1504 Current Situation of the Team Internal Tournament (3)

Turtle and Little Quas’s spirits swayed as they realized that this was their favorite taste.

But in the next moment, the fruit instantly filled with light, making Turtle and Little Quas defend with all their might as if they were facing a great enemy!

Energy Explosion Fruit?

When they defended, their expressions suddenly changed. They saw that this fruit didn’t cause any damage at all. When it exploded, it didn’t produce any power at all. Only a strong power of time spread and gently touched them.

“Roar!!!” In the next moment, under the shocked expressions of the audience, the Super Holy Beast let out a wail. Its body was filled with white light, and its entire body was actually splitting into two…!!


As Baby Ginseng used the Reincarnation Fruit as the core to investigate the principle of the Black Tortoise Fusion Technique, the explosion of the Turtle and Little Quas, and the combination of the Super Holy Beast instantly divided into two, turning into a standing turtle and a three-headed snake.

Before Turtle and Little Quas could react, they realized in despair that they were each suffocated by a wooden stick, unable to exert any strength from their bodies.


Turtle and Little Quas were shocked, not understanding why Baby Ginseng could make them degenerate.

Could it be that… Baby Ginseng had obtained the Black Tortoise Fusion Skill from Shi Yu and studied it?

“F*ck…” At this moment, the spectators were directly shocked when they saw the Super Holy Beast being blown into two by the ginseng emperor’s bomb.

In the outside world, Little Ji, Shorty, and the others who were watching the battle also swallowed their saliva crazily.

So… So… Senior Baby Ginseng was researching these things before the God Sealing Battle??

Shorty’s hair stood on end. Fortunately, it didn’t encounter Senior Baby Ginseng. Otherwise, who knew what anti-shorty energy fruit Senior Baby Ginseng had prepared for it…

Shorty originally thought that with the power of faith, they could compete with a team of seniors, but now, seeing that Turtle and Little Quas couldn’t last more than a round in front of Senior Baby Ginseng, it instantly knew that it was wrong.

They were all cultivated by Shi Yu and a team of seniors. Their growth trajectories had been witnessed all the way, so how could they defeat them…

“We…” Turtle and Little Quas were controlled and extremely panicked. They wanted to admit defeat, but they were directly stabbed in the body by the wooden spikes. After the fusion was removed, they didn’t have such a powerful defense at all. Moreover, Baby Ginseng was using poison.

When the venom entered their bodies, Turtle and Little Quas instantly fainted weakly and fell to the ground.

“Yi! (This venom is called 20s!)” As soon as Baby Ginseng finished speaking, it turned around coolly. Its research suit fluttered. 20s was a poison that would make the poisoned person faint for 20 seconds, but there were no other side effects. It was appropriate to deal with its loved ones.

[Winner: ginseng emperor!]

Words spread.

The audience was stunned. They understood that it was another completely incomprehensible and unscientific battle process.

Damn, the powerful contestant who had just defeated the World Destruction Dragon and the Time Sect Master was defeated just like that? One admitted defeat, and the other exploded in crushing defeat?

However, they clearly didn’t see how terrifying the capabilities displayed by Susu and the ginseng emperor were. What exactly was going on!

Who could disclose exactly how strong these two guys were?