"Haha, as expected from the sect that I created."

Above in the sky, Chu Kuangren felt a sense of pride seeing Pan Gu Universe's cultivators fighting so valiantly below.

He strongly believed that the Pan Gu Sect would have a bright future ahead.

"Chu Kuangren, your Pan Gu Sect members are capable, but unfortunately, they can never change their fate of being wiped out. The same goes for you, too!" A chilling voice sounded.

The Lightning Swordmaster looked at Chu Kuangren coldly and arrived before Chu Kuangren with a single step. His lightning sword intent erupted at full power.

When he swung his sword down, endless lightning combined into a gigantic sword shadow!


The sharp sword shadow tore the void apart.

That domineering lightning energy contained within it was seemingly intent on reducing Chu Kuangren into dust.

"Oh, a variant of the Holy Spirit Sword Art infused with lightning energy? Interesting."

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward, and the lightning sword shadow was instantly shattered.

However, that was not the end of it.

The other two elites on the Supreme Honorable Leaderboard also attacked.

Yinglong Feng stepped forward with the intent to kill reflected in his golden dragon eyes. He unleashed a powerful thrust with his spear, immediately destroying the surrounding terrain.

Chu Kuangren stood his ground.

Similarly, he unleashed an attack at the spear from his fingertips.

With a bang, the two energies collided, and an explosion erupted in the void.

The impact pushed both Chu Kuangren and Yinglong Feng back.

However, besides the Lightning Swordmaster and Yinglong Feng, there was a third cultivator!

Tianshan Liuli, who was ranked tenth on the Supreme Honorable Leaderboard, had also attacked! He was stronger than Yinglong Feng and the Lightning Swordmaster.

He gathered Celestial Divine Light in the palm of his hands and unleashed it in the form of a powerful light beam!

The light beam shot through the void, heading straight toward Chu Kuangren.

"Sword Twenty-one!"

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward and cast the Holy Spirit Sword Art's advanced technique. When his sword qi collided with the Celestial Divine Light beam, the collision created a powerful shockwave that forced both of them back.

"This feeling…"

Chu Kuangren looked at Tianshen Liuli with slight surprise.

He could sense a trace of energy greater than the Grand Dao Realm's Great Dao energy from Tianshen Liuli's attack.

Although it was just a small trace, there was no way Chu Kuangren was mistaken. That was undoubtedly Daoist law energy!

Tianshen Liuli was almost at the stage of forming his Daoist Law.

He was only ranked tenth on the Supreme Honorable Leaderboard, yet he could already form Daoist laws. If that was the case, did that not mean the cultivators ranked higher than him were already capable of forming Daoist laws?

Chu Kuangren was curious about it.

"Chu Kuangren, your strength is truly extraordinary. However, in the face of three Supreme Honorables, not even you can survive!" Tianshen Liuli hissed.

The other two also surrounded Chu Kuangren from the other directions.

"Oh, I'll never survive, you say? The three of you have been attacking me all this time, and you can't even touch a single hair on my body. Aren't you ashamed to say those words?" Chu Kuangren commented.

He waved his sleeve, sending his Great Dao aura everywhere. It was as vast as an ocean!

At the same time, a ray of light shot out from his sleeve.

It was a white sword that had countless mysterious Daoist patterns engraved all over it.

It was none other than the Descendant Self Sword.

The moment the Descendant Self Sword appeared and Chu Kuangren held it, a profound connection between master and sword was formed. Sword chant reverberated through the skies, followed by a domineering and dense sword intent that filled the land.

"Take a good look at what a true sword looks like!" Chu Kuangren looked at the Lightning Swordmaster and said indifferently.

As he raised his arm, the Sword Twenty-three technique had been unleashed!

A seemingly endless surge of destructive sword qi gushed out from within him. The power was so tremendous that even the three Supreme Honorables wore a grim look on their faces.

The destructiveness of Sword Twenty-three shook the realm.

The Lightning Swordmaster narrowed his gaze. Not to be outdone either, he raised his sword high, channeling his lightning energy and sword qi to merge.

