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Chapter 471: Ruins of the Kong Capital

“He… is exhausted too!”

Shi Yu’s change immediately attracted a heated discussion.

However, at this moment, Legend Katavi was even more depressed about his disciple being defeated.

Beside him, Ming Hua’s Legend Fade was also very silent.

Amy Rui’s strength could definitely rank in the top five among the younger generation of Ming Hua.

In the end, she lost to such a young Beast Tamer in Dong Huang so easily?

Now, the two Ming Hua Legends were gnashing their teeth in hatred.

Even if there was a problem with Dong Huang’s Sequence ranking, it couldn’t change Shi Yu’s age and his spiritual talent.

Seeing their genius being educated in a different country, the two legends didn’t know how to feel for a moment.

Twenty years had passed. Could it be that there was still such a huge difference between Ming Hua and Dong Huang?

“Shi Yu… is exhausted too?” On the other hand, President Xia also said in confusion.

It was probably true…?

After all, that sword spirit had erupted with such strong power.

After Shi Yu was possessed in the National League, he also ate supplements crazily.

Generally speaking, the consumption was very large and reasonable.

“Looks like it. Both parties are doing their best.”

Director Zhong said. Who cared if it was real? He only knew that Shi Yu definitely didn’t want to continue fighting.

“Director Zhong, what kind of undead is that?”

“It’s clearly only at the monarch level, but it actually erupted with such strong strength without any Beast Taming Talent.”

“Clone, Possession, Giant Transformation, and that Yin Yang Interlocking Sword Pressure. What’s even more ridiculous is that a phoenix spirit phantom actually appeared!”

Legend Katavi and Legend Fadir exploded.

Why did it feel that this sword spirit was even fiercer than the so-called quasi-mythical iron-eating beast just now?

Ming Hua was a country of undead, but she had never seen such a strange undead.

Sword, Phoenix, flames that were perfectly fused with extreme Yin and Yang, and that ridiculous profundity…

Was this Shi Yu a Beast Tamer or a Spirit Medium? Why was he so proficient in controlling undead!

“What exactly is this Shi Yu’s identity? Which legendary disciple, which family’s disciple?”

Five overlord races, and from the looks of it, they weren’t low-level overlords. They even believed that Shi Yu was the illegitimate son of a Dong Huang legend!

“Don’t misunderstand.”

“Shi Yu doesn’t have a luxurious background. I remember saying just now that he’s an archeologist. Be it that Iron-eating Beast, this undead, or to be precise, a heroic spirit, they were all successfully contracted by Shi Yu himself,” Director Zhong said with a grin.

The two Ming Hua Legends were stunned.

“He’s a grassroots genius.”

At this moment, Director Zhong suddenly understood why General Mu Huiyin’s heroic spirit was even stronger than in the National League.

He suddenly remembered something. Ancient Capital University had taken out the school’s trump card.

Could it be that Ancient Capital University used the school’s trump card of the undead department on Shi Yu?

It was indeed possible. After all, Shi Yu’s resume was too ridiculous. It was worth it for Ancient Capital University to nurture him like this.

How extravagant!

Using legendary resources to strengthen monarchs, no wonder it was so fierce.

With Shi Yu’s current strength, it was definitely not a big problem for him to be ranked in the top ten of the Dong Huang Sequence. It looked like he had to update his ranking after this.

[Let’s see how Zou Yun performs next. If he’s inferior to Shi Yu, we’ll replace him.] Director Zhong glanced at the relieved Zou Yunwang.

After replicating the skill, Shi Yu immediately slipped away.

Chi Tong pulled him down to recuperate.

“It’s already very exaggerated to be able to do this.”

A quasi legendary Spirit Medium of Ming Hua said, “He’s only a level-five Beast Tamer. After enduring the possession of that sword spirit and without the enhancement of special talent, his body is probably riddled with holes.”

“The proficiency of that sword spirit’s possession skill is definitely above transcendent. Fortunately, it’s not a Fusion Talent. Otherwise, the double enhancement of possession and fusion would definitely be even more terrifying…”

After saying that, the quasi Legendary Ming Hua fell silent. Monster…

Amy Rui and Shi Yu retreated.

In the Dong Huang audience seats, after Shi Yu returned, Zheng Hai, Zou Tianwang, and the others asked in concern, “Are you alright?”

“It’s alright… I’ll leave the rest to you. Cough, cough.” After Shi Yu sat back down, he took out a nutritional fruit.

The fragrance of the nutritional fruit made them swallow their saliva.

They looked at Shi Yu, whose face was suddenly flushed before he even ate the fruit, and were stunned.

Damn it, was he actually hurt or not?

Just as the few of them were about to continue asking, Shi Yu’s figure suddenly disappeared into thin air.

At the same time, a telepathic message was transmitted to President Xia and Director Zhong.

“I’m Dong Huang’s guardian, Ying.”

“I have something to talk to Shi Yu about. I’ll take him away first. You guys continue.”

The sudden appearance of this voice stunned President Xia and Director Zhong.

“It’s her.” They quickly reacted. It was the new guardian of Ancient Capital University.

The new guardian of Dong Huang was not announced on a large scale. It was only spread among the legendary upper echelons.

However, although it was passed down, very few people knew how this guardian overlord of Ancient Capital University advanced.

This also caused the guardian overlords led by the guardian overlord of Imperial Capital University, the owl, to grit their teeth in anger when they heard that the darn cat had broken through to the totem level.


