1506 The Person Who Sees Through the Truth (2)

“Impossible…” As the sword formation appeared, countless spectators cried out in shock.

Because the pressure each immortal sword gave people wasn’t inferior to the sword Chi Tong, who instantly killed the son of the Demon Emperor back then. And now, there were four swords!

They seemed to have combined into a sword formation, perfectly and harmoniously becoming the ultimate profundity.

The son of the Demon Emperor, Tian Shang, wielded a knife, indifferent to the distinction between knives and swords. He was astounded by the immense power of this sword formation, finding it unbelievable. The Immortal Slaying Sword Formation was composed of the four elements of space, fire, death, and gold, initially just a high-level divine skill.

However, the current Immortal Slaying Sword Formation no longer looked like a high-level divine skill. The Sword of Space contained the power of the spatial mastery divine skill mastered by Chi Tong. The Fire Divine Sword contained a portion of the power of the World Destruction Flame of the Vermillion Bird clone. The Death Divine Sword contained the power of the Death Control Divine Skill mastered by Chi Tong. The Metal Divine Sword was the power of the Metal Control.

After these four powers were given to the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation by Chi Tong, it used the Interlocking Sword and the Myriad Sword Convergence as guidance to completely perfect the ultimate Immortal Slaying Sword Formation and perfectly fused them. A profundity fused all the divine skills Chi Tong had mastered now.

It could be said that this move was the strongest profundity in Shi Yu’s team now.

At this moment, even the intermediate god was secretly shocked when it sensed this sword.

“This sword can instantly kill me. I can’t resist at all!” Zavay said in disbelief. If its opponent was Chi Tong, it would definitely have no chance of survival under this sword formation.

“It’s impossible for a creature to be so strong.” After the son of the Demon Emperor discovered the true difference between him and Chi Tong, he couldn’t accept it either.

“As expected, I knew that Chi Tong must have a trump card, and it’s a very terrifying trump card. Under this move, no matter how strong Eleven’s physique is, it’s impossible to resist…” The incomparably exquisite Immortal Slaying Sword Formation was like art, intoxicating countless spectators.

No one could imagine what methods below the God Realm could block this move.

“Go…” Chi Tong gave the order, and the air buzzed and vibrated. The void was pierced, and extremely terrifying mixed sword intent tore through the air from the four immortal swords. The Immortal Slaying Sword Formation directly trapped and killed Eleven!

Chi Tong’s gaze burned. Logically speaking, it definitely couldn’t withstand this move. Fortunately, it had a scapegoat!

Vermillion Bird clone!

With the support of the power of faith, the Vermillion Bird clone could be a scapegoat. It could maximize the power of this final profundity!

“Wuu!!” Facing the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation, Eleven didn’t dare be arrogant. Its expression was solemn. It knew that Chi Tong would use this move, but if Chi Tong thought that it could defeat it like this, it was wrong!!

The audience looked at Eleven. Zavay, who had fought Eleven, and Ming Gu, who had indirectly fought Eleven with the crystal Zavay gave him, didn’t think that Eleven could withstand this move. Even if Eleven erupted to its strongest state, it would probably only be able to barely resist, but it couldn’t last long.

From Chi Tong’s calm state, Eleven was in danger!

However, just as everyone judged that this move was invincible, Eleven stood on the spot and let the thousands of sword lights fall. It had no intention of blocking or dodging.

Although it appeared like it couldn’t dodge either, was it just going to be indifferent??


Just as everyone believed that Eleven was about to give up resisting, Eleven’s gaze erupted with warpath. Eight figures appeared in all directions!!

Bean Bear, save me!

The eight trigram clones that controlled the power of laws in Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Wind, Water, Fire, Mountain, and Swamp appeared with a bang!

Eight Iron-eating Beasts in different colors and different styles of armor appeared, immediately stunning the audience. In the next moment, they saw that these clones protected Eleven and Four, forming the Taiji Eight Trigrams Formation!!


Countless sword lights descended, and a Yin Yang Taiji Painting appeared under Eleven’s feet. A hemisphere-shaped eight trigram law barrier directly enveloped the outside world of the nine iron-eating beasts. When the sword lights landed on it, it was like a stone sinking into the sea, not causing any ripples.

“Wuu~” Eleven stood in the center of the Eight Trigrams Formation, crossed its arms, and appeared straight at God Chi Tong!

Come on!

Let’s hurt each other!

Did you think I didn’t have a secret weapon either?

“Damn it.” In the sky, Chi Tong couldn’t help but say.

Eight Trigrams Clone!

The reason Eleven was confident in resisting Chi Tong’s ultimate move was because of the Eight Trigrams clone. Now that the Eight Trigrams clone was maxed out, it had many functions. It was completely no problem to combine it into a defensive army skill.

Before the God Sealing Battle, as if Eleven had pinched a Bean Bear, Eleven had already condensed eight trigram clones at their peak who were waiting for powerful enemies.

However, Eleven felt aggrieved. The eight trigrams clone was like Baby Ginseng’s Time Mark. It was especially time-consuming to condense it. Although it might condense clones in advance, if it was defeated in battle, the second batch of eight trigrams clones condensed in a short period of time would definitely not be as powerful as the current batch of eight trigrams clones.

Now, every one of these eight trigram clones had several times its strength. Every one of them had strengthened this battle for a long time.

But the newly condensed ones couldn’t.

Therefore, if this batch of clones was consumed, its battle force would decrease greatly, like Baby Ginseng and Zavay, who had lost the Time Mark.

However, currently that he had encountered Chi Tong, there was no way to hide this move…

Taiji Eight Trigrams Formation vs Immortal Slaying Sword Formation!!!

The two peerless arrays collided!!