1500 Shi Yu Fails (3)

Obviously, it had completely lost its physical fitness to fight. Only when they arrived did the audience realize that the World Destruction Dragon indeed seemed to be an arrow at the end of its flight.

“If it weren’t for the venue advantage, it wouldn’t have been so easy for me to defeat you. But even if I lose, you have to stand on the ground. I acknowledge you, the overlord of the earth!” Duckie coolly tied its eyeband and said in an extremely weak voice.

After winning the battle, Duckie didn’t destroy the land anymore and let it stand steadily on the ground. It gave Little Ji enough face, and turned around calmly. The cleansing light on its body shone in all directions, cleansing the polluted venue and Little Ji.

The audience was shocked and had yet to react.

Wait… What was wrong with these two guys!!!

One was clearly about to lose, but it still wanted to create the ground and stand on the ground to lose.

After winning the battle, it had to weakly cleanse the venue and opponent…

These two strange guys… What kind of battle was this?

Why couldn’t they understand these two contestants?

“The outcome has been decided. The World Destruction Dragon contestant lost consciousness and its stamina was exhausted, so the winner is the World Cleansing Demon Duck contestant!” The battle elf quickly announced the results.

In the next moment, the outside world exploded.

“Hehe.” Susu followed beside Ling and was extremely happy. As for Ling, it looked at Susu speechlessly. Wasn’t it just Duckie being lucky enough to draw the ocean venue…

At the same time.

Little Ji logged into the arena of the second world. As the unconscious Little Ji was teleported out, many contestants in the arena looked at it, who was still standing. The medical staff were already ready.

“Excuse me, excuse me.” At this moment, a smile came from the crowd. Shi Yu walked out of the crowd and said, “I’m here to collect my pet and bring it back for treatment. I won’t trouble everyone…”

At some point in time, Shi Yu had come here from his residence. Under the gazes of the contestants, he put Little Ji back into his space.

“The pet lost… Why is Shi Yu still so happy?” The contestants were extremely puzzled when they saw that Shi Yu still had a faint smile.

“He only lost one. He still has the Time Sect Master. Perhaps this is the calmness of an expert.”

The World Destruction Dragon vs the World Cleansing Demon Duck. Shi Yu’s battle pet losing the competition immediately made the people who supported Shi Yu feel stifled to the extreme. However, they had to admit that the World Destruction Dragon had already performed very well. It was purely unlucky to have encountered the Blue Sea Arena. If they wanted to fight successfully, they had to consume more energy than the other party.

“I hope the Time Sect Master can take first place in the end. Then, during the champion challenge, God Shi Yu will summon the World Destruction Dragon again to obtain the final honor!”

In everyone’s expectations, the battle between the Time Sect Master and the Super Holy Beast quickly began.

There was no ocean venue in this battle. Shi Yu’s supporters couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. Otherwise, there was no way to fight the metal-element White Tiger Evolver vs the water-element Black Tortoise Evolver.

However, on the grassland arena, Shorty wasn’t very happy. It looked at the Super Holy Beast opposite it solemnly.

Shorty could clearly determine that it couldn’t defeat the combination of Turtle and Little Quas!

How could Shorty win a one vs two match?

In addition, because they were teammates, Turtle and Little Quas were very clear about Shorty’s skills. Therefore, when Shorty faced these two teammates, it sensed something in despair…

Although they were about to fight, Turtle and Little Quas didn’t have any hostility or negative emotions towards it!

They were emotion control masters!

This directly crippled its Retribution White Tiger!

“Meow…” At this moment, Shorty was in extreme despair. It felt that its path to becoming a god had ended here. However, it still chose to take the final gamble!

Because if it didn’t perform well, when the overall battle results of the God Sealing Battle system gave it an automatic ranking, it was very likely that 9 to 16 places would be ranked outside the top 10. Shorty felt that it had to get 9 to 10 places no matter what. It couldn’t fall out of the top 10!

“Roar!!!” In an instant, Shorty turned into a huge armored White Tiger and attacked the four-headed Turtle Snake standing opposite!!

Platinum Tiger Claw!!!

Shorty tore at its opponent.


But on the other side, the Super Holy Beast combination of Turtle and Little Quas stood on the spot without moving, waiting for Shorty’s assault with a calm expression.

After the violent sound, the hearts of the audience who had seen the power of the Time Sect Master trembled.

After all, the Time Sect Master could even instantly kill Red Ants…

However, at this moment, as the smoke dissipated, the spectators saw an incomprehensible scene. The super assault of the Time Sect Master directly hit the Super Holy Beast, but the Super Holy Beast stood on the spot without moving at all. It was unscathed.

It directly took the assault head-on.

“You’re not our match. Admit defeat,” Turtle and Little Quas said in four voices as they gazed at Shorty gently.

“We only have good intentions towards you. Don’t waste your power and faith!”

“Roar!!!” Shorty exploded in anger and launched a fierce attack. It slapped its tiger palm over again, and its King’s Treasure Vault opened. In the sky, countless sabers, spears, axes, and swords landed on the Super Holy Beast.

However, Turtle and Little Quas, who had mastered Shorty’s battle style, calmly chose the Immovable Mountain strategy of the “Holy Black Tortoise Body” and the “Dark North Shield”. They watched as Shorty couldn’t break through its defense.


Shorty’s assault was fierce like a tiger, but looking at its battle results…

“What a joke…” The spectators saw the huge tiger that had enlarged to hundreds of meters slap the four-headed Turtle Snake standing on the ground and keep crushing it. The other party was still unscathed and directly stunned.