The dazzling sword ray lit up!

"Sword Twenty-three!"

Having been infused with lightning energy, that version of Sword Twenty-three was several times more brutal than its ordinary counterpart.

However, Chu Kuangren's Sword Twenty-three was also extraordinary!

The collision of the two surges of sword qi changed the surrounding terrain, blowing it up.

Even the void was shattered.

Due to that extreme impact, the Lightning Swordmaster was sent flying backward. He had a layer of lightning sword qi around his body as armor, which allowed him to resist Chu Kuangren's sword qi attack.

Despite that, his body was eroded by a lot of the incoming sword qi.

He could only use his superior cultivation level to suppress its damaging effects temporarily.

"Damn it, Chu Kuangren. It's simply unbelievable that he's mastered the Sword Twenty-Three to such an extent!" the Lightning Swordmaster said grimly.

"Do you think that's all?" Chu Kuangren chuckled.

He raised his arm and cast the limit-breaking Sword Twenty-Four!

The tyrannical Sword Twenty-four attack seemed intent on surpassing and tearing everything apart. It was the ultimate embodiment of offensive sword intent!


The Lightning Swordmaster's eyes widened in shock. "He even came up with Sword Twenty-four, a technique that surpasses Sword Twenty-three. How is this possible?"

He gasped.

He knew that Chu Kuangren defeated Dugu Bupo.

However, he did not know the details of that battle.

He was overcome with shock witnessing the Sword Twenty-Four technique for the first time.

In the face of that attack, he no longer held back and immediately channeled his Great Dao energy to the limit. Again, he cast the ultimate Sword Twenty-three technique!


His Sword Twenty-three went against the incoming Sword Twenty-four.

Eventually, Sword Twenty-three technique's sword qi was broken down. Fear filled the Lightning Swordmaster's eyes as he was sent flying by the sword qi again.

"Oh no!"

Yinglong Feng's heart sank.

He rushed in front of the Lightning Swordmaster and swung his spear. His dragon qi erupted into a powerful dragon apparition that blocked the sword attack!

"Oh, a dragon cultivation technique?"

"I know some of those too."

Chu Kuangren chuckled.

He stood with both hands behind his back, and a powerful surge of dragon qi suddenly erupted from his body. This dragon qi made many dragons in the surroundings feel an inherent urge to submit and obey.

It was the power of the Infernal Dragon!

The Infernal Dragon's flames surrounded Chu Kuangren, creating a dragon scale armor on his body and a skull mask engraved with dense patterns covering his face.

A pair of dark golden dragon eyes looked at everyone condescendingly, like an ancient deity looking down upon all beings.

"Dragon God Dominion!"

Holding his sword in his right hand and lifting his left, Chu Kuangren's domineering dragon qi surrounded him, eventually forming a ferocious giant golden dragon.

The giant dragon charged forward, baring its fangs. Its target was Yinglong Feng!


Afraid, Yinglong Feng immediately gathered every ounce of Great Dao energy he had into his spear and unleashed a powerful slash filled with endless razor-sharp intent!

"Yinlong Divine Slash!"


Yinglong Feng was sent flying hundreds of meters away, crashing into several mountain ranges.

His body was trembling.

He looked at Chu Kuangren with fear in his eyes.

It was as if the person before him was not a human but a genuine Infernal Dragon!

He could not understand how a human could control such a degree of Infernal Dragon power.

It puzzled him.

"Celestial Diving Light, Universal Purification!"

Tianshen Liuli leaped into the air, channeling his Celestial Divine Light to the limit.

A dense and vast burst of white light broke through the void, intent on purifying all things in the world as it headed toward Chu Kuangren.

That attack was beyond terrifying.

However, Chu Kuangren said, "Your light is just too dim."

He narrowed his gaze, unleashing the Infernal Dragon's power of controlling time.

That white ray of light was halted for an instant in the air.

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren raised his hand and channeled his Radiant energy.

"Radiant Three Thousand Worlds!"

Blinding rays of light illuminated from the three thousand worlds!