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Chapter 475: Dragon God Protection

After Ice Dragon gave the “Legendary Dragon Ball” to Shi Yu and the others in resentment, it seemed to have aged ten years.

However, the subsequent barbecue banquet healed its heart very well…

At another “private” Dragon Palace banquet.

The Sea Dragon King, the Azure Dragon King, the Ice Dragon King, the Little White Dragon, the Sky Penetrating Whale, the Gem Cat, Shi Yu, and the others from the Dragon Palace, who had participated in the crusade of the Vortex Demon Beast, gathered together excitedly.

On the huge grill were a few huge and energetic octopus tentacles.

At the side, the overlord of Dragon Palace City, the Crystal Dragon, was specially invited to cook.

Although these Dragon Kings ate raw food, as a human, Shi Yu definitely had to eat them cooked. Moreover, they needed to specially deal with the negative energy attached to the octopus tentacles. Otherwise, it would definitely not be healthy to eat them.

In order to accompany Shi Yu, these Dragon Kings decided to try cooked food this time.

“This is a good supplement…”

Crystal Dragon Chef thought to itself that this was quite the masterpiece.

“These tentacle whiskers contain rich nutrients that can increase immunity, promote the growth of life, and also increase the physique for physical fitness.”

“There are also nutritional supplements that promote reproduction, health supplements for beauty and skincare, and strong life force that can resist aging…”

The Crystal Dragon Chef used the super Strange Fire skill “Crystal Flame”, which was not afraid of water, to combine various materials to cook the Vortex Demon Beast’s whiskers while introducing its nutritional value.

Upon hearing that it could promote reproduction, the little white dragon frowned and looked at its parents. It suddenly felt a sense of danger.

“Cough.” The single Dragon Mother looked up at the sky. It had been alone for more than 2000 years. Why did it need this effect?

“Not bad,” the Sea Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King said.

Although the level of the Vortex Demon Beast’s whiskers wasn’t very high and only between level seven and eight, and although it wasn’t like the Sea Dragon Kings had never eaten resources of this level before… They couldn’t help but feel tempted by this fresh food. It was their first time eating this type.

“Little White, eat more when the time comes,” the Sky Penetrating Whale said.

“Little White, eat more when the time comes,” the Sky Penetrating Whale said.

For them, the Vortex Demon Beast Whiskers was still very useful.

“Eh… Brother Shi Yu, aren’t your pets coming to eat?” The Sea Dragon King realized that Shi Yu didn’t summon his pets and couldn’t help but ask.

Such nutritious food, it was not a problem to give a monarch-level pet more to eat and add hundreds of thousands of energy points.

“They…” Shi Yu found it difficult to say. He had also called Eleven and the others.

However, Eleven was not interested in meat food. It liked to eat metal the most, followed by fruits.

Buggy was the same. It only ate plant fruits, let alone the ginseng baby. It rarely ate even fruits. As for Chi Tong, it was more interested in eating the soul of the Vortex Demon Beast. It didn’t like meat either.

Ling… just needed to chill. It couldn’t eat either.

Susu, the only one who could get some benefits through Infinite Devour, was still full. After all, it had eaten a lot of good things in one go previously.

“They’re not eating. I’ll just pack one for Susu later, I’ll remember to take away a bit more,” Shi Yu said.

Regardless of whether Susu ate it or not, it was not bad for him to keep some as snacks. Although it was not a pure supplement, it at least had the effect of replenishing vitality. It was very suitable for eating and playing after adding some super skills.

“No problem,” the Sea Dragon King agreed.

Then, it said, “Brother Shi Yu, eat more too. From the looks of it… you have to nourish yourself well.”

Shi Yu nodded. He had to nourish himself well. Before coming out, he had specially given points to Susu’s three new high-level skills randomly just for this meal.


At the same time, the octopus tentacles made a sound. Drops of hot oil slowly slid down the tentacles, and the bent and shining octopus tentacles emitted an alluring fragrance.

The various spices traded with Dong Huang were sprinkled on by the crystal dragon.

“Burp ~”

Half an hour later, Shi Yu lay on the soft sponge seat in satisfaction.

Not bad. It was tender and crispy, and the more he chewed, the more fragrant it became. Unfortunately, although his appetite was greater than other Beast Tamers of the same level, it was still much inferior to totem-level beasts like the gem cat. He let them eat most of the food.

“Senior Shi Yu, didn’t you say just now that you wanted to participate in some world competition?” The little white dragon tugged at its octopus whiskers, its mouth filled with oil as it spoke unclearly.

“Yeah.” Shi Yu touched his round stomach and said, “By the way, I remember that when I left Dragon Palace City after the last banquet, I also saw an envoy from the World Tree coming here. Is Dragon Palace City also participating in the world competition?”

The totem faction could also participate in the rules of this world competition. As one of the largest totem factions, it was not strange for Dragon Palace City to be invited.

“Ah.” The little white dragon didn’t know.

“No, although I was invited, Dragon Palace City won’t participate in this world competition. For Dragon Palace City, the blessings of the World Tree aren’t as attractive as the Dragon God Ruins and other Dragon Palace ruins,” the Sea Dragon King said. “Dragon Palace City has a stable path of advancement from awakening to demigod. It doesn’t have to run to the outside world to compete with other factions.”

“Ah, this.” Shi Yu was envious. What! Dragon Palace City wasn’t participating?!

At that time, who would protect him?

Just the cat totem wasn’t