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Chapter 460: Still Killing indiscriminately (4)

On Dong Huang’s side.

Shi Yu was chatting with the two familiar faces, “Old Zheng” and “Old Zou”. As for the other two men and two women, he really didn’t know them.

However, the four of them were quite interested in Shi Yu. They kept feeling that Shi Yu, who was ranked 22nd in the Sequence, would soon target them for a challenge…

“Why are you here too?” Heavenly King Zou’s face darkened. He didn’t like Shi Yu very much. He kept feeling that Shi Yu would snatch the trending topic of “Zou Tianwang crushed five Ming Hua geniuses alone” today.

No, he couldn’t let Shi Yu succeed!!

Others thought that Shi Yu was too young, but in this kind of trending topic, he felt that Shi Yu was clearly a sly old fox.

“Brother Shi Yu, long time no see.” The sect master of the Binhai Training Hall, Zheng Hai, had a very thick smile. At this moment, he had already learned about the Marine Environmental Protection Department from his master. Good lord, when would Shi Yu give him a chance to get involved? Their Binhai Training Hall could also be an environmental protection venue. How about a basket of Time Fruits!

“Long time no see. I’ve come to broaden my horizons,” Shi Yu said with a smile.

At the same time, on the platform, Director Zhong spoke.

He rambled on about the rules.

Ming Hua 5 vs Dong Huang 7.

The rule was a 3VS3 solo arena. It looked like Ming Hua was at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but at this level, Ming Hua’s Beast Tamers basically contracted six to seven pets each. In a solo environment, it was completely no problem for one person to fight twice. Moreover, Ming Hua and Dong Huang had already agreed on the parameters.

The more pets contestants from Ming Hua could defeat, the more benefits they could obtain from coming to Dong Huang this time. Under such circumstances, contestant Ming Hua naturally didn’t care about the number of opponents, and Dong Huang didn’t have to spend any effort to control the number of contestants who wanted to communicate and fight.

“The visitors are the guests, so let’s send out the contestants first,” Director Zhong said with a smile to the two legendary Beast Tamers, Katavi and Fade.

“I’m looking forward to the performance of the geniuses of Dong Huang,” Katavi and Legend Fade also smiled.

To be honest, in the past few years, they had developed quickly, and their strength was already completely different from 20 years ago.

They were also very curious about how far the geniuses of their country could collide with the Dong Huang geniuses.

“Who’s going to do it?” As Director Zhong’s gaze shot over, the seven Sequence contestants who had come to face the Ming Hua Exchange looked at each other.

Before this, there was no fixed order of battle. It was just an exchange battle with the Ancient Kingdom of Ming Hua. Dong Huang didn’t even deliberately mobilize the Beast Tamers ranked at the top. They just let the Beast Tamers casually register themselves and didn’t take it too seriously.

“Then I’ll…”

Everyone looked at each other. Heavenly King Zou had no intention of discussing with everyone present. He directly wanted to stand up and be the first to fight. He wanted to fight 1VS5 to crush all the other party’s members and become a trending topic.

However, before Heavenly King Zou could finish speaking, a figure beside him disappeared from his seat, leaving behind a lingering voice that stunned Heavenly King Zou.

“I’m ranked the lowest. I’ll go test the waters for everyone first.”

The disappearing figure was Shi Yu.

Heavenly King Zou looked at the afterimage and was stunned.

This kid… This kid actually used Instant Transmission to snatch the first battle spot!!!

“F*ck! F*ck.” Heavenly King Zou widened his eyes and looked at the figure that appeared in the arena. This kid, is he human? Why was he in such a hurry to reincarnate??

The other four also looked at each other…

Why was this Shi Yu so impatient? It seemed like it was true… In the start of the National League, this guy couldn’t wait to gather all the contestants and monsters on the island to destroy them in one go. He was very efficient…

But now… what was it for?

The few of them had serious expressions as they looked at the Ming Hua contestant area. These five people were not easy to deal with. Apart from Zheng Hai and Zou Yun, the other four Dong Huang contestants didn’t think they could win steadily.


Shi Yu’s figure instantly appeared. He was wearing a dark red interweaving Fire Demon coat that looked like a trench coat. His figure flashed and appeared on the arena. Moreover, he slowly walked forward step by step, and his figure instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Seeing Shi Yu teleport down, President Xia and Director Zhong were also stunned.

Was this kid in a hurry to reincarnate!

“Dong Huang’s Shi Yu, pleased to meet you.”

Shi Yu didn’t bring any translation machine because he had the gift of telepathy. He directly activated the group telepathy skill of the Voice Heart Transformation and spoke from below.

As Shi Yu appeared, the five contestants from the Ancient Kingdom of Ming Hua were also stunned. It was that kid who contracted five overlord species pets?!

At this moment, as he quickly descended, Shi Yu knew that he had no choice. After all, if he let others appear first, such as Heavenly King Zou, who happened to eliminate the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow, things would be over today. It was better for him to appear directly. As long as he continued fighting, he would be able to see that lady’s trump card pet sooner or later.

“Our side… Then, contestant Shi Yu.” At this moment, seeing that Shi Yu was the first to appear on the platform, Director Zhong felt helpless, but he smiled and said.

Apart from Gao Xuan, the other contestants in the National League were too weak, causing him to not be able to see the full strength of Shi Yu’s pet clearly. It was good to take this opportunity to see it.

“Who’s going?” contestant Ming Hua also fell into a dilemma.

“The other party is the lowest ranking, the weakest. Looks like he plans to go from weak to strong. Of course, our side should also send the weakest. Don’t you think so, Karen?” The beautiful woman named Amy Rui looked at one of the tightly wrapped ones and smiled.