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Chapter 474: Buggy Standing Up

Soon, Shi Yu came out of the ruins space.

At the same time, the frost dragon and the gem cat happened to return from the Dragon Palace kitchen.

“How’s the Vortex Totem? When can we start?” Shi Yu immediately said when he saw them.

“In half an hour.”

Ice Dragon bared its teeth.

“Soon. Mother Dragon, how are your thoughts on the legendary resources?” Shi Yu came over and massaged Ice Dragon.

Ice Dragon was speechless.

This kid was never going to stop.

“No means no.”

“If you say that you’re giving the legendary resource to Chi Tong, I can still grit my teeth and bear the pain. I’ll feel like I’m losing out if I give it to that worm.”

[Buggy: ???]

[Buggy: Sobbing…]

“Pfft.” Beside him, the gem cat chuckled.

Shi Yu : “…”

Why did they all like to hurt Buggy?

Buggy was so cute, what was wrong with strengthening Buggy?

“For Chi Tong though, it’s fine?” However, Shi Yu suddenly discovered a blind spot.

As expected, Mother Dragon was still close to Chi Tong.

Buggy was purely a child picked up from the streets, not its biological son.

“That’s true. Back then, for me, Mu Huiyin killed her way into the totem country and snatched legendary resources to strengthen me. Now, I’m giving her a legendary resource to accelerate her growth. Sigh, unfortunately, I don’t have legendary resources of the undead and fire elements here. I don’t have suitable resources for the other Dragon Kings either. I can’t even exchange items.”

“Eh, heh, why don’t we do this? I’ll give it to you when I have it.” Ice Dragon chuckled.

Shi Yu made an empty promise. It could also do it too!

“You…” Shi Yu’s serious expression turned to joy.” This is a coincidence. I happen to have a legendary undead resource here. Exchange the dragon-type legendary resource with me, then take that legendary undead resource and give it to Chi Tong. How about that? ”

“We both won’t lose out, it’s a trade.”

“It’s decided then. Dragon Mother, you’re not allowed to regret it. I’ve recorded it. I’ll let the other Dragon Kings hear it at the banquet and let them know that you’re a good dragon who values relationships.”

Ice Dragon: “?”

Ice Dragon: ???

Gem Cat: ←.← Meow, the more you talked, the more mistakes you made. Why play mind games with someone like this, you were bound to fail.

Ice Dragon felt that it was extremely unlucky to have encountered such an unlucky person like Shi Yu.

Its own Beast Tamer was such a cold and powerful person. Why did it choose Shi Yu as his contractor?

“F*ck, so be it!!”

A moment later, Ice Dragon cursed.

Putting aside the truth, Shi Yu was right. With his potential and the protection of the Dragon God, he would become rich sooner or later.

Investing in this guy now… It wouldn’t lose out.

However, it had only obtained two legendary resources from the Dragon God Ruins this time. It felt a little painful to give half of them to Shi Yu at once.

After all, there was not a single legendary resource in the inheritance Mu Huiyin left it.

Of course, if one had to say, the value of Mu Huiyin’s ruins space was still not inferior to other legendary resources.

“Hurry up and thank Mother Dragon.”

As Ice Dragon agreed, Shi Yu was immediately overjoyed. Great.

“Hurry up and kowtow for the new year.” He even summoned Buggy immediately and let Buggy thank him personally.

Buggy : “…”

“Wu…” After Buggy came out, it looked at the ice dragon with tears in its eyes. Its little head was like a sewing machine, flying crazily in the air to worship the ice dragon.

At this moment, Buggy was so touched that tears streamed down its face. Really? Was it really going to have legendary resources?

As the only creature in the team that could use equipment above its level and display pretty good effects, the difference in Buggy’s strength was too big.

The more similar equipment one carried, the higher the strength of the illusion.

One could imagine how strong it would be if Buggy carried a dragon-element legendary resource and imagined a divine dragon.

It wasn’t a problem to defeat an ordinary overlord above its level. It wasn’t impossible to consume legendary resources to forcefully erupt and unleash a totem attack.

