1503 Current Situation of the Team Internal Tournament (2)

Although they were quite worried at the start, when they thought about how they might have to fight the Four Holy Family, the five super divines of Blue Planet, who had been keeping a low profile for a long time, felt an inexplicable sense of anticipation and excitement…

They were afraid, but how could they not have a hidden desire to court death when they dared to form five parties to explore the era ruins when they were young?

After returning to the God Sealing Battle competition, the defeat of the World Destruction Dragon and the Time Sect Master was completely unexpected. The strength of the World Cleansing Demon Duck and the Super Holy Beast was also unexpected. Even the super divine Luster suddenly felt that Shi Yu wasn’t that desirable anymore.

Perhaps the other eight newbies were even more monstrous? What exactly was going on with this year’s World King Planet… The 177th Fleet was confused.

The audience was only silent for a moment before paying attention to the battle of the top eight again.

“Do you think the cleansing of the Star Spirit Race this time will fall from the altar?”

“Among the top 10 newbies, the World Cleansing Demon Duck is ranked before the cleansing star spirit. At first, I was very confused, but now, I finally understand why.”

“The World Cleansing Demon Duck that has mastered the power of the powerful abyss, purification, ocean, and darkness is a freak. Even in the abyss, it should be the batch with super divine potential, right? Even if it’s the Abyss Race carefully modified by the abyss super divine, it’s still a question if it can be as powerful as this duck.”

Susu vs the World Cleansing Demon Duck!

This battle made the spies of the Abyss Race and the Environmental Protection Association make the various large factions very concerned.

When the battle room was created, an ordinary venue appeared. After the World Cleansing Demon Duck and the cleansing star spirit, Susu, appeared, the audience held their breaths, wanting to see this fated battle…

However, in the next moment.

As the battle began, everyone couldn’t hold it in anymore.

The World Cleansing Demon Duck took off the white eyeband it was wearing today and held it in its hand. It looked at its opponent with clear eyes, waved the white cloth, and surrendered.

“Quack! (I surrender!)”

Duckie was on the brink of tears. Luck was indeed conserved. It was lucky to have encountered Little Ji, but in the next round, it encountered Big Sister Susu.

Did it dare to fight? It didn’t dare fight at all!

Even if it encountered Eleven, Buggy, or Baby Ginseng, it had to learn a thing or two.

However, facing Big Sister Susu, who countered it from the beginning to the end, Duckie understood that it could be insta-killed in an instant.

After all, Susu’s strongest cleansing power was a powerful method that could even crush intermediate-level Abyss Worms.

The World Cleansing Demon Duck admitted defeat.

If it weren’t for the fact that it didn’t want Big Sister Susu to be embarrassed, it wouldn’t even want to come. It would directly stand Big Sister Susu up.

All the contestants watching this battle were instantly stunned.


“We can fight.” Susu frowned. It didn’t want to win without fighting.

“If I can’t you. I’ve never defeated you before, Big Sister.” Duckie cried.

“Forget it…” After a moment of silence, Susu said, “If Duckie doesn’t want to fight, so be it.”

“Wu wu!!” Duckie raised its white flag and shouted for the battle elf to let it admit defeat.

The audience fell into deep thought. They… knew each other?

The World Cleansing Demon Duck called the cleansing star spirit Susu “Big Sister”??

Wait a minute… That made sense. Such a powerful Abyss Race definitely had an identity card to participate in the God Sealing Battle.

And only the Environmental Protection Association was qualified to apply for an identity card for the Abyss Race.

Since Susu was a genius of the Environmental Protection Association, it was only natural for both parties to know each other.

Then, it made sense that the World Cleansing Demon Duck said it had never won Susu and then directly surrended…

The audience who was still guessing that the World Cleansing Demon Duck might defeat the cleansing star spirit just now immediately fell into deep thought when they saw that the World Cleansing Demon Duck didn’t even have the courage to fight. They looked at Susu in confusion.

It could be said that the direction of this battle made all the spectators feel that it was ridiculous and unbelievable again.

At another venue.

As the “battle” between Susu and Duckie ended, the battle between Baby Ginseng and the Super Holy Beast was about to begin.

This battle also received the same level of attention.

The audience couldn’t forget the strength of the Super Holy Beast that crushed the Time Sect Master.

In comparison, although the ginseng emperor, who had mastered the power of time, could temporarily have divine-level battle power and wasn’t weak, it didn’t look like it could defeat the Super Holy Beast no matter how one looked at it.

In the rookie ranking, the Super Holy Beast ranked third was also far ahead of the ginseng emperor.

The sky arena wasn’t the home ground of either Baby Ginseng or the Super Holy Beast. After they appeared, they gazed at each other.

The Super Holy Beast had a serious expression.

Baby Ginseng had a composed expression.

The expressions of both parties made the audience very confused.

Because in everyone’s judgment, the power of the Super Holy Beast could completely crush Baby Ginseng.

Why was it the Super Holy Beast that had a grave expression?

“Your performance in your previous combat wasn’t bad,” Baby Ginseng stated after entering the battlefield, like a teacher teaching a student.

“However, you’re still a little inexperienced!”

The expressions of the turtle and Little Quas turned bitter. They knew what Baby Ginseng meant. The trend of researching skills targeting teammates in team internal competition was started by Baby Ginseng. Their little tricks were definitely amateurish in front of Teacher Ginseng.

Even their birth was thanks to Teacher Ginseng.

Although they felt that their power wasn’t inferior to Teacher Ginseng, and even if Teacher Ginseng self-destructed, they were confident that they could rely on the power of faith to defend, Little Quas and Turtle still felt pressure when facing the composed ginseng baby.

“Then, let the combat begin.” Baby Ginseng snapped its fingers, and a tree sprout grew out from behind Turtle and Little Quas. A fruit manifested on the sapling, and this fruit emitted a shocking fragrance.