After wiping out all four Monarchs, Chu Kuangren collected the fragments of their Monarch's Heart. At the same time, the effect of the Water Nation Warring Map Formation dissipated as well.

Chu Kuangren's cultivation gradually decreased from the Monarch Realm back to the Grand Dao Supreme God Realm.

He could not help but feel disappointed and frustrated.

After getting a taste of the Monarch's power, he felt that his current Grand Dao Supreme God cultivation level was too weak. He even felt disgusted.

"Master, please get your thoughts right. Your ascension to Monarch was purely made possible by external factors. It's not your real cultivation realm," Lil Ai said.

Chu Kuangren nodded. He was not that weak to be affected by a sudden mood swing.

It was just the Monarch Realm. If he could kill four Monarchs today, he could break through to the Monarch Realm soon.

After the battle with the four Monarchs, he felt like he should ascend to the next stage.

"He's really just a Grand Dao Supreme God…"

"One Grand Dao cultivator killed four Monarchs. Am I going insane, or is this world insane? This is outrageous!"

The cultivators who sensed the commotion at Feng Domain and came to have a look were shocked. They all gasped when they sensed Chu Kuangren's true cultivation level.

All the Monarchs of the Great Hongmeng Universe were silenced because they just witnessed a nearly impossible miracle happening before their eyes.

"If Chu Kuangren doesn't die, he will definitely overpower everyone in this era."

The voice came from a certain corner of the universe after a while.

The Monarchs who heard the voice pondered deeply, but some Monarchs from the older forces were aggrieved.

"He's not even a real Monarch. He just got to that height with external help. If he's trying to overpower us all in this era, there's still a long way for him to go."

"That's right. It's still too soon to say he's the one. We still don't know who will ascend to the Monarch Realm first this era and be blessed by the fortune energy of this era to overpower all."

"That's right…"

"The Tempest King rose to prominence after she became a Monarch and got the fortune blessing of the era. It's still too soon to determine the final winner."

The ancient Monarchs raised their voices.

They represented the oldest and strongest forces across the Infiniverse.

Suppressing an entire era would bless one with fortune energy and boost one's force in terms of resources and reputation.

They would never surrender the chance, even though Chu Kuangren displayed terrifying talents and power. They still wanted to compete.

Back in Feng Domain, Chu Kuangren looked at the Devil King and Radiant Goddess and bowed.

"Thank you for your help."

"You shoulder the future of the Radiant Tribe. You don't need to thank me for this," the Radiant Goddess said.

It was then that Chu Kuangren thought of the Doomsday Sect, so he informed her of the mysterious sect in hiding.

The Radiant Goddess frowned when she heard of the mysterious sect. "An organization that has control over the Doomsday Darkness' energy? I have never heard of it before."

"I'm just afraid they have a deep connection with the Doomsday Darkness."

"I'll investigate this," she said.

The Devil King yawned when she heard the conversation. She said, "It's just the Doomsday Darkness. Why are you so afraid?"

The Radiant Goddess furrowed her brows. "Once the Doomsday Darkness awakens, it will bring endless disaster to the Infiniverse. It shouldn't be underestimated. The Radiant Tribe has suppressed his power for countless years, and we know how terrifying it could be. Devil King, please don't take this lightly."

She was unhappy with the Devil King's frivolous attitude.

The Radiant Tribe had been everywhere because of the Doomsday Darkness, and many sacrifices had been made.

Yet, the Devil King made it sound like the Doomsday Darkness was nothing of concern, which displeased the Radiant Goddess.

It was as if the efforts the Radiant Tribe invested in were nothing but a huge joke.

"Terrifying? I've seen things that are countless times more terrifying than the Doomsday Darkness," the Devil King said softly.

"Nonsense. You make it sound like you can fight the Doomsday Darkness." The Radiant Goddess scoffed and said.

The Devil King shrugged. "Not now."

"Nonsense indeed."

"But if you call me dear sister and the Doomsday Darkness awakens in the future, I will help you to protect the Radiant Tribe. What says you?" the Devil King said cheekily.

"I dare not accept such an offer." The Radiant Goddess declined coldly.

To her, the Devil King was spewing nonsense and taking her as a fool.

She did not believe a word that came out from the Devil King.

"Chu Kuangren, I have to head back to the Radiant Church, but I will tell Ming Fei to stay behind. If you need help, just let her know."

With that, the Radiant Goddess left.

As he looked at the Radiant Goddess disappearing from his sight, Chu Kuangren shook his head and then looked at the Devil King. "The Goddess devoted her life and put her entire tribe to fight the Doomsday Darkness. What you said was a little harsh."

"Harsh? So you think I was joking?" the Devil King said with a faint grin.

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes at her. She did not seem like she was joking either.

If so, it would be unbelievable.

Chu Kuangren had seen the power of the Doomsday Darkness. The Radiant Tribe had only sealed one-tenth of its power or less than that.

Yet, such power was already far stronger than a common Monarch.

How terrifying would the Doomsday Darkness be if it was at its prime?

However, the Devil King said she had seen things countless times more terrifying than the Doomsday Darkness.

What could that be?

Chu Kuangren's heart suddenly felt heavy.

On another note, the Devil King did not seem concerned about the Doomsday Darkness. Did it mean she was more terrifying than the Doomsday Darkness?

Was she only a Monarch?

Yet, she said she could not beat the Doomsday Darkness.

Wait a minute! The Devil King said not now, so did it mean she could beat the Doomsday Darkness in the future?

The more Chu Kuangren thought, the more mysterious he found the Devil King.

"Little one, don't think so much. I don't like you frowning."

Then, a waft of aroma blew on his face.

The Devil King was a few inches away from Chu Kuangren as she stroked his furrowed brows gently. Her slender fingertips felt icy cold.

The touch was brief.

When Chu Kuangren regained his composure, the Devil King had retreated.

She chuckled. "Little one, grow stronger. I'm sure you will be my most intimate ally."

She emphasized the word 'intimate' and teased him.

Then, a black vortex appeared behind her.

Before Chu Kuangren could say a word, she jumped in and left Feng Domain.

"Devil King, Doomsday Darkness, something more terrifying than the Doomsday Darkness, ally… Will there be a war in the future?"

Chu Kuangren pondered, but he did not have any clues either.

The Devil King left him with a bunch of questions and left.

How annoying.

Chu Kuangren shook his head.

He could not do anything about the ancient Devil King, but fortunately, she was not hostile.

"Does she want the eye back?" Chu Kuangren chuckled helplessly as he touched his left eye.

Then, he returned to the Pan Gu Sect.

The battle was still ongoing.

The Pan Gu Sect, the Holy Knights, and some Devil Soldiers were fighting the coalition army.

Even without the Monarchs, the coalition army was from the Monarch-class forces. Among them, there were some Grand Dao Supreme Honorable elites.

It would not be easy trying to fight them all, but it was a piece of cake for Chu Kuangren.