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Chapter 461: Still Killing indiscriminately (5)

“Amy Rui, you’re too much. Who said I’m the weakest?” The man named Karen was furious.

The other four looked at him appraisingly, leaving him speechless.

“Grab the opportunity. After all, if you miss this opportunity, you might lose your only chance to win.” The curly-haired woman, Ayasha, smiled.

The other two men also smiled and nodded. Then let’s leave this good opportunity to Brother Karen.

“I %¥… #% I’ll go then. I also want to see five overlord races,” Karen said.

On Ming Hua’s side, the young man named Karen quickly walked out. On the other hand, Shi Yu was immediately helpless when he saw that the opponent wasn’t Amy Rui.

There was a one in five chance of missing!

Forget it, since he wasn’t the target opponent, he should send other pets to fight first to avoid wasting Chi Tong’s energy.

“Ming Hua’s Karen.” After the curly-haired young man went on stage, he greeted Shi Yu.


As Karen came out first, the two legends of Ming Hua nodded. They also knew that Karen was the weakest among the few of them. However, even if he was the weakest among the few, he was still a super genius ranked in the top ten of the Beast Tamers under the age of 30. It shouldn’t be a problem to deal with a level-five Beast Tamer with a telepathy talent, right? Even if the other party’s pet race was very high.

“Kid, you can do it!!”

In the Ming Hua audience, some of the Ming Hua Beast Tamers cheered for Karen.

Although the hundreds of people in the Dong Huang audience might not be familiar with Shi Yu, with Shi Yu’s reputation, they still all knew Shi Yu, this super new star who had just revealed his talent in the National League. They immediately waited for Shi Yu’s performance.

The great demon king of the National League had finally stopped fighting the Baby Cup and came to fight the super genius who was ranked in the top ten of Ming Hua?

“Can he win?” Xia Qingwei said nervously. She clearly hoped that Shi Yu, who had tortured her thousands of times, could win.

“I don’t know…” Dr. Zuo shook her head.

“Both parties are ready…”

At this moment, President Xia was already above. The part-time judge spoke slowly and advanced the process of the exchange.

As he spoke, in the arena, Shi Yu and Karen’s expressions immediately turned solemn. They focused and prepared to summon their pets.




As President Xia finished speaking, with a boom, a violent wind howled. A huge purple and blue summoning array appeared under Karen and Shi Yu’s feet. At the same time, the figures of two pets instantly appeared in front of them on the summoning array.

“Roar!!!” On the purple summoning array was a huge beast more than four meters tall. It had a steel-like explosive body, held a huge axe that contained a golden stone texture, and had a pair of curved golden bull horns. The monarch aura involuntarily spread out, shaking the ground until layers of dust flew in all directions.

On Shi Yu’s side, accompanied by the flickering of blue lightning, was an Iron-eating Beast more than a meter tall. It stood naturally, its entire body covered in black and white interweaving. Its deterrence was shown, and it had blue eyes.


At this moment, when the two pets faced each other, Shi Yu and Eleven’s mood was a bit different.

< Name > Iron Bull King

[Attributes]: Metal

[Race Level]: High-level monarch

[Level of Growth]: Monarch Level

Energy Points: 2.7 million

This guy… Wasn’t this race close to Master Qu Jie’s Ox-Headed Beast King!

Little cow, you’re here again.

“Roar!!!” The Iron Bull King was extremely domineering. It made the huge axe fall naturally and looked at the big dot opposite them in confusion.

Karen was also very silent. This was an overlord race? An overlord race looked like this?

Not only were they puzzled, but the contestants and audience of Ming Hua were also quite puzzled. After all, they had only been in Dong Huang for a short period of time and couldn’t connect to the Internet. They didn’t receive much information at all. Or rather, this kind of exchange activity was the process of receiving information. Now, they were preparing to receive information!

“Iron-eating Beast, a middle-level transcendent Iron-eating Beast? This is Dong Huang’s unique pet!” A Ming Hua audience member recognized Eleven’s race and asked in confusion.

No matter what race it was, at this moment, the battle was about to begin. There was no time for the two contestants to react. As golden light flashed on the bodies of the Iron Bull King and Karen, with a boom, the Iron Bull King’s aura rose steadily.

