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Chapter 472: Returning to Dragon Palace City

The gem cat was the first to inform Principal Feng of the appearance of the ruins in Kong Capital.

Unfortunately, after the first batch of members from the exploration team brought out the news, Principal Feng wanted to inform the gem cat and Shi Yu that these two had already disappeared.

“Uh…” Upon hearing her grandfather’s words, Lu Qingyi felt that Shi Yu was quite unlucky.

If she missed the opportunity to explore the Space Emperor Ruins immediately, with her understanding of Shi Yu, he would probably roll on the spot and cry.

“When are we leaving?” Lu Qingyi couldn’t wait anymore.

Emperor Shi, Emperor Wu, the Empress, Dragon Emperor, Space Emperor… As the last legendary emperor of Dong Huang, Emperor Kong, the Space Emperor, had also left many legends.

It was said that the Space Emperor was the Beast Tamer closest to the tenth-level Beast Taming Space. Because he had the spatial strengthening talent, he was quite knowledgeable about the level of the Beast Taming Space.

It was said that the general Beast Taming levels of the subordinates of the Space Emperor were very high. In the Space Emperor Era, it was the dynasty with the most legendary Beast Tamers. The reason was very simple. The nine spatial-type totem pets of the Space Emperor all had the ability to condense spatial resources. These spatial resources could greatly accelerate the leveling speed of the Beast Tamers under the Space Emperor.

Apart from these aspects, the Space Emperor had also crossed the ocean and established an intercontinental spatial teleportation array with a great divine power. He was the first mighty figure on Blue Planet to successfully establish an intercontinental teleportation array. Although these teleportation arrays gradually lost their effectiveness because the Space Emperor died and they didn’t have enough energy, this didn’t stop the Space Emperor from leaving a deep mark in the history of Dong Huang.

The appearance of ruins suspected to be related to the Space Emperor was clearly an extremely important matter.

Although this ruin couldn’t possibly be the Beast Taming Space of the Space Emperor himself, with such outstanding spatial attainments, the ruins he left behind were definitely much more precious than the ruins left behind by a titled legend.

“Perhaps there’s an opportunity for you to break through to the Legendary level in this ruin!”

Principal Feng said to Lu Qingyi.

Spatial resources were extremely rare for others.

For example, the Space Crystal Stones Shi Yu obtained one after another did not have much stock in Dong Huang at all. They were very rare.

However, according to archeological discoveries, resources like the Space Crystal were no different from other energy crystals of the same level during the Space Emperor Dynasty. The Space Emperor built a dynasty with an extremely high average level in the Beast Taming Space in history with his own strength.

Among them, it wasn’t like Emperor Shi had never rewarded his subordinates with legendary spatial cultivation resources.

“Let’s talk about this later,” Lu Qingyi said. “I’m not in a hurry. There’s still a long time until the world competition.”

“I’m more concerned about the Space Emperor…”

She looked at the sky.

Legend had it that the Space Emperor wanted to build a spatial teleportation array between Blue Planet and the Moon. He had tried to break through the restrictions of Blue Planet many times and reach the starry sky, but he had failed.

Until one time, the Space Emperor disappeared during this process.

Some also said that the Space Emperor succeeded, but he encountered a disaster in the universe and died.


With the birth of the modern Mechanic class, the human Beast Tamer had the ability to break through the restrictions of the planet with technology and successfully arrived at the starry sky. Even if there were really “traces of civilization” on the moon, there were no traces of the Space Emperor.

Therefore, the outcome of the Space Emperor was still a mystery.

Compared to spatial resources, Lu Qingyi wanted to see more if there were any relevant clues left behind by the Space Emperor in this ruin, although the chances were not high…

After all, she heard just now that it was… a trial-type ruin?

Half a day later, East Sea, Dragon Palace City.

The gem cat spent a lot of effort before finally bringing Shi Yu and the others here.

“General Shi Yu!”

“Minister Ying!”

After Shi Yu and the others arrived, the shrimps and crabs guarding the periphery of Dragon Palace City immediately greeted them.

