand here and do nothing, can't we?" Someone chuckled.

A figure possessing a gorgeous appearance and exuding an air of nobility walked out. She was also clad in armor, which made her appear even more heroic.

It was none other than the Pan Gu Universe's West Ruler Matriarch!

She took a step forward, and a sword appeared in her hand.

When her sword qi surged forward, it tore the skies apart.

That blast of sword qi sent dozens of enemy cultivators flying.

It showed how mighty the former leader of Pan Gu Universe's female Immortal was.

"Haha! The West Ruler Matriarch is right. How can we stand here and do nothing?"

Zhen Yuanzi laughed before stepping forward as well.

With a swing of his sleeves, tremendous surges of earth qi rose into the sky, conjuring countless earth qi dragons that wreaked havoc on the battlefield.

However, he was also guarded by a huge book.

It was the Book of Earth.


A dazzling wave of Radiant energy burst out from within the Pan Gu Sect like a raging tide, and a silver-haired woman slowly walked out.

With the Holy Scepter in her hand, she turned the Radiant energy into a great surging river.

The person was none other than Lan Yu.

She had just completed her closed-door cultivation.

"All attackers of the Pan Gu Sect shall… die!" Lan Yu said with a cold gaze.

Just then, another wave of energy erupted. This time, it was a wave of red dragon qi mixed with terrifying ferocious qi that rose into the sky.

A red figure emerged from the ferocious qi.

The roars of dragons reverberated around her with similar might.

It was Shang Honghua!

After obtaining the Monarch dragon soul's inheritance, her Grand Dao cultivation strengthened, and she gained many dragon cultivation techniques during the process. Her figure disappeared in a flash, and when she arrived at the battlefield, it was as if a horde of dragons had appeared.

Her ferocious qi took shape as domineering draconic apparitions that swept toward her enemies from all directions.

The enemy cultivators were sent sprawling one after another as the dragons attacked them.

"Today, all of you shall find out that invading the Pan Gu Sect will be the thing you regret most in your lives!" Shang Honghua said indifferently and unleashed a palm attack.

Her dragon qi interweaved, killing a Grand Dao enemy cultivator on the same level as her on the spot!

Inside the Pan Gu Sect, flames rose into the air, followed by the appearance of a beautiful Godly Phoenix.

As the Godly Phoenix soared, her Phoenix Flames lit the sky alight.

With the Celestial Divine Lance in hand, Chu Hong unleashed a powerful thrust toward her enemies. Dozens of Primordial cultivators were instantly reduced into ashes before they could even scream.

"That's my Celestial Divine Lance!" Tianshen Chang shouted.

He had lost that Hongmeng Supreme Treasure in his previous fight with Chu Kuangren.

He did not expect Chu Kuangren to give it to someone else.

Did the Hongmeng Supreme Treasure not interest him?

"Gave me back my Celestial Divine Lance!" Tianshen Chang yelled as he charged toward Chu Hong.

"If you want it, come and take it!"

Chu Hong laughed as she wielded the Celestial Divine Lance masterfully. With her body shielded by a layer of scorching Phoenix Flames, she held her ground and engaged Tianshen Chang in battle.

Besides Chu Hong, Lan Yu, and Shang Honghua, Ye Zhu, the Desire Flower, Yu Zhi, Shi Ying, and Jue Wushen also entered the battlefield. The members of the Black Heaven Nine Stars were finally fighting side by side again.

They fought with flawless coordination and precision.

It was as if a powerful man-made formation was formed around their remarkable coordination.

Even the Grand Dao cultivators, who were dozens of times more powerful than them, could do nothing to them.

"These cultivators aren't that powerful, but it's unbelievable to think they can unleash such a great level of power through this formation technique."

"That's not it. Look at that Godly Phoenix's lance and that sword cultivator's sword. Those two are Hongmeng Supreme Treasures!"

"Even the others' weapons are Superb-tier Chaos Supreme Treasures! Are you sure the Pan Gu Sect was established recently?"

"Why does it feel like they have more resources than our Divine Sword Palace?"

The cultivators battling the Black Heaven Nine Stars were shocked.

"Haha! We can't let these young ones steal all the glory."

A burst of laughter rang out.

Countless surges of sword qi suddenly appeared from the surroundings.

Four swords had formed a powerful sword formation, trapping a huge group of Divine Sword Palace cultivators within it. After that, thousands of strands of sword qi shot out, slicing them into pieces.

"What a profound and magnificent sword formation."

"Look at those four swords. They're all top-notch Chaos Supreme Treasures, too!"

The Divine Sword Palace cultivators were stunned.

One of the Three Clarities, the Heavenly Grandmaster chuckled. "What does everyone think about my Immortal Destruction Sword Formation?"

His four Immortal Destruction Swords had been modified by Chu Kuangren long ago.

Even the formation had been improved and was closer to perfection.

Adding the fact that the Heavenly Grandmaster was now a Grand Dao cultivator, the power of his sword formation was far beyond what he could unleash back then.

Now, even the Grand Dao Supreme Sages or Supreme Honorables would have to take caution when dealing with his attacks.

"Heh. Show off."

Divine Primeval Imperial looked at the Heavenly Grandmaster's sword formation and chuckled.

He casually unleashed an attack with his jade scepter.


The skull of a Grand Dao enemy cultivator shattered immediately.

"Eight Trigrams, Trembling Lightning!"

Fuxi stood in his place with a gigantic Bagua symbol swirling beneath his feet, filled with the power of nature.

The power of the realm wreaked havoc everywhere, sending the enemy forces into disarray.

The cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect each displayed their cultivation prowess.

They were, in the first place, individuals with top-tier talents. However, it was after entering the Great Hongmeng Universe that they rose to the top!

The originally confident forces were all dumbfounded. Was that really a sect that had been established not long ago?'