1509 The Person Who Sees Through the Truth (5)

Shi Yu smiled and said, “Ling isn’t interested in the team internal competition. The initial program I set for her is to assist Beast Tamers and teammates in becoming stronger. She will be even happier to see that her teammates are all very strong. However, when she has the strength to win the championship, I don’t think Ling will give up the first place in the team. She’s still waiting, waiting for the moment she rises.”

“If it were Little Ji, it probably wouldn’t analyze any chances of winning…”

With its intelligence, it would be over. Only after it was really defeated would Little Ji know that the person in front of it couldn’t be provoked…

[Shi Yu, look at the number one trending topic.]

As Shi Yu and the gem cat were communicating, a voice transmission suddenly entered Shi Yu’s ears. Shi Yu heard that it was the Senior Space Emperor.

God Sealing Battle Committee.

President Saatchi frowned and said, “Did we leak the information?”

“No, we manage the information very strictly here. Moreover, even we don’t have the information!” An assistant with a camera on his face said.

“The other party is the ‘Exposing King’. It’s not impossible for him to obtain this information… It’s not our fault.”

“This is impossible.” Somewhere in World King City, Ming Gu, Zavay, the son of the Demon Emperor, and the other contestants looked at the explosive video in front of them in shock.

Logically speaking, now that Eleven had defeated Chi Tong and Buggy had defeated Ling, it should occupy the top two of the trending list.

However, because of the appearance of a video, everyone, regardless of whether they paid attention to the God Sealing Battle, was attracted.

Because the producer of the video was the “Exposing King”.

“The Exposing King appeared again? He still dares to post a video? What rumors did he create this time?”

Speaking of the Exposing King, almost everyone on the World King Planet knew him. His reputation was even greater than that of a super divine-level expert.

But it was said that he was only at the divine level.

The reason why the Exposing King was so famous was that he dared to say anything. As long as it was a topic with a big enough gimmick, he dared investigate. Even if it was a super divine level world overlord who seduced someone else’s wife and the child wasn’t his biological son, as long as he knew that and as long as there was a topic, he would dare expose it.

He could be said to be the most unpopular guy on the World King Planet.

He didn’t belong to any faction and often wore a fox mask to post videos. No one knew his identity, so they kept calling him the Exposing King.

The Exposing King started to be active 800 years ago and exposed information of various sizes. His greatest achievement was to achieve “seven first-level realms and 141 second-level realms”.

There were many super divine-level experts who wanted him to die, and there were countless divine-level experts. However, after so many years, he was still safe and sound, as if he had a great divine power that could escape the pursuit.

As for the revelations of this fellow who hid his face, the person involved naturally didn’t admit it. Although everyone knew that some of the revelations were true, there were also some that couldn’t be verified.

Therefore, no one knew if the content of this guy’s revelation was true or false every time, but it was undeniable that every time the Exposing King appeared, it brought big news to people.

“What did the Exposing King say this time?”

The cosmic races on World King Star were extremely curious.

“Hehe, hello, everyone. We meet again.” In the video with a black background, a figure in a fox mask said, “I’ll bring everyone an interesting revelation this time!”

“I want to introduce to everyone the most brutal newbie in the World King Planet’s God Sealing Battle in 100,000 years!!”

With that said, 10 photos were pasted into the video. They were surprisingly the 10 new planets that the God Sealing Battle Committee had counted, from Eleven to Little Ji.

“I believe everyone knows about these contestants of the God Sealing Battle.”

“Moreover, there seem to be a lot of people investigating their information. Next, I’ll expose it to everyone.”

The fox-masked man chuckled again and took out two photos alone. They were the World Destruction Dragon and the Time Sect Master.

“Mechanical Beast, World Destruction Dragon, White Tiger Evolver, and Time Sect Master. Everyone should know that they are the pets of a human Beast Tamer named Shi Yu.”

With that said, the Exposing King pasted Shi Yu’s photo beside the World Destruction Dragon and the Time Sect Master and said, “However, what you definitely don’t know is…”

“Abyss Beast, World Cleansing Demon Duck, is also Shi Yu’s pet!”

“Black Tortoise Evolver, Super Holy Beast, is also Shi Yu’s pet!”

“Cleansing star spirit Susu, vice president of the Blue Wave Environmental Protection Association, and additionally Shi Yu’s pet!”

“Ling, deputy director of the Blue Wave Space Disaster Research Institute…”

“Ginseng emperor, vice president of the Blue Sea Plant Association…”

“There’s also the Worm of Imagination, Chi Tong, and Eleven, who have already been exposed from the Floating Realm. They’re all Shi Yu’s pets!”

“Yes, the 10 monster newcomers who appeared in this year’s God Sealing Battle are all the animal companions of this Beast Tamer named Shi Yu!”

“They all come from the second-level realm, the Floating Realm, and who exactly is Shi Yu? He can actually contract so many monster pets… He’s actually a newbie from the World King Planet who just came to the World King Planet less than a year ago from a border galaxy!”

“Haha, are you very shocked?”

“As usual, I’ll just expose the truth. You guys can explore the truth yourselves.”

The Exposing King looked at the camera with a smile. His figure slowly disappeared, leaving countless viewers stunned in front of the screen…

“Bullsh*t…” Soon, an audience member couldn’t help but curse. Stop insulting their intelligence. How was this possible?

Was this Exposing King drunk again?

“I remember in a daze that I seem to have really seen the 10 newbies gathered together…” Someone commented.

“What does that mean? If the 10 newbies are all Shi Yu’s pets, I’ll directly twist my head off and let others kick it like a ball!” Someone additionally commented.

The audience that was paying attention to the God Sealing Battle was in an uproar. As expected, this Exposing King was here to farm his presence again. He stated that the 10 newbies, the geniuses of the Plant Association, the geniuses of the Environmental Protection Association, and the geniuses of the Space Disaster Research Institute, had abilities that participated different fields. In all aspects, they couldn’t fight against eight races. There was nothing in common with the cultivation mode, and he said that they were the same person’s pets?


Most individuals immediately treated the return of the Exposing King as a joke.

Beside the Space Emperor, Lin Feng looked at the infuriating fox-masked man and was even angrier than Shi Yu.

“Calm down,” the Space Emperor said.

“This guy, he previously spread gossip about me and my animal companions doing abnormal things! Although I f*cking cultivated beautiful pets, it’s just to keep my eyes open. We’re innocent! Old Wang, you aware that!!” Lin Feng exploded in anger. He was innocent!! This guy was really good at spreading rumors!