1512 Who Will Be King After Becoming a God (3)

It could only watch as Susu whipped a ball of cleansing fluctuations onto its face again.

“Cleansing Water Cannon!” Susu said. The high-speed high-pressure water cannon sent Eleven flying!


Under everyone’s incredulous expressions, Eleven, who was like a war god and was invincible previously, was sent flying.

“Warpath, cleanse! Energy, cleanse!” Susu cleansed Eleven’s battle intent. If it were at the start, she definitely wouldn’t have been able to cleanse it successfully, because, at that time, Eleven didn’t think that it would lose at all. The cleansing effect would be very poor.

But now, Eleven, who felt that it was in a bad state, also began to panic, giving Susu an opportunity.

Even if Susu removed the strengthening of the Star Sea Contract at this moment, the origin fluctuations could still pose a huge threat to Eleven.

“Wu wu wu…” Eleven, who was sent flying, was like a confused child…

Susu, you’ve changed. You weren’t like this in the past… You’ve become bad.

“Ah, this!” At this moment, the gem cat and the others watching the battle were stunned when they saw Susu suppressing Eleven.

“I see. It took advantage of Eleven and Yun An’s relationship as the entry point?” Ling said. “Susu spent a lot of effort.”

“The entire team… has been led astray by Baby Ginseng.”

“Hahahaha, Susu can also lie with its eyes open.” At this moment, Shi Yu knew that it was impossible for Susu to be unprepared when facing Eleven. On the other hand, Eleven was completely not as sinister as its teammates.

For the sake of victory, such a pure Susu’s heart was the first to darken. Wasn’t this making Eleven so aggrieved?

While the entire team was feeling amused by the situation, Eleven was sadly killed and eliminated by Susu. And what happened at this moment meant that the various realms on World King Planet trembled to different degrees again.

Zavay opened his mouth wide, not understanding why this battle had ended like this.


Zavay couldn’t accept that Eleven would lose like this.

What’s wrong with this cleansing star spirit? How can it be so ridiculous?

“The cleansing star spirit, Susu, seems to have used some method to cleanse half of Eleven’s power, causing it to be unable to display its full strength…”

“Hiss… Holy sh*t, it actually…”

“No wonder the World Cleansing Demon Duck wanted to surrender when it encountered it… Susu actually defeated Eleven?”

Not to mention outsiders, even the higher-ups of the Environmental Protection Association were slightly absent-minded. They completely didn’t expect Susu to defeat Eleven.

Before that, Eleven was the most powerful candidate to win the championship.

At this moment, the Space Emperor, Lin Feng, and the others also understood why Shi Yu said that they couldn’t predict the direction of the team internal competition according to their superficial battle power.

Another battle that exceeded their expectations made the gamblers almost go crazy.

Baby Ginseng and Buggy, who were preparing for battle, were also shocked by the outcome of this battle.

They didn’t expect that Susu would defeat Eleven in the end.

“Roar!!!” After being stunned, Buggy was overjoyed. In its opinion, Susu was much easier to fight than Eleven.

Susu’s methods against Eleven were useless against it!

Buggy loved cleanliness, unlike Eleven, who ate the meteorite fragments randomly.

“Yi!!” Baby Ginseng also clenched its fists. It didn’t matter. It just had countermeasures against Eleven and Susu.

But before that, Baby Ginseng had to defeat Buggy.

“What…” The battle between Susu and Eleven reversed again, making the hearts of some gamblers who didn’t learn their lesson turn cold to the extreme.

They didn’t expect that there would be so many reversals in this God Sealing Battle. The outcome couldn’t be judged by superficial strength at all.


Next, the ginseng emperor vs the Worm of Imagination…

At this moment, everyone already knew that the Worm of Imagination was a Green Dragon Evolver, and it was very strong.

A dragon ball could directly smash the Starry Sky Storm. Although that wasn’t the real Starry Sky Storm and was only a disaster, a quasi-divine skill simulated by a mechanical pet, its strength was also extraordinary.

The outcome of Ming Gu and the others was the best example.

However, a Starry Sky Storm of this level was useless against the Worm of Imagination.

This undoubtedly meant that the Worm of Imagination was a monster on the same level as Eleven and Chi Tong.

No matter how hard every audience thought about it, they really couldn’t imagine what methods this ginseng baby in front of them in a research suit had to defeat such a terrifying ten-thousand-meter-long Green Dragon.

Although Baby Ginseng was strong, the Green Dragon was also a wood god. It completely countered it!

“Don’t tell me that this fight shall too have a reversal and the monster Green Dragon will lose.”

Ming Gu didn’t believe it.

Ming Gu watched the fight with red eyes.

Just like how Zavay couldn’t tolerate Eleven, who had defeated him, being defeated, Ming Gu couldn’t accept it either. The guy who defeated him, Ling, was defeated again.

“Hmph!” However, there were many things the audience couldn’t imagine.

On the ground battlefield, Baby Ginseng looked at the little worm opposite and smiled kindly.

It didn’t expect Eleven to lose. It used the Time Mark on Eleven.

However, the method to deal with Susu didn’t need the Time Mark.

In other words, it could give both Time Marks to its dear friend, Buggy!

“Ji!!!” The little green worm too felt a threat from the ginseng baby opposite it.

Buggy too knew that there were two Time Marks on Baby Ginseng at this moment. It couldn’t help but have a headache.

However, Baby Ginseng had never used the Sun and Moon Brilliance to self-destruct. Buggy, who didn’t know the strength of self-destruction, felt that it might not be impossible to fight.

“Roar!!!” Buggy directly recovered its state and became the White Feather Green Dragon. The huge Green Dragon held the Dragon Ball and looked down at the ginseng baby underground.