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Chapter 466: Shi Yu, Who Was Exhausted (1)

“That Iron-eating Beast’s stamina is running out…”

“Who’s going?”

At the Ming Hua contestant area.

Quasi-legend Kailo and Amy Rui’s gazes were deep.

The two top-notch masters, Prash and Ayasha, were a little serious.

“Damn it.”

Under the orders of Legend Katavi, Ming Hua’s Karen could only give up the battle and retreat.

After he retreated, Ming Hua had yet to choose who to continue fighting.

5VS7 arena battle.

The current situation was quite disadvantageous for Ming Hua. It could be said that they had failed at the start.

Although Cullen was the weakest among them, how weak could he be?

Plash and Ayasha, who were also top-notch masters like Cullen, weren’t confident that they could defeat that Iron-eating Beast in Cullen’s position just now.

After all, the strength displayed by that Iron-eating Beast was overwhelming.

However, the current situation was that this Iron-eating Beast seemed to be exhausted. Just now, it acted cool and instantly killed its opponent. It was most likely some special racial ability that consumed a lot of energy.

Therefore, the two top-notch masters, Prash and Ayasha, suddenly felt that they could do it.

“Why don’t I do it…”

Plash was just about to take revenge for his fallen brother when Legend Katavi suddenly said,

“Amy, you go next.”

“Teacher?” At the Ming Hua contestant area, Amy Rui was stunned, but she quickly nodded.

On the platform, Legend Katavi made a decision.

This Shi Yu was not simple. After all, according to the information, this guy had five overlord species pets!

Even if this Iron-eating Beast’s stamina was exhausted, his remaining two were definitely overlord races.

What if it wasn’t weaker than this Iron-eating Beast?

Letting Prash and Ayasha go up was still sending them to their deaths.

It was better to let the most trusted disciple fight.

No matter what, Amy Rui had also reached the quasi legendary level. He was two realms higher than Shi Yu, so it was impossible for her to lose.

“You’re actually letting your quasi legend go on stage?” Director Zhong was surprised.

“Director Zhong, stop kidding. Your Shi Yu is clearly not an ordinary Beast Tamer,” Ming Hua’s legend said.

They also said just now that this Shi Yu didn’t match this ranking!!!

Was it wrong for them to send a stronger Beast Tamer?

“That’s true, haha…” Director Zhong laughed. However, Shi Yu was only level five after all… Forget it, forget it. In any case, he estimated that Shi Yu still had the ability to fight.

He wouldn’t believe that this Iron-eating Beast had no stamina.

This Iron-eating Beast was clearly still in a restrained state.

The Ming Hua people didn’t know what the Iron-eating Beast’s evolution looked like and thought that this was it. However, Dong Huang’s own people knew that the Iron-eating Beast had mastered the BUG skill of Inner Power.

It could even defeat a top-notch monarch in one move in its restrained state. After its sharpness erupted, it would be an actual instant kill. It could fight an overlord-level pet with its own strength!

“This, this is the other party’s quasi legend, the personal disciple of that Legend Katavi. It’s written in the information.”

“The trump card of Legend Katavi. It all depends on Amy Rui!”

When Amy Rui appeared, it was the turn of the Dong Huang contestants.

A young man ranked thirteenth with short hair that was almost bald said in surprise.

“Quasi legendary, and the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow of a middle-level overlord race. The other party doesn’t want Shi Yu to stay in the arena anymore,” Zheng Hai said.

“Quasi legendary…” Zou Yun curled his lips and felt that it was alright.

If he hadn’t placed his focus on training pets, he might have been able to break through his Beast Taming level.

This was actually a choice.

Some Beast Tamers were willing to invest in themselves first and buy their own cultivation resources with various resources. They would spend a lot of time meditating, and their Beast Taming levels would increase faster.

Some Beast Tamers were willing to invest more in pets, so their cultivation speed was a little slow.

Zheng Hai, Zou Yun, and the others were not surprised that a quasi legend of this age could appear on Ming Hua’s side. After all, the difference between the rich and poor of Ming Hua was huge, and the resources were all focused on the Beast Tamer genius at the top.

“Ming Hua, Amy Rui.”

After Amy Rui came over, Shi Yu and Eleven were extremely excited.

It came up, it came up.

The protagonist was here!

The Undying Golden Body could be taken from this person!

As long as it beat up the other party’s Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow, he could record skills!

However, Shi Yu had to beat it up himself.

This mechanism often made Shi Yu sigh with emotion. Why couldn’t he have an additional Fusion Talent?

This way, when he fused with Eleven and became a super or fused with any pet, he would have countless opportunities to come into contact with enemy pets in battle.

Now, if he wanted to come into contact with the enemy pet more smoothly, he still had to choose Chi Tong and possess it.


As Amy Rui appeared, Eleven took a deep breath and shook its head tiredly. It was not very energetic.

Shi Yu asked Eleven, “Is it alright?”

“Wuu!! (I can still fight!)”

“Forget it, stop showing off. Leave the rest to Chi Tong and the others.”

After Shi Yu finished speaking, he summoned the formation and slowly retracted the indignant Eleven, making Amy Rui’s expression freeze.

It was really taken back!

That Iron-eating Beast had indeed consumed a lot of energy!

“Just a little more, just a little more, I would have defeated the quasi Mythical race’s national treasure, Dong Huang!” In the Ming Hua contestant area, after returning, Karen slapped his thigh and was filled with hatred.

Only the Dong Huang audience had strange expressions. They kept feeling that something was wrong.

President Xia and Director Zhong looked at each other. Damn, why did he take the Iron-eating Beast back? It couldn’t be that it really didn’t have any stamina, right?? What was going on!