As the gem cat appeared and suddenly took Shi Yu away, President Xia and Director Zhong, who originally thought that Shi Yu was really “exhausted”, suddenly felt a little suspicious.

Wait a minute, was Shi Yu really exhausted? Or did he have something on at the last minute and didn’t want to fight anymore?

With the precedent of the Iron-eating Beast, it was very difficult for them to believe Shi Yu.

“Huh?” At the same time, the two legends, Ming Hua, suddenly realized that Shi Yu had disappeared from the contestant area.

“Director Zhong, that contestant just now…”

“Don’t worry about him. He consumed too much energy and fainted. He’s been sent to recuperate.”


In the park not far from the Demon Capital Arena.

Shi Yu’s figure was teleported over by the gem cat.

Shi Yu sat on the flower bed and stared at the gem cat in front of him. “Eh, you used a day to travel?”

He had already informed the gem cat yesterday, and the gem cat immediately set off. In theory, the gem cat should be able to reach Demon Capital soon.

Why did it only come here after a day?

“Didn’t you say you still have to be busy for a day? What’s the use of being fast?” The gem cat curled its lips.

Then, it looked in the direction of the ancient capital and said, “It’s nothing. When I was rushing over, a ruin appeared in the Kong Capital. I took a few looks from the side.”

“Ruins?” Shi Yu was stunned. Then, he said, “What level of ruins?”

Although there were many ruins in Dong Huang, the new ruins were still worth paying attention to.

If it was a ruin above high-level, its value would be great.

Ruins were also divided into levels, usually divided into four levels.

The most ordinary ruins were the kind of ruins that appeared in Ping Cheng. They were modified by legendary Beast Tamers.

Then, there were high-level ruins, such as the Ice Dragon Ruins and the Pirate King Ruins. They were all left behind by totem-level creatures that had been modified by Titled Legends or had mastered spatial abilities.

Another step forward was the legendary ruins. They were left behind by legendary Beast Tamers or demigod-level creatures who had mastered spatial power, such as the Blue Sea Ruins.

Finally, there were the Mythical Ruins. They came from the distant Mythical Era. There were many secrets of the Mythical Era inside. For example, the Dragon God Ruins in Dragon Palace City were Mythical Ruins, and the ownership ruins obtained by the Dragon Emperor were all like this.

When Shi Yu heard that there were ruins, he immediately asked.

“How would I know? The time is too short.” The gem cat yawned and said, “But its level shouldn’t be low. At least high-level.”

“I sensed that the spatial attainments of the owner of the ruins should be stronger than mine.”

“There’s also a restriction on entry levels. Humans and pets above the legendary overlord level can’t enter. When I left, the local association had already organized a group of Beast Tamers to explore, but the results aren’t out yet.”

“The ruins of the Kong Capital… I wonder what era it is,” Shi Yu said.

Kong Capital was one of the nine major cities of Dong Huang. It was the headquarters of Dong Huang’s air force. The local Beast Tamers were extremely good at aerial battles.

“Forget it, let’s go to Dragon Palace City first. When we return, there might be news. It’s just a high-level ruin. It’s definitely not as valuable as the treasures in the Dragon God Ruins!!” the gem cat urged.

“Alright, let’s talk about it when we get back.” Shi Yu licked his lips. The ruins couldn’t run away from there. It was more important to eat and pull in investments first!

After Shi Yu sent President Xia a message, he followed the cat into the East Sea.

Because it had been to Dragon Palace City several times, the gem cat already knew the route.

At the overlord level, it was restricted by its strength. Even if it knew the route, it couldn’t pass. But now that it was at the totem level, it could bring Shi Yu over itself.

As soon as the Gem Eye turned into water-element, the gem cat immediately obtained the water escape ability.

At the same time.

In a courtyard of Ancient Capital University, a spatial crack tore open out of thin air.

In the crack, a purple-eyed woman in a white long dress with long silver-white hair and stars lingering around her stepped out of the wind.

Fairy Possession Form, Lu Qingyi!

As Lu Qingyi cultivated out of the legendary ruins space, soon, a figure rushed over.

“Grandpa,” Lu Qingyi shouted when she saw this figure. When Principal Feng saw that Lu Qingyi had finally come out, he immediately smiled and said, “Qingyi, how is it?”

“No, I still can’t break through space.” Lu Qingyi shook her head.

“What about the pets?”

“The pets are alright. The newly contracted Courtyard Sprite also has top-notch monarch battle power,” Lu Qingyi said.

“It’s good that you didn’t break through. You came out at the right time.”

“It’s alright if the Beast Taming Space doesn’t break through. It’ll be over if you had broken through,” Principal Feng said excitedly.

“Huh?” Lu Qingyi was confused.

“The ruins suspected to be related to the Space Emperor have appeared in the Kong Capital. Only those below the Legendary level can enter the ruins. There are guardian beasts inside the ruins. According to the existing information, it’s suspected to be a trial-type ruin left behind by the Space Emperor. Now, two members of Bureau 11 have already gone over. I’m also preparing to take a look.”

“Space Emperor…” Lu Qingyi was slightly stunned.” I’ll go too. ”

“That’s why I said you’re lucky.”

“Unlike that kid, Shi Yu. I was just about to contact him when I realized that I couldn’t. He should have gone to Dragon Palace City with Teacher Ying.” Principal Feng shook his head.