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Chapter 468: Shi Yu Without Stamina (3)

Boom ~ Boom ~ Boom ~ Boom ~

Accompanied by the roar of the flames and the explosion of heat waves, Chi Tong and Shi Yu’s thoughts were in turmoil under this huge attack.

“It’s indeed very strong…”

Even Shi Yu and Chi Tong were shocked by Amy Rui and the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape’s state.

A quasi legendary Beast Tamer was indeed powerful.

If it were Chi Tong a month ago, it really wouldn’t have been able to defeat it without the help of props. It would have been quickly suppressed.

Unfortunately, the version was updated.

Times had changed.

The Ming Hua audience stared at the arena, wanting to see how Shi Yu and this strange fire sword spirit reacted.

But in the next moment, they rubbed their eyes together and felt that the figure of the sword spirit on the arena instantly blurred.

They originally thought that it was the hot flames that distorted the image, but what followed was Chi Tong’s energy eruption!

Countless clones instantly appeared and began to overlap through the possession skill. Their speed was extremely fast, making it difficult to see clearly.

The final profundity of possession and clone, Myriad Sword Convergence!

Chi Tong’s energy level instantly exceeded ten million. It was forcefully superimposed by Chi Tong to 17 million like the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape!!

The price of doing this was very huge!!!

However, although the price was huge in theory, for the current Chi Tong it was as if nothing had happened. This was because around it, a transparent “scapegoat” that was like a little ghost was covered in cracks of various sizes. It bore the physical burden of the Myriad Sword Convergence for Chi Tong!!

Under the scapegoat’s suffering, Chi Tong only suffered a portion of the damage, but this loss could be instantly recovered with the Flame of Regeneration under the sun!!

Others could strengthen their pets through the Beast Taming Talent, but Shi Yu could also fill a pile of skills with the skill index and let his pets strengthen themselves. The effect was the same!


After completing the profoundity transformation, Chi Tong’s sword bent and swung down!!

The Interlocking Sword, activated by the Sun Fire that countered undead and the Nether Cold Fire, slashed out with a bang!

The sword pressure was incomparably vast, instantly forming the same scale as the Red Lotus Hell. At this moment, the shocking explosive energy directly made Amy Rui opposite cry out in disbelief, and also made the Ming Hua Beast Tamers widen their eyes.

In the next moment.

The Interlocking Sword crushed the world. A shocking sword light instantly formed a confrontation with the Red Lotus Hell. Then, as a scapegoat around Chi Tong directly died, under the huge burden of damage to itself, the Interlocking Sword erupted with incomparable power and instantly swallowed the Red Lotus Hell. Then, the sword pressure gradually converged, wrapped around deterrence, and locked onto the huge monkey with three heads and six arms!


With the move broken, the huge monkey took a step back in disbelief. Looking at the sword light close at hand, its six arms instantly intertwined and used the proficient super defense skill, Divine Fire Armor!!

The golden flames spread into a corporeal golden patterned armor!!


After the sword light attacked and swallowed the huge monkey, the armor on its body directly shattered. It was also directly smashed into the distance like a kite with a broken string. The dual injuries to its body and soul instantly made the huge monkey spit saliva. During the process of flying backward, it even withdrew its three-headed and six-armed posture!


Another pet was nailed to the wall, making all the Ming Hua Beast Tamers widen their eyes in shock and silence.

The entire place was silent.

One by one, contestants of Ming Hua and Amy Rui opened their mouths wide in disbelief.

“Impossible!” Legend Katavi spoke.

“This sword spirit…” In the Ming Hua contestant area, another quasi legendary Spirit Medium stood up with an incomprehensible shocked expression.

When President Xia and Director Zhong saw that Chi Tong didn’t have any props this time and also erupted with such powerful strength, they also opened their mouths wide.

This sword spirit was actually so strong!

“This…” Heavenly King Zou and the others were also shocked. When Zheng Hai and Heavenly King Zou saw that Shi Yu was so fierce, they were immediately speechless.

“Chi Tong!”

This time, Shi Yu did not choose to stop while he was ahead. This was because although the attack just now was fierce, it had only just beaten the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape back to its normal state. It did not cause too serious an injury. He had to pursue victory!

On the other side, Amy Rui looked anxious. She wanted to let the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape enter the three-headed and six-armed state again. However, Chi Tong’s speed was too fast. Moreover, the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape’s condition was really not very good. It could no longer withstand the power of the Dharma Idol!

Just as the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape was about to use its recovery skill, a Light Flame Sword instantly arrived and attacked.


As the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape roared, its body was penetrated again, covered in injuries!!

“You guys…”

At this moment, Amy Rui finally experienced what Karen felt just now. She felt her brain go blank, not understanding why Shi Yu’s sword spirit was so strong.

In Ming Hua, she had fought countless undead. Even the undead of the quasi-legendary Kai Luo she fought didn’t feel as fierce as this sword spirit.

She was angry.

At this moment, Amy Rui only wanted to finish Shi Yu quickly. She took a deep breath and the figure of the Red Gold Divine Fire Ape disappeared. Following that, a huge peacock six to seven meters tall stood on the ground with golden and green feathers interweaving. Its tail trembled and flickered with light like a metal luster.

Seeing the change in pets, although Ming Hua’s Beast Tamer was still in shock, they could clearly understand Amy Rui’s mood at this moment.