Energy Points: 6,590,000

“Roar!!!” The Iron Bull King roared and raised its battle axe. Cracks instantly appeared on the ground, and its figure turned into a golden flash. It arrived almost instantly, and its speed was extremely fast!!

Perfect mid-level metal-element speed skill, Metal Ripple!

It instantly arrived beside Eleven and swung its huge golden axe down!!!

Giant Diamond Axe!


A dazzling golden light filled the world.

Under the golden light, golden scratches appeared on the surrounding top-notch materials.

Everyone from Dong Huang focused their attention and looked at the Iron-eating Beast that was being attacked by the Iron Bull King. Their hearts skipped a beat.

However, at this moment, a voice sounded. “This guy isn’t your trump card, right?”

As soon as the voice fell, a scene that made everyone’s eyes widen appeared in the arena. The one-meter-tall Little Iron-eating Beast didn’t use any skills. It slowly raised its palm with its physical strength and actually blocked the falling steel huge ax. Then, with a boom, the surrounding airflow wreaked havoc like a storm, but the Iron-eating Beast didn’t move at all. The falling huge axe even stopped in midair, unable to fall at all!

For a moment, the huge Iron Bull King and the little Iron-eating Beast seemed to have frozen in place!!

Everyone widened their eyes.

After purely using his physical strength to receive the opponent’s attack, Eleven slowly raised its head and saw the Iron Bull King’s incredulous gaze.

Similarly unbelievable were Karen, the other four Ming Hua contestants, and the Ming Hua audience.

The reason why they widened their eyes was that the Iron Bull King’s attack under Karen’s strengthening was actually… actually easily received by the creature opposite without using any skills??

“How is this possible!!!” Karen shouted almost instantly. Even if this Iron Bull King was only the third strongest pet in his team, it had only been strengthened by level-eight resources. Its super skills were close to expert level, and its low-level skills were all above perfect level. After strengthening, it was a powerful monarch with nearly 7 million energy points. He widened his eyes and looked at the attack easily received by the Iron-eating Beast. His pupils constricted in confusion.

The Beast Tamers watching the battle couldn’t understand either…


The Iron Bull King’s expression was ferocious as it erupted with the super skill Diamond Body. Its body increased again, and its physique strength rose steadily. However, the Iron-eating Beast opposite him still didn’t move at all.

At this moment, Karen was completely stunned. In the next moment, the Iron-eating Beast’s entire palm spread and superimposed a layer of black substance. It gently raised it up. Then, the Iron-eating Beast raised the bull’s gigantic hardened body. Then, with a swing and a boom, the Iron Bull King flew out again like a golden flash under the huge force’s rotation. It was smashed into the protective wall of the arena with a panicked gaze.


A crack appeared in the wall.

The Iron Bull King’s entire body seemed to have been penetrated by an invisible shock wave. Its pupils instantly turned white, and it vomited before sliding down the wall.

At this moment, even Dong Huang’s own people, such as President Xia, Director Zhong, Heavenly King Zou, Zheng Hai, and the others, looked at this Iron-eating Beast in extreme shock.

Holy shit… What happened just now… The Iron Bull King was directly insta-killed by a low-level skill?

They could sense that the Iron Bull King was definitely not weak. After strengthening, its energy level definitely exceeded five million, and its physique was incomparably strong. However, even so… it was insta-killed? And it was a low-level skill?

Holy shit, no way. This wasn’t the National League anymore. The other party was a super genius ranked in the top ten of Ming Hua. How could Shi Yu still kill randomly??

“That’s it?” Shi Yu muttered in his heart. contestant Ming Hua was indeed weak. It shouldn’t be a trump card, right? This was even inferior to General Xiao Qin’s Demon Sea Star…

At this moment, Eleven also shook its arm in the arena. Wu wu wu, Reinforced Iron Bones and Tempered Iron were really useful.

With the enhancement of these two passive physiques, a low-level skill Hardening could instantly kill the opponent. Again!

It looked at its opponent fiercely, and Cullen was immediately shocked. No, this was definitely not an overlord race. This was a f*cking Mythical race!