With the Infinity Domain activated, the spatial energy around Chu Kuangren rumbled like crashing waves, impacting the formations the Formation King cast.

"Is this spatial energy?"

The Formation King's expression shifted.

With a raise of his hand, the Timespace Treasure appeared above Chu Kuangren's head. The spatial-element Supreme Treasure shone dazzlingly.

Terrifying spatial energy continued to expand and fuse with the Infinity Domain.

On top of that, a dark golden light glowed in Chu Kuangren's eyes, signaling that the Infernal Dragon Eye was activated.

"Infernal Dragon Eye, Silence Realm."

Everything in the realm was silenced, including space and time.

With the buff from the Timespace Treasure, The two mystical energies merged and created a boundless spatial energy that expanded outward.

The energy impacted the formation the Formation King cast with his Great Daoist law energy. With just one blast, all the formations were destroyed.

Even though Chu Kuangren aimed at the weak spots of the formations, it did not change the fact that his spatial power was terrifyingly powerful.


The Formation King was blasted backward. Without his formations, he was actually the weakest of the Monarchs.

"I can't believe he has mastered Spacetime Dao."

"The Infernal Dragon Eye, the Ultimate-level spatial cultivation technique… How many more techniques does he have under his sleeve?"

The Black Dragon King and the Dragon Hunter Leader instantly knew how powerful and mystical Chu Kuangren's Infinity Domain was.

It was an Ultimate-level cultivation technique, something not even a Monarch would possess.

"Kill him and the good stuff on him is ours!"

The Dragon Hunter Leader looked at Chu Kuangren greedily.

All Dragon Hunters were greedy.

They used the slogan of eliminating non-humans to attack the Dragon Tribe and stripped all the dragon's body parts to exchange for all kinds of resources.

Now, the Dragon Hunter Leader found an even more valuable prey than the Dragon King — Chu Kuangren!

Not only could he retrieve the Dragonslayer if they killed Chu Kuangren, but he could also acquire the treasures Chu Kuangren possessed.

"Chu Kuangren, I'm taking the Infernal Dragon energy and the Ultimate-level cultivation technique." The Black Dragon King also revealed his greedy desire.

With greed as a source of motivation, the two Monarchs ignored the pride of a Monarch and attacked Chu Kuangren together.

Terrifying Great Daoist law energies erupted and swept across the universe.

The powerful energy transformed into a dragon claw that contained countless Great Daoist law energy and Immortal Sparks.

Another powerful energy transformed into a saber shadow that contained rampant saber intent that could cut the realm apart.

At the same time, a blast of wine qi erupted. Amidst the eruption, a river of wine filled with fragrant aroma appeared, piercing even the sky.


The river of wine, containing the Great Daoist law energy, crashed against the dragon claw.

It stopped one of the attacks aimed at Chu Kuangren.

As for the other saber shadow, Chu Kuangren faced it fearlessly. He concentrated the spatial energy from the Infinity Domain into his sword qi and unleashed a sword attack.

The slash caused the void around it to collapse.

When the sword and saber clashed, a rampant energy storm swept the field.

Chu Kuangren managed to block an attack from a Monarch.

Meanwhile, the Black Dragon King looked at Wine Honorable. His eyes gleamed with interest. "Wine Honorable, what are you doing? Are you are you want to against the Dragon Tribe?"

"Hahaha! I dare not. I'm just a tiny Wine Honorable. Why would stand against the mighty Dragon Tribe?" The Wine Honorable laughed loudly.

However, he contacted Chu Kuangren telepathically and said, "Little one, give me ten more jars of A Fleeting Dream, and I will make sure you survive this."

Chu Kuangren was surprised that the Wine Honorable would make such an offer.

Making sure he survived against the three Monarchs was a huge deal. Regardless of what Wine Honorable had in mind, the Wine Honorable's power was not to be underestimated.

