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Chapter 470: Shi Yu, Who Was Exhausted (5)

At the same time, the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow activated its Undying Golden Body. The huge damage turned into the life force of the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow to a certain extent, directly allowing it to withstand Chi Tong and Shi Yu’s strongest attack!

At the same time, the entire body of the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow in the huge pit emitted an intense and dazzling golden light. The golden light carried a powerful repulsive force, instantly bouncing Shi Yu and Chi Tong, who were pressing the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow’s body, back into the air.


Shi Yu flew in the air and stabilized his body. At this moment, even the second scapegoat had completely died. The powerful side effects of possession began to stack on Shi Yu and Chi Tong themselves.

At the thought of spending a few days to condense a scapegoat, Chi Tong felt stifled.

However, it was all worth it.

< Name > Undying Golden Body

[Recording successful]


In the next moment, before Shi Yu could rejoice for long, Amy Rui’s indignant voice sounded. Seeing that Shi Yu and Chi Tong’s attacks weren’t enough to instantly kill the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow, she relaxed. As long as she didn’t lose, there was still hope!


The shattered Thousand Eye Domain fragment slowly condensed again.

In the huge pit below, the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow also slowly flew up, its thousand eyes filled with anger.

Seeing this, Shi Yu frowned. If the skill was replicated, who would still fight this thing!


In the sky, Shi Yu directly threw the Chi Tong Sword down.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Right on the heels of that, under everyone’s stunned expressions, the fire sword spirit that wasn’t even a huge sword to Shi Yu directly increased to a hundred meters in length during the fall, becoming a huge sword that shook the sky and earth. It swept up a terrifying deterrence and intertwined with the power of yang and yin as it fell!!

Under the enhancement of the giant transformation, its power was simply several times greater than before.

It made Amy Rui and the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow open their mouths in confusion!!!

Previously, if not for the fact that it was difficult to replicate skills with such a big sword, Shi Yu would have long erupted.


In the arena, just as the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow flew up, the next moment, the hundred-meter-long sword pressed down again…

Even if the Undying Golden Body could transform some injuries into life force, in the face of absolute power, the transformation range was completely insufficient to revive it. After all, its proficiency level was too low…

“Jiu—” With a hiss and a boom, the venue instantly turned into ruins. Amy Rui’s figure was also instantly blown out of the venue.

In the blink of an eye, the outcome was decided.

Under the huge dust mist, the miserable figure of the Golden Phoenix Dragon Sparrow fell into the ruins.

Amy Rui was sent flying into the distance by the aftermath. Her face was pale as she half-knelt on the ground. She supported her body with one hand and had an expression of disbelief.

On the other side, Shi Yu and Chi Tong had also retreated from the possession state with a huge burden. They were very tired. Fortunately, with the Flame of Regeneration and Shi Yu’s physique that was comparable to a monarch-level ferocious beast, Shi Yu didn’t have to consume as much energy as the other party. Shi Yu was used to having all of his pets attack at once. It was still acceptable for Chi Tong to possess him and swing one or two times.

At this moment, as the outcome of this round was decided, all the Beast Tamers present had already lost their ability to speak. They were stunned by Shi Yu’s shocking strength.

Especially the two Ming Hua Legends. They couldn’t understand how their quasi legendary genius could be shattered by one person and one sword consecutively!!


Legend Katavi, who was proud of Amy Rui, stood up in disbelief. He couldn’t accept that his disciple was defeated by a level-five telepathy talent Beast Tamer.

The other legend also had a serious expression. He pulled Legend Katavi to calm him down.

Although President Xia and Director Zhong, who were on the same stage, looked calm on the surface, they only looked calm on the surface. Their hearts were just as shocked as the contestants and audience below the stage.

Could it be that… this was Shi Yu’s true strength?

The National League was really the Baby Cup!!!

A moment later.

“I admit defeat.” In the silent arena, Amy Rui, who was opposite him, felt indignant for a moment. She sensed the situation of her physical strength and considered the strength of the third main force. She was silent for a moment and didn’t discuss it with anyone. With the two main forces defeated, she directly raised her head and looked at Shi Yu, wanting to deeply remember the appearance of this Beast Tamer Dong Huang and admit defeat.

In this situation, she could no longer defeat Shi Yu.

As Amy Rui admitted defeat…

Contestants of Ming Hua and of Dong Huang opened their mouths slightly.

Ming Hua looked at Shi Yu fearfully.

Dong Huang looked at Shi Yu in shock, especially Heavenly King Zou. His sense of danger had reached the extreme.

He kept feeling that this guy’s strength could not only snatch his headlines, but also his ranking!!!

But in the next moment, Heavenly King Zou was stunned.


As Amy Rui admitted defeat, Shi Yu was actually stunned immediately. His face instantly turned pale. With the etherealization experience of Dao Proficiency, he acted as if he had consumed too much energy. From his state, he looked a hundred times weaker than Amy Rui. No one could find any fault with him. “You’re very strong and have forced us to the limit. My state isn’t suitable for battle anymore. Let’s leave the next battle to the others.”

“Mimi?” As Shi Yu finished speaking, Amy Rui, who was opposite him, was first stunned. Then, Chi Tong, who was beside Shi Yu, was also stunned.

Chi Tong: Have you reached your limit?

Was it not because he wanted to go to Mother Dragon’s place to eat roasted meat and couldn’t be bothered to fight?