"His energy is weakening!"

The Dragon Hunter Leader was delighted. He finally saw the light of victory!

The Black Dragon King laughed. "Chu Kuangren, you're strong, but you're just a Grand Dao realm. You can't use the Ultimate-divine weapon forever!"

Further away, the coalition army was delighted as well.

"Yeah! We're going to win!"

"Chu Kuangren isn't invincible!"

"Three Monarchs against one Grand Dao cultivator. There's no reason for him to not surrender!"

"Kill him, and the Dragonslayer will be ours once more!"

Chu Kuangren had shocked them.

For one man against three Monarchs, his powers were so unbelievably strong that they thought that operation would fail.

Fortunately, Chu Kuangren finally showed signs of exhaustion.

"Chu Kuangren, you can't escape death! A monster like you shouldn't be allowed to exist in this world," the Huang Clan Leader said excitedly.

The three Monarchs started to channel their Great Daoist law energy and waited for Chu Kuangren's energy to weaken even more. Then, it would be the best time to attack.

They had been holding their anger back many times, and it was depressing. They wanted to vent their anger at Chu Kuangren.

"The Sect Leader's energy is starting to weaken."

"This is bad!"

The cultivators of the Pan Gu Sect became even more worried.

Wine Honorable took a sip of wine. "Is this as far as he can go?"

On second thought, it seemed normal. After all, it was already a miracle for a Grand Dao cultivator to fight three Monarchs to that extent.

However, would Chu Kuangren stop?

"Hmph. It really is exhausting to use the Dragonslayer at my current cultivation realm." Chu Kuangren chuckled.

Then, a formless energy fluctuation erupted from his body.

A strange energy shrouded the place.

"If I deplete my energy, I'll just replenish it."


Chu Kuangren disappeared from the spot. He was so fast that it seemed impossible.

On a closer look, it was not traveling speed, but he had teleported himself using some kind of spatial method.

The formless energy fluctuation was the Infinity Domain that he cultivated, and he simply switched his position in space.

At the next moment, he appeared before the Huang Clan leader.


The Huang Clan Leader was shocked. He wanted to dodge, but it was too late.

Due to the Infinity Domain's effect, he was restrained.

Chu Kuangren slashed his sword forward.

As the saber qi caught the Huang Clan Leader, he was cut in half together with the Great Dao in his body.

Not only he, but the coalition army behind him was also caught by the saber qi, and they all exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

"At me!" Chu Kuangren bellowed.

It was the Heaven-devouring Technique!

Then, the blood and flesh of the Huang Clan Leader and his Great Dao were absorbed into Chu Kuangren's body.

The energy he consumed to wield the Dragonslayer was rapidly replenishing. It even got higher than before.

Chu Kuangren shocked everyone again.

Did he consume someone else's Great Dao?

How was it even possible?

"The Heaven-devouring Technique? Can the Heaven-devouring Technique do this?"

The Black Dragon King was the first to recognize the technique, but he was also shocked.

They knew Chu Kuangren could use the Heaven-devouring Technique since they had fought the Tempest King in the previous era.

However, the one that Chu Kuangren used was different from the one they imagined.

They had never heard of the Heaven-devouring Technique consuming someone else's Great Dao.

"You people have underestimated my disciple, the Tempest King."

Chu Kuangren consumed the Huang Clan Leader's Great Dao, plus many others, and returned to his peak form in an instant. Being filled with energy put a smile on his face.

He said, "My disciple's talent is not something you imbeciles can understand. The Heaven-devouring Technique that she recreated can consume every energy in existence for one's own use, and the Great Dao is one of them."

The Heaven-devouring Technique was an Ultimate-level cultivation technique.

The Tempest King did not perfect the technique during the last era, and it could not absorb cultivators' Great Dao then.

However, after many years of evolution, the technique had improved, and it could consume everything for one's own use.

As a matter of fact, if Chu Kuangren's cultivation level was higher, he could even devour the Monarch's Great Daoist law, let alone a cultivator's Great Dao.

"You people are far behind my disciple," Chu Kuangren said.

He looked at the Black Dragon King and the Formation King with contempt.

The Black Dragon King and the Formation King were furious. The flame of anger burned in their hearts, and it almost burned their sanity away.

It was the Tempest King again!

She reigned the previous era and overpowered everyone.

However, that was not the end because, in this era, Chu Kuangren was using her cultivation technique to show off in front of them, and it was absolutely ironic.

They could not accept it!

"Damn it! Dragon God Dominion!"

The Black Dragon King roared, and a terrifying dragon qi erupted.

A huge dragon containing the Great Daoist law lunged forward.

Chu Kuangren stood fearlessly and slashed his sword at the dragon.

After absorbing the Great Dao of the Huang Clan Leader and other cultivators, his energy returned to peak level. He unleashed a powerful attack with the Dragonslayer in hand.

The vast rage qi cut the dragon shadow in an instant.


Blood splattered, and the Black Dragon King lost one of his arms to the slash.

"And you."

Chu Kuangren locked onto the Formation King. With a swing of his sword, he destroyed all nine palaces the Formation King summoned.

Consequently, all the Great Dao Sources he used to cast the formation were destroyed.

The Formation King roared in the face of the powerful slash. The purple clouds in the sky suddenly released a large amount of spiritual qi and rained down like a storm.

The spiritual qi then entered the Formation King's body, boosting his energy level higher.


The Formation King threw a palm strike at the saber qi.

"Oh? Interesting."

"Chu Kuangren, if you think the Purple Cloud Miasma Formation could only isolate the Feng Domain, you're terribly wrong," the Formation King said coldly.

He had spent a lot of effort to set up the massive formation, so he definitely had a backup plan.

Other than isolating the Feng Domain, the formation could also siphon the domain's spiritual qi at a critical moment to boost his energy.

"I don't care what formation you cast. I can break all of it with one slash."

Chu Kuangren gripped the Dragonslayer tighter, and an endless destructive energy erupted.

He was using the Dragonslayer to perform a sword technique.

"Sword Twenty-four!"

A rampant sword intent and the ultimate offensive sword technique erupted. Together with the Dragonslayer's energy, the attack was unleashed at the Formation King.

"Nine Palace Formation!"

The Formation King used the Nine Palace Formation again.

With the boost from the Feng Domain's spiritual qi, the Formation King became even more powerful, but the Sword Twenty-four cast using the Dragonslayer was terrifying.

The nine palaces were destroyed one after another, and the Formation King was blasted away by the attack.

He was covered in blood when he crashed.

"Those who invade Pan Gu Sect today shall die!" Chu Kuangren said coldly.

He wielded the Dragonslayer like an unrivaled demon god of some sort.

It was at that moment that the Blazing Flame Volcano erupted. A vast killing intent surged into the sky, and a pitch-black figure with Carnage Great Daoist law arrived.

The entire realm trembled before his presence.

"Chu Kuangren, I'm here to kill you!"

It was the Apocalypse Martial Ruler!

He had fused with the God of Slaughters' inheritance that he acquired in the volcano. Hence, his energy was stronger than all three of the Monarchs.