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Chapter 467: Shi Yu Without Stamina (2)

“Let’s go.”


Right on the heels of that, Shi Yu and Amy Rui didn’t say too much. They summoned their pets at the same time!!

Under the strong wind, golden flames spread in the black summoning array in front of Amy.

Accompanied by golden flames, a monkey-shaped pet more than three meters tall with its entire body burning with endless flames appeared!

“Roar!!” Its face was like a ruby, its fur red. It was tall, its tail was strange and long, and its roar was like thunder. Its aura was like a volcano erupting.

Its ferocious face was like that of a monkey king.

< Name > Red Gold Divine Fire Ape

[Attributes]: Fire

[Race Level]: Low-level overlord

[Level of Growth]: Monarch Level

Energy Points: 4.7 million

This energy value had clearly been strengthened by a pile of level-eight strengthening resources.

It was even higher than the Water Slime that Shi Yu had trained in a bunch of max-level skills, let alone Buggy with lacking energy…

As expected of the Ming Hua representative…


As soon as the battle started, the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape erupted with powerful deterrence.

The substantialized perfect-level deterrence hit him like hot golden magma!!

On Shi Yu’s side, flames were also spreading on the blue summoning array, but on this side, it was orange-red Sun Fire.


In the interweaving of the Sun Fire, accompanied by a sword cry, a shocking fire sword intent rose from the flames, turning into a substantial deterrence wrapped in flames that swept over.

Dazzling flames tore through the sky and lit up the sun. A red sword spirit stood in the air. The sword aura domain erupted, and its aura instantly suppressed the deterrence of the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape!

< Name > Chi Tong

Energy Points: 5,710,000

At this moment, both pets were in their normal state, but in terms of strength, Chi Tong was still higher.

The sword power that shot out instantly penetrated the other party’s deterrence, making Amy Rui and the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape’s pupils shrink.

“This fire sword spirit… is also strong!!”

Not only did Amy Rui discover it, but the expressions of the other Ming Hua Beast Tamers also changed. They didn’t understand why Shi Yu’s pets were so fierce.

But soon, with an even louder roar, an even higher energy erupted from the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape!

Under the flames that shot into the sky, it instantly grew two heads and four arms, reaching a three-headed and six-armed state. Its body also increased exponentially!!

At this moment, one could see golden light shining between Amy Rui’s eyebrows. Seeing this, the Ming Hua Beast Tamers knew that she had activated her Beast Taming Talent.

“However, even if it’s very strong, it definitely won’t be able to be cool in front of Amy Rui for long.”

[Dharma Talent]

Through the Beast Taming Talent, each pet could release a suitable Dharma form under the contract state with the Beast Tamer.

As soon as this talent appeared, the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape became the Three-Headed Red Gold Divine Fire Ape. Just the energy value alone reached a terrifying 17 million because of the enhancement of this special talent. It was close to the minimum energy value of the monarch race’s overlord level, 20 million.

“Not good…”

As the Three-Headed, Six-Headed, Red Gold Divine Flame Ape appeared, Zheng Hai, Zou Yun, and the others revealed extremely serious expressions.

So strong.

They had underestimated this woman’s talent.

This Red Gold Divine Fire Ape was clearly not the legendary trump card, but its strength could actually be increased to this extent?

President Xia, Director Zhong, and the others also revealed serious expressions.

They were naturally not unfamiliar with this talent. Legend Katavi beside them had this Beast Taming Talent, so he took Amy Rui in as a disciple.

The battle power enhancement of this talent was much stronger than ordinary strengthening talent…

“Can we…” However, when they recalled that this was the heroic spirit of General Mu Huiyin, they had some confidence.

Using that move… the move used in the National League… They might be able to resist!

However, the problem was that the rules of this exchange, the rules of the prohibited props!!!

Could he summon an ice dragon without tools?


Chi Tong’s sword intent instantly disintegrated. As the three-headed, six-armed, and scarlet-gold Divine Fire Ape roared, explosive golden flames appeared on its six fists!!

Golden flames also spread in the three pairs of eyes, releasing endless power!!

“Red Lotus Hell!” Emily shouted.

Under the voice, endless golden flames directly erupted from the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape. Super skills above expert level were released with a bang!!

Seeing this, the eyes of the Ming Hua Beast Tamers burned.

This was a fire-element ultimate move that countered undead!

Although it was a fire undead, they really didn’t know what Shi Yu was thinking.

In Ming Hua, undead ran rampant. Beast Tamers were usually divided into two factions. One faction pursued undead from the Netherworld, while the other faction was made up of traditional Beast Tamers. For Amy Rui to reach this strength as a traditional Beast Tamer in this context, it was obvious that she was very good at fighting undead!


The Red Gold Divine Fire Ape’s expression was ferocious as it roared. The surrounding heat wave began to sway, and countless body hair instantly ignited with flames. The explosive flames expanded with a bang.

All the Beast Tamers present had a certain level of experience and understood what this flame represented!!

This move could already hurt overlord-level pets!

Hu ~ Hu ~ Hu ~

On the arena, with the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape as the starting point, an extremely huge fire wall instantly swept up, sealing the arena like a tsunami and devouring towards Chi Tong!!

“Big Sister Amy Rui is awesome!” When Cullen saw this confrontation, he immediately felt good.

Although he didn’t win it himself, it wasn’t bad for his teammate to win it for him.