Deep inside the cave realm, the Apocalypse Martial Ruler looked at the skeletal figure on the skeletal throne with great zeal.

He slowly walked up to the throne.

A vast killing intent came from the skeletal figure.


The Apocalypse Martial Ruler was blasted away by the aura. He exclaimed in astonishment, "Such a powerful killer intent!"

On top of that, he sensed a hint of suppression in the killing intent. He had the urge to bow as if he were a peasant trying to bow to a king.

It shocked him. He was a Monarch known for the Carnage Dao. Who else could force him to his knees?

Could that be the power of the God of Slaughter?

It was too powerful.

He channeled the Apocalypse Martial Art to resist the terrifying killing intent.

After sensing the energy fluctuation of the Apocalypse Martial Art, the God of Slaughter opened its eyes and reacted strangely to his discovery.

"This aura… Are you my subject?"

The Apocalypse Martial Ruler was stunned before sudden realization hit.

The Apocalypse Demon Martial Art that he cultivated originated from the God of Slaughter.

The God of Slaughter created that particular cultivation technique.

It was rather fitting for the God of Slaughter to call him his subject.

"Yes, my honorable God of Slaughter."

The Apocalypse Martial Ruler knelt on the ground.

Then, the God of Slaughter glanced at him and shook his head. "You're not my subject. My subject will address me as King."

King? A king of a kingdom?

The Apocalypse Martial Ruler was surprised as he did not know the God of Slaughter of a king of a certain kingdom.

However, the legend of the God of Slaughter was far too ancient. It was difficult for him to authenticate the information based on modern clues.

It was only normal that he did not know the God of Slaughter was king.

"Fine. What era is this?" the God of Slaughter muttered.

He seemed to be asking the Apocalypse Martial Ruler but also himself.

The Apocalypse Martial Ruler was unsure of how to answer him.

The Great Hongmeng Universe had reset many times, and each reset was an era. The Apocalypse Martial Ruler had no idea what era it was.

"The Ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine era…"

The God of Slaughter sensed something, and his eyes gleamed. "Oh? So soon? No wonder this consciousness has woken up."

The Apocalypse Martial Ruler was more confused than before.

The ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine era?

Was it an important era?

"Monarch, since you cultivate the Apocalypse Demon Martial Art, you're considered half of my subject. Maybe it is fate that you're here in this era. This inheritance is yours. Merge with my power," the God of Slaughter said.

Then, a rampant killing intent erupted from his body and entered the Apocalypse Martial Ruler's body.

With the power from the God of Slaughter, the Apocalypse Martial Ruler's own energy surged rapidly, and he gained even more insights into the Carnage Dao.

He was thrilled.

There was only one thought left in his mind.

"Chu Kuangren, I'm winning this war!"

"A Monarch will come?"

The cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect gasped in fear when they heard Wine Honorable.

Wine Honorable did not say anything. All he did was look into the void and say, "He's here."

As soon as his voice faded, the spiritual qi in the area rumbled fiercely.

The purple clouds rained down like a waterfall, and a figure emerged.

The figure was dressed in white robes and had mystical runes and restriction seals surrounding him. His majestic presence struck awe in everyone who laid eyes on him.

"Formation King, you're finally here."

The Huang Clan Leader breathed a sigh of relief and was thrilled to see the Formation King.

The strength that Chu Kuangren displayed frightened even him, the fifth place on the Supreme Honorable Leaderboard. If the Formation King did not come soon, he might lose his life.

"Chu Kuangren, we finally meet," the Formation King said to Chu Kuangren.

It was his first time seeing Chu Kuangren in person, but he already viewed him as his arch-nemesis.

After all, he lost first place on the Formation Leaderboard to Chu Kuangren.

He carried the name of the Formation King, yet someone else was stronger than him.

That point alone made him take Chu Kuangren seriously.

"This formation is indeed from you." Chu Kuangren was not surprised by the Formation King's arrival.

The Purple Cloud Miasma Formation was a strange one. In the current Great Hongmeng Universe, other than him, only the Formation King was capable of setting up such a massive formation.

"This formation isolates the Feng Domain from the rest of the universe. It can also blind the Heavenly Will. Everything that happens in the Feng Domain today will remain in the Feng Domain, and no one will know," the Formation King said.

"You must have spent a lot of time and effort to set this formation. You must have been through a lot, but can you kill me?"

Chu Kuangren stood with his hands behind his back, looking proud even in front of a Monarch.

His demeanor was impressive.

Maybe he had a trump card against the Monarch.

Many people were surprised, but they believed he could do it again.

When the Apocalypse Martial Ruler tried to kill him, he used the Tempest King's clone to counterattack.

Now, with the Formation King trapping him, he might have another trump card up his sleeve.

The people had confidence in him.

The Formation King was also scared, but he replaced it with confidence and said, "You're helpless before a Monarch, and I am not the only one."

Immediately after, a domineering dragon's roar sounded from the purple clouds.

A massive black dragon head stuck out from the clouds.

The terrifying dragon aura filled every inch of Feng Domain. All life in Feng Domain trembled before the dragon aura.

"Black Dragon King!"

People, except the Formation King, gasped in shock when they saw the black dragon's head.

The Dragon King of the Black Dragon Tribe had arrived as well.

"Chu Kuangren, it's time to pay for what you did at the Dragon Tombs."

The Black Dragon King transformed into his human form and stared at Chu Kuangren coldly.

The battle with Chu Kuangren at the Dragon Tombs was considered one of the biggest insults of his life, second only to when he lost to the Tempest King and stumbled on his head.

He wanted Chu Kuangren to pay for the insult.

"Oh, an old friend."

Chu Kuangren was surprised by the Black Dragon King's arrival, but he was not frightened.

"How are you still so confident?"

The Formation King looked at Chu Kuangren curiously. He could not see the fear on Chu Kuangren's face.

"I'm not confident. It's just that you two can't kill me," Chu Kuangren said calmly as if he was stating a solid fact.

"In that case, what about the three of us?"

A frosty voice echoed across the void.

An armored man strutted across the clouds and arrived with a domineering aura.

His Daoist law energy swept across the battlefield, shocking everyone once again.

Another Monarch had arrived!

"It's the leader!"

The Dragon Hunter, Wang Yi, was thrilled to see their leader.

"Chu Kuangren, hand over the Dragonslayer, and I promise you an intact body," the Dragon Hunter Leader said coldly.

The Formation King and the Black Dragon King stared at him coldly.

Three Monarchs had arrived in person!

They were the coalition army's strongest support.

"What a scene."

Wine Honorable gulped nervously when he saw the Monarchs in the sky and downed a mouthful of wine just to calm himself down.