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Chapter 465: The Exhausted Eleven (4)

“Jiu!!!” The sad cry of the Golden-Winged Roc came from the sky!!

The scene was extremely spectacular.

The magnificent lightning snake that was like a firework disappeared a few seconds later.

There was instant silence.

Most Beast Tamers recognized at a glance that this was not a move, but a profundity formed by multiple moves, but…

“Boom! Boom!!” Cullen took two steps back, his eyes exploding. However, the power of this move was difficult for everyone to understand!!

Karen was stunned.

This was no longer related to race.

What was with this profundity!!!

Why did it feel like it was almost catching up to the effect of a perfect super skill!!!

This was very normal. After the proficiency of low-level skills was high, the effect was not much worse than expert-level super skills. Moreover, it was a profundity formed by multiple skills… Before super skills reached perfection, the profundities formed by the low-level skills of pets like Shi Yu could still form an incomparable dominance in terms of skills!

“Holy shit, this guy.”

As this move appeared, Zheng Hai, Zou Tianwang, and the other Dong Huang contestants couldn’t sit still anymore. They immediately looked at Shi Yu in shock.

This move… This move… Even they couldn’t guarantee that they could withstand it.

Most importantly, Dong Huang’s own people knew better than contestant Ming Hua. Shi Yu’s Iron-eating Beast was in a f*cking normal state. It had yet to enter a battle state!!

“Your ranking is definitely wrong!!”

The two Ming Hua Legends widened their eyes. Stop fooling them.

If the young Beast Tamer ranked 22nd in Dong Huang had this strength, what kind of monster was in front?

The people of Dong Huang were definitely fooling them!

What was wrong with this person?

It was one thing for pets to have such a terrifying physique because their race was ridiculously high, but why didn’t their skill proficiency fall behind? They almost completely defeated Cullen in all aspects. The most terrifying thing was that this guy had a telepathy talent and not a battle-type strengthening talent!!

“There must be a mistake.”

“However, it can be updated soon.” The corners of Director Zhong’s mouth twitched.

“Putting everything else aside, can you bring some of this Iron-eating Beast into the Ming Hua?”

Legend Katavi said, but then he was rejected by Director Zhong righteously.

“Other pets, sure, but the Iron-eating Beast has already been classified as a special-level protected species of Dong Huang. Its management is very strict. Sorry.”

Iron-eating beasts were related to the stable cultivation channel of overlord races. How could they be given to other countries!

Upon hearing that, the expressions of the two legends darkened. How stingy!

“Karen… lost just like that?”

Similarly confused were the Ming Hua contestants. Seeing that Karen among them was defeated so easily by the opponent, their hearts were also extremely solemn.

He clenched his fists, his heart thumping.

At first, he was a little traumatized by the words Beast Tamer of Dong Huang.

Although he knew that there was a difference between Ming Hua and Dong Huang… Was the difference… really that big?

How could a Beast Tamer with a telepathy talent less than 20 years old be so abnormal!!!

What made their hearts skip a beat was that Shi Yu’s gaze suddenly looked over, as if he was choosing his next opponent. Among them, Amy Rui even pursed her lips. She felt that this person seemed to be looking at her!! What did he want?

“Are we still fighting?” Shi Yu felt that the Golden-Winged Roc still had battle power, but he looked at Cullen himself. He seemed to be unable to hold on anymore. His face was a little pale. He had strengthened three pets in a row and was defeated three times in a row. The last one was even strengthened to the limit. He seemed to be unable to hold on anymore.

He urgently needed supplements.

“I…” Cullen gritted his teeth.

“Go down, Karen. Rest first.” On the platform, Legend Katavi took a deep breath.

As a legend, she was also a little pessimistic at this moment. Although the exchange had yet to end, she still felt that Ming Hua’s strength would definitely be inferior to Dong Huang. With such strength… Was Ming Hua really going to participate in this world competition?

The opponent of this world competition was not merely the other six countries. They still knew to hold back, but the totem clans that had once suppressed the seven countries wouldn’t! Back then, they had suppressed them all until they couldn’t breathe!

As soon as Legend Katavi finished speaking, in the arena, Cullen was a little dizzy. Although battle-type talent was useful, it did consume a lot of energy.

However, what stunned everyone even more was that on the other side, the quasi-mythical race that had just displayed its might, the “national treasure of Dong Huang”, the Iron-eating Beast, suddenly turned “pale” after the competition outcome was announced. Its gaze wandered, and it took a step back in a daze, looking a little exhausted.


Eleven looked at the girl with the Golden Wind Dragon Sparrow. Come on, come on. As long as she came down, it will immediately run out of stamina and leave the arena. It was enough for Chi Tong to go on stage.

Chi Tong was much weaker than it.

“That Iron-eating Beast… is exhausted?”

“Indeed, that move just now seems to have consumed a lot of energy.”

“To be able to deal with Cullen’s attack so easily, there must be a huge consumption behind his calmness!”

The Beast Tamers of Ming Hua were suddenly stunned. So that was the case.

Karen stopped in her tracks. Damn it, just a little more?

“…” At that moment, looking at the Iron-eating beasts that had never even erupted or evolved before “their stamina was exhausted”, the Beast Tamers of Dong Huang had a huge question mark on their heads?

What was going on, little brother…