As the minister of the Marine Environmental Protection Department of Dragon Palace City, Shi Yu’s status was equivalent to that of a general of Dragon Palace City. As the deputy minister of the Environmental Protection Department, the status of the gem cat was not low, not to mention that it was now a totem.

“Minister Shi Yu, Minister Ying, Lord Ice Dragon King has been waiting for a long time.”

Just as Shi Yu and the others arrived, a Turtle Prime Minister flew out of the mystic realm of Dragon Palace City and shouted with a smile.

“I’m the Turtle Prime Minister assisting Lord Ice Dragon King. The Turtle Prime Minister assisting Lord Sea Dragon King is my big brother. Greetings, Minister Shi Yu, Minister Ying. Ahem, actually, we’ve met at the Dragon Palace City banquet. I wonder if the two of you still remember.”

“I don’t remember at all!”

The gem cat and Shi Yu confirmed. With so many beasts, who would remember an old turtle?

However, after Shi Yu glanced at the data of this Longevity Turtle, he felt very emotional. The Turtle Prime Minister Race was really impressive.

< Name > Longevity Turtle

[Race Level]: High-level monarch

[Level of Growth]: Monarch Level

Energy Points: 7,770,000

Very impressive, even higher than Baby Ginseng’s normal energy level.

However, it was still a little inferior to the Sea Dragon King’s Turtle Prime Minister with 9.96 million energy points.

“Where’s Bingbing?” the gem cat asked.

Ever since it also broke through to the totem level, it didn’t have to consider its seniority with the Ice Dragon anymore. It could do whatever it wanted.

“Cough, I’ll bring the two of you to Lord Ice Dragon King now,” the Turtle Prime Minister said.

A moment later, under the lead of the Turtle Prime Minister, Shi Yu and the gem cat followed it into Dragon Palace City and arrived at the Ice Dragon Palace Hall that the Ice Dragon had built for itself.

“Generally speaking, at this time, Lord Ice Dragon King is sleeping…”

“I didn’t sleep today!” Before the Turtle Prime Minister could finish speaking, an impatient voice came from the hall.

“Alright, alright, you old turtle, go down.”

Then, a cold wind blew out, directly blowing the Turtle Prime Minister out of the Dragon Palace hall with a cry. At the same time, when it heard this familiar voice, the gem cat’s eyes lit up.

“It’s Bingbing.”

“Maomao, you’re here.” Mother Dragon’s voice came from inside.

“…” Beside it, the corners of Shi Yu’s mouth twitched. He felt disgusted.

One was more than a hundred years old, and the other was more than two thousand years old. They looked like young girls calling each other “iceice” and “catcat”.

In the next moment, cold wind rose from all directions in the palace. A huge ice dragon slowly flew out. As it flew out, it laughed and said, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. The Sea Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King insisted on you coming before they were willing to eat the octopus tentacles. I’m so hungry.”

“So you want to eat it yourself, right, Mother Dragon?” Shi Yu said helplessly.

“What are you talking about? I’m also thinking about you guys,” the Ice Dragon’s whiskers fluttered as it said in all seriousness.

“Mother Dragon, speaking of which, what treasures did you obtain from the Dragon God Ruins? Didn’t you send a message saying that you wanted to casually send us a few useless legendary resources?” Shi Yu rubbed his hands with an expectant expression.

Compared to eating the octopus tentacles, he looked forward to this more.

Ice Dragon: ???


Ice Dragon was stunned. It was saying that it would casually give them a few useless treasures. Who gave it the “legendary” prefix?

It looked at Shi Yu and locked onto this fellow who was full of bad ideas. “You bastard, stop asking for too much.”

“I don’t have enough legendary resources for myself, why should I give them to you!”

Shi Yu knew that it wasn’t that simple. He said, “Investment, investment, treat it as an investment. After we become stronger, we’ll return to show you respect.”

“Mother Dragon, look. Didn’t Teacher Ying let us show respect it all the way until it became a totem?”