Chu Kuangren chuckled and said, "Senior, you just have to protect the Pan Gu Sect for me. As for the mere Monarchs, I will deal with them. After this, I will surely have a drink with you, Senior."

His words echoed across the battlefield as he made it verbal.

Everyone looked at the figure in white, deeply impressed by his courage.

As for the three Monarchs, their expressions turned bitter.

Mere Monarchs?

Where did a Grand Dao cultivator get the confidence to speak such bold words in front of three Monarchs?

"You little…" The Wine Honorable took a deep breath as he looked at Chu Kuangren from behind. He, too, was impressed by Chu Kuangren's audacity.

He had decided.

Even if Chu Kuangren did not give him A Fleeting Dream, he had decided to protect the Pan Gu Sect and make sure Chu Kuangren survived that confrontation.

"I'm a Human Guardian, after all. I can't allow some other races to trample over me fellow human sky-prides."

A hint of frostiness appeared in the Wine Honorable's eyes.

He and Nuwa were the Human Guardians, so he felt strongly about all humans. He tended to favor the humans regardless of the situation.

"Chu Kuangren, you're just a Grand Dao cultivator. How dare you speak like that? Die!" the Black Dragon King bellowed.

He channeled his dragon qi and unleashed a claw strike at Chu Kuangren. The black dragon claw attack contained vast Great Daoist law energy.

Suddenly, his eyes widened in shock as he sensed an intense threat from Chu Kuangren.

"This feeling…"

The Black Dragon King's eyes widened in disbelief, and a bad feeling rose in his heart.

He wanted to cancel his attack, but it was too late.


A vast rage qi erupted from Chu Kuangren. The dragon-scaled armor on his body disappeared while the Infernal Dragon energy was conserved.

A crimson saber emerged from his body.

He grabbed the saber and slashed it at the dragon claw attack.

Rage qi swept over everything, carrying a terrifying and dragon rage aura. When it clashed with the dragon claw, it shattered the dragon claw easily into pieces.

The Black Dragon King roared excruciatingly as his palm was punctured by the rage qi sword ray, which also contained the dragon rage energy.

"It's the Dragonslayer! The Dragonslayer!"

His eyes widened as he screamed in a trembling voice.

The other dragons widened their eyes in fear as well.

The Dragonslayer was the nightmare of all dragons.

"Impossible! This is impossible! How could you wield the Dragonslayer?" The Dragon Hunter Leader freaked out.

The Dragonslayer was the Dragon Hunters' ultimate weapon. It was covered with all kinds of restriction seals.

Other than the Dragon Hunters, no one could refine it.

Moreover, Chu Kuangren was just a Grand Dao cultivator. How could he refine the Ultimate-level weapon that even a Monarch must spend a huge amount of resources to refine?

"Nothing is impossible. Dragon Hunter Leader, you've always wanted this weapon back, right? Come take it."

Chu Kuangren smiled and pointed the Dragonslayer at the Dragon Hunter Leader.

That was also one of his secret tactics.

With the Thousand Weapon Heart, he could control all weapons in the world.

Therefore, refining the Dragonslayer with a Grand Dao cultivation level was not a difficult task.

Despite being a Monarch, being locked on by the rage qi of the Dragonslayer made the Dragon Hunter Leader afraid.

"This weapon should never exist in the world, nor should it be in your hands!"

The Black Dragon King looked at the hole in his palm grimly and then at Chu Kuangren with overflowing killer intent.

The aura of a Dragon King erupted.

Upon sensing the Black Dragon King's aura, the Dragonslayer, a weapon forged specially to slay a dragon, buzzed violently.

Everyone looked at the Dragonslayer and sensed a strange excitement from the blade as if it was thirsty for dragon blood. It felt more like a bloodthirsty demon than just a weapon.

"Black Dragon King, can you hear this?" Chu Kuangren wielded the Dragonslayer, and his gaze was cold. "The Dragonslayer is thirsty for blood!"