Even the increase in Buggy from the Time Fruit was not as powerful as legendary dragon-element resources.

Buggy was very excited.

However, Shi Yu secretly glanced at it.

It was too early to be happy. When the resources arrived, it would definitely be him, the Beast Tamer, to keep them first.

He would give it to Buggy when it grew up.

When it was first in the team, then they could talk. This would stimulate its motivation.

“Stop thanking me, stop thanking me. Damn it.” Ice Dragon was angry.

“Mother Dragon, what resource is this?” Shi Yu asked in anticipation.

Ice Dragon gritted its teeth and said, “I originally wanted to use it to exchange resources with the other Dragon Kings. You guys got lucky.”

With that said, it summoned a green dragon ball from the ruins space.

The Dragon Ball emitted a rich power, and the lingering fluctuations seemed to be surrounded by a green divine dragon.

Upon seeing this dragon ball, Buggy’s eyes immediately turned red and it couldn’t help but drool. Shi Yu also gulped and suddenly realized something impressive.

“Space element!” Shi Yu said in shock.

“That’s right. The owner of this legendary Dragon Ball was left behind by a certain generation of spatial Dragon Gods in the totem era!”

Ice Dragon said, “Be it the Dragon God of Dragon Palace City or the Dragon King, when their lifespans are about to end, they will choose to challenge the Dragon God Ruins and undergo a life and death trial. It’s said that the Dragon God Ruins contains the secret to the myths. If the challenge succeeds, their strength will increase greatly when they come out. They will defy the heavens and change their fate. If they fail, they will naturally die inside. However, a portion of their bodies will be recorded in the Dragon God Ruins and passed down to the descendants of Dragon Palace City.”

“Until now, no Dragon God has successfully challenged and broken through to the Mythical stage, but many Dragon Kings have succeeded and broken through to the demigod level. They changed their fate and became the new Dragon God, living for a second life.”

“The owner of this dragon ball is the Dragon God who died in battle in a challenge to the Dragon God Ruins. Its race is called the Green Sky Divine Dragon. It’s a dragon and spatial dual-element dragon. There’s a rumor that after this Dragon God reached the demigod level, it tried to modify its bloodline to the Mythical Green Dragon, so it got its name. In short, it’s letting you off easy. Space and dragon-element, these are simply comparable to two legendary resources! Remember to return me two in the future!” Ice Dragon cursed.

It had obtained two legendary resources, one of which was an ice dragon-type. It happened to be able to use it, and the other was a spatial dragon-type. Its compatibility with it was not very high. It originally planned to exchange it for something else, but now, it had benefited Shi Yu.

“Green Sky Divine Dragon…” Shi Yu and Buggy looked at each other. It wasn’t from the Dragon God Statue.

“By the way, Mother Dragon, did you challenge that life and death trial?” Shi Yu asked.

He felt that the aura of the ice dragon didn’t seem much stronger than before.

Ice Dragon: “Are you crazy or am I? Why would I challenge that, it’s not like I’m bored or anything? Just a newbie gift bag through the newbie trial.”

Shi Yu and the gem cat : “…”

As expected?

However, were all the newbie gift bags so luxurious?

“Buggy.” In short, he finally saw the legendary dragon-element resource. Shi Yu swallowed his saliva and immediately let Buggy receive it into the spatial pocket. During this process, Ice Dragon was also very envious.

“Cough, cough.”

Looking at Ice Dragon in this state, Shi Yu was embarrassed to ask if the two level-eight resources that Ice Dragon had originally planned to give were still included…

Forget it, let it keep it for its retirement. He didn’t want to push it…

A level-nine item was even more precious than ten level-eight items. Two level-eight items were fine.

“Wu—” At this moment, just as Buggy was lamenting that it was finally going to stand up, Ice Dragon spoke again.

“Wait, that worm, this time, follow the method of pinching the Ice Dragon Badge and squeeze a bunch of Dragon God figurines for me before leaving!” Ice Dragon kept feeling that it couldn’t lose out too much, so it shouted, “Just treat it as a deposit.”

Buggy was speechless. “…Wu (Damn it, I have to work again!!)”