“Including this octopus tentacle, weren’t we the ones also hunting hard to show our respect to you?”

“Uh.” Ice Dragon was stunned. It was just about to refute, but it realized that it couldn’t. He seemed to be right.

The gem cat broke through to the totem level in more than a hundred years. Compared to its two thousand years, it was indeed fast. During this period, it was all thanks to Shi Yu cracking the Pirate King Ruins and finding the legendary gem.

“Hmmm…” Ice Dragon still felt that it was unreliable.

Shi Yu could also crack the Mythical Ruins and bring back Mythical dragon-element resources to show its respect.

“Didn’t you ask me to pay attention to the traces of the Sea Serpent God? I couldn’t find it in the Dragon God Ruins, but there are two level-eight dragon-element resources suitable for you. There’s nothing else. You can forget about it.”

In the Ice Dragon’s opinion, giving Shi Yu two level-eight resources was already very kind. If not for the fact that it had really reaped a harvest this time, it wouldn’t have even been willing.

“Any level-nine resource you don’t need is fine,” Shi Yu said.

Two level-eights definitely couldn’t compare to a level-nine!

Ice Dragon gritted its teeth. If it didn’t need it, it could exchange it with other Dragon Kings. What was the point of throwing it away if it didn’t need it?

“Sigh ~” Beside him, the gem cat sighed. It knew that Shi Yu would target Ice Dragon’s treasure vault.

Unless the Ice Dragon could transfer Shi Yu’s attention somewhere else, it would definitely suffer a huge loss.

As expected.

Shi Yu’s next words made Ice Dragon unable to hold it in anymore. It saw Shi Yu say, “It’s really a stable investment. I plan to participate in a year… To be precise, in less than a year, I’ll be first in the World Tournament and be able to obtain the blessings of the World Tree. One of the legends of Dong Huang, Lin Feng, obtained the blessings of the World Tree, so he spent two years to break through two levels consecutively and become a legendary Beast Tamer from an ordinary legend.”

“In other words, as long as I can get first place, I’ll be a legendary Beast Tamer in five years at the latest. At that time, with my ability to listen to the Voice of History, the Mythical Ruins can be solved casually. At that time, there will be legendary resources, Mythical resources, everything. Now, Mother Dragon, you only need to sponsor me with one legendary resource. In five years, we’ll take off together.”

“Legendary resources can’t have their value rise in five years anyway. It must be more cost-effective to invest.”

“On the other hand, if we lack this piece of investment, Chi Tong and I might die in the world competition…”

Shi Yu paused for a moment. The gem cat beside him almost believed him. Putting aside the truth, it really felt that what Shi Yu said made sense.

However, the problem was, could Shi Yu get first place?

“You brat, you want to participate in the world competition???” When Shi Yu finished speaking, the ice dragon indeed widened its eyes.

It had also studied the knowledge of the outside world, so it naturally knew the terms World Tournament and Lin Feng.

“Aren’t you only level five? Why are you participating in the world competition in a year?”

“In a year, you’ll be at most level six! Everyone else is a legend, how are you going to fight?”

“So you have to invest!!”

“As long as Buggy is given a dragon-element legendary resource, it can create a miracle!”

“We can crush overlords at level five. It’s not a problem for us to crush totems at level six. Besides, there aren’t any totem contestants in the World Tournament, right?”

“I’m afraid that you’ll die over there even if I invest. You’re not allowed to bring Chi Tong there!”

“No, the Dragon God is still waiting for me to help her explore the spatial ruins after my strength increases. The Blessing of the World Tournament is the best opportunity to increase my realm. At that time, as long as Dragon Palace City also participates in the World Tournament, with a bunch of you totem dragons protecting me, I want to see who dares to touch me!”

Ice Dragon: “…You… You’re a dog!!”

“Eh…” Shi Yu, who was bargaining with Mother Dragon, was suddenly stunned.

“Huh?” Mother Dragon was also stunned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine…” It seemed like Susu had woken up and successfully evolved again.