The Wine Honorable stared at the ten jars of wine in disbelief.

"You're right, Wine Honorable. These are ten jars of A Fleeting Dream," Li Jun said with a smile.

The Wine Honorable gulped greedily. "Damn that little one. I can't believe he has that many jars of such delicious wine! He lied that there was only one, but then he took out another jar. Now, he has ten of these?"

Only heaven knew how much he liked A Fleeing Dream.

He had half a jar left, and he could not bear to finish it in one gulp.

"You want to use ten jars of A Fleeting Dream in exchange for my help? But you guys are overwhelmed by numbers. Even if I join the fight, the tables might not turn as well," the Wine Honorable said after a sip of wine.

If it were just one Monarch-class force, he was not afraid. He could fight even a Monarch for the ten jars of A Fleeting Dream.

However, there was a coalition army at the Pan Gu Sect's door, and most of them were Monarch-class forces.

Furthermore, there was more than one Monarch among them.

He might be ranked first on the Supreme Honorable Leaderboard, but his hands were tied, and he could do nothing to turn the situation around.

"You don't need to defeat all of them. The Sect Leader says the forces are all after him. All you need to protect the Pan Gu Sect. As for how to defeat the sieging army, he will have a way to deal with that," Li Ju said.

"Oh? Interesting."

The Wine Honorable was quite a surprise. If he had limited options, how was Chu Kuangren bold enough to stand against that many Monarch-class forces?

It intrigued him.

"I would like to find out how capable that little guy is."

The Wine Honorable waved his sleeve and kept the ten jars of A Fleeting Dream.

The Pan Gu Sect was still fighting the sieging army, and they were slowly losing their ground.

"It surprises me that you guys can hold on for this long, but it's time to end this," Tianshen Liuli bellowed as he released his Great Dao energy.

Celestial Dinve Light shone brightly and blasted the surrounding Black Heaven Nine Stars away.


Tianshen Liuli gathered the Celestial Divine Light in his hand and shot a beam at Jue Wushen. When the beam shot out, it penetrated even the void.



Lan Yu and the others were horrified.

At the critical moment, a water arrow shot from a certain direction and hit the burst of Celestial Divine Light precisely.


The Celestial Divine Light shattered.

The water arrow broke, and the fragrance of alcohol filled the battlefield.

"Is that wine?" Tianshen Liuli frowned.

Someone blocked his attack with wine. Who could be that capable?

'Wait a minute, wine?'

Tianshen Liuli's eyes widened in fear as realization struck him.

A person emerged from the deepest part of the Pan Gu Sect.

It was a man in green robes who stood out from the others. He had Great Dao energy swirling around him, and it carried the fragrance of wine that made people feel as if they were swimming in a sea of wine.

When Tianshen Liuli took a closer look at the man, it put a heavy look on his face.

"It's you, Wine Honorable!"

The mention of the name caused an uproar across the battlefield.

The name was an unusual one because it was ranked first on the Supreme Honorable Leaderboard.

The man was revered and respected by all in the Great Hongment Universe.

"Yes, it's me."

The Wine Honorable nodded and swung his sleeve, blanketing the entire battlefield with a stream of alcohol qi.

All the cultivators were instantly drunk.

Even the Great Dao Supreme Honorables felt tipsy.

The whole battlefield was drunk!

Everyone stopped fighting and tried to resist the drunkenness. They looked at the Wine Honorable with a blush and blurry eyes.

Just one swing of his sleeve made the entire battlefield drunk.

How unusual!

It was as expected of the first on the Supreme Honorable Leaderboard.

"Wine Honorable, what's the meaning of this?"

Tianshen Liuli stared at the Wine Honorable grimly. He was one of the few who could keep his mind clear.

However, Wine Honorable was not bothered by the man's fierce glare. He said, "I'm protecting the folks of the Pan Gu Sect. If you want to kill them, over my dead body."

"Wine Honorable, are you standing against us? Think this through. There are so many of us here, and there's only one of you. Can you fight us all?"

"Why don't we give it a try?" The Wine Honorable chuckled.

Tianshen Liuli's eyes gleamed. He looked at the people of the Pan Gu Sect and then at Chu Kuangren, who was being suppressed by the Huang Clan Leader. He pondered.

It seemed like the Wine Honorable was only protecting the cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect and did not care about Chu Kuangren's situation.

"I see. Chu Kuangren, you know you're our biggest target, so you asked the WIne Honorable to protect your people instead of helping you," Tianshen Liuli muttered.

If the Wine Honorable was not helping Chu Kuangren, the others did not have a valid reason to fight the Wine Honorable for the sake of the Pan Gu Sect.

The man was feared even by Monarchs.

"Chu Kuangren, I didn't expect you to ask the Wine Honorable for help. What a surprise," the Huang Clan Leader said.

He, too, was surprised by the Wine Honorable's appearance.

However, he then attacked Chu Kuangren with a fierce attack.

The cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect looked at the Wine Honorable.

"Please help the Sect Leader, Senior," Jue Wushen said.

The Wine Honorable yawned and said, "That little guy only asked me to protect you guys. He did not ask me for help."

If he were to help Chu Kuangren, it would mean standing against all the forces.

Ten jars of A Fleeting Dream was not enough for that. Chu Kuangren would need at least ten more to start the negotiation for his help.

The Wine Honorable pondered as he looked at Chu Kuangren with anticipation.

"Come on, ask for my help. If you're willing to increase the price, everything is still on the table," he thought to himself.

"No way…"

The Pan Gu Sect's cultivators were disheartened by his answer.

They looked at Chu Kuangren gratefully and also worriedly.

The battle did not pause for one second.

"Chu Kuangren, you're quite the Sect Leader. I don't know what you offered to the Wine Honorable for him to help, but it must be a hefty price to pay.

"However, that doesn't change a thing because you're our biggest target! With you dead, we can take care of the Pan Gu Sect slowly," the Huang Clan Leader said coldly.

Chu Kuangren was the pillar of support of the Pan Gu Sect. With him down, the Pan Gu Sect would break in no time.


The Huang Clan Leader threw a punch filled with dragon qi at him.

However, Chu Kuangren was not overpowered this time. The Infernal Dragon energy surged as he narrowed his eyes.

Time stopped once again!

The attack's power was halved by stopping time, and Chu Kuangren swung his sleeve to dissolve the remaining dragon qi.

"Now that the Pan Gu Sect is fine, I should take things more seriously," he said.

Then, a massive suction force erupted from his body.

The spiritual qi across a hundred million kilometers were sucked into his body like a whirlpool.

It was the Heaven-devouring Technique!

With that, Chu Kuangren's energy surged and reached a terrifying new height.

In just a blink of an eye, he possessed unrivaled power that could crush galaxies.

"This power…"

The Huang Clan Leader's expression turned grave.

He attacked with his domineering dragon qi again.

This time, Chu Kuangren simply slapped the attack away, crushing the dragon claw into pieces.

It did not hurt him at all.

"You've had your fun just now." Chu Kuangren looked at the Huang Clan Leader and said coldly.