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Chapter 469: Shi Yu Without Stamina (4)

She directly sent out his trump card.

She planned to teach his opponent a lesson.

Amy Rui summoned her pet, the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow!

< Name > Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow

[Attributes]: Metal

[Race Level]: Mid-level overlord

[Level of Growth]: Monarch Level

Energy Points: 5,960,000

“This is the end!” Like Karen, Amy Rui didn’t seem to be appeased if she didn’t say anything.

As soon as she finished speaking, the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow’s gaze was deep as it raised its golden and green intertwined tail feathers. The moment it opened its wings, Amy Rui’s talent was also activated, giving the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow the ability to activate its Dharma Idol. Towards the sword spirit, they naturally didn’t dare to be careless and directly entered the strongest state.

In an instant, the huge arena darkened.

It was as if they had entered another domain.

At the same time, a thousand golden eyes opened in the dark domain and stared at Shi Yu and Chi Tong with Amy Rui and the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow.

Such a change made all the spectators discuss.

“Dharma, Thousand Eye Domain.”

In an instant, the energy value of the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow reached the 20 million mark. In this state, it completely had the ability to fight against weaker overlords.

In addition, the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow controlled the Undying Golden Body. This was Amy Rui’s strongest battle power!

“It’s finally here.”

In the next moment, an incomparable deterrence erupted from the thousand eyes again. The deterrence of the Thousand Eye Domain was clearly many times stronger than the deterrence of the giant monkey just now. It was enough to pressure any monarch-level creature.

At the same time, golden light condensed in the thousand eyes. The super metal and light dual-element ultimate move, Golden Annihilation Divine Light, locked onto Chi Tong.

On the other side, Amy Rui pursed her lips, hoping to finish the opponent here.


Then, beams of light that filled the sky bloomed from the Thousand Eyes. Golden light enveloped the sky and earth, and it was impossible to determine where the attack was coming from. Or rather, with such a huge number of eyes locking onto it, the entire place was a target.

However, although Amy Rui displayed incomparable strength again this time, the scene was terrifyingly silent. Especially the Beast Tamers of Dong Huang, who suddenly swallowed their saliva and thought of something.

Amy Rui’s move was indeed strong.

However, that… didn’t seem to be the limit of General Mu Huiyin’s undead!

Everyone suddenly recalled Shi Yu destroying the special state Gao Xuan had entered in the National League!!

This sword spirit… could still possess Shi Yu!!!

After the ten thousand swords became one… Possession again!

Just as everyone thought about it, this scene appeared.

Under the golden light, the figure of the undead, Chi Tong, instantly disappeared from the scene!

At the same time.

Red flames erupted from Shi Yu’s body and shot into the sky. In an instant, the world changed and the Thousand Eye Domain swayed.

Under the light of the flames, Shi Yu’s gaze seemed to contain flames as well. The color of his eyes gradually changed in the direction of Chi Tong’s burning eyes.

With a boom, a fierce spiritual aura that was like the flames of the sun turned into flames that wrapped around Shi Yu’s entire body. At this moment, Shi Yu’s entire body was even thinner but more powerful!!

Moreover, at this moment, Shi Yu’s hair had completely turned bright red. His skin was even fairer under the illumination of the fire spiritual energy!

Shi Yu’s aura completely changed as he stepped into the overlord domain. Chi Tong’s originally extremely terrifying strength increased again. At this moment, Shi Yu and the others’ strength completely exceeded the limit of the monarch level as the second scapegoat died!!

“Don’t forget, undead can possess you.”

“Beast Tamers with talent in telepathy aren’t completely useless in battle.”

Perhaps he could become a pendant for his pet?

As Shi Yu’s voice fell, opposite him, Amy Rui’s gaze instantly became absent-minded, and she revealed an incredulous expression again.

Because as Shi Yu transformed, the flames that surged into the sky alone caused cracks of various sizes that instantly appeared in the Thousand Eye Domain, burning with flames!!


Then, with a high cry, flames erupted. A shocking phoenix might swept up from the flames, and orange flames that shot into the sky completely filled the sky.

The dazzling flames tore apart the Thousand Eye Domain and illuminated the venue again. At the same time, the phantom of a huge fiery red bird soared in the flames in midair. Its dazzling orange-red tail feathers were very long. On its perfect body, the crown-like feather crown on its head, the dazzling feathers, the shining wings, the colorful appearance, and the pleasant cry all displayed the might of the king of birds.

Under the might of the Hundred Bird King, the power of the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow opposite was directly shattered, making it unable to breathe.

Its attributes and bloodline were both suppressed!

In the next moment.

The red-haired and red-eyed Shi Yu appeared on the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow at an extremely fast speed, almost as if he had teleported!

“Undying Golden Body, golden light!!!”

Seeing this scene, Amy Rui’s mentality was almost chaotic to the extreme.

She hoped that the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow could rely on the Undying Golden Body and the golden light to withstand the enemy’s attack.

“I’ve been waiting for your Undying Golden Body!” The falling Shi Yu thought.

In the next moment, Shi Yu pressed the Interlocking Sword down on the enemy again. Then, with a boom, the ground caved in, and a huge pit more than ten meters in diameter appeared. With a loud bang and a cry, the huge body of the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow was directly pressed underground!!!

“Boom!!!” A loud bang sounded for the second time, and smoke and fire snakes immediately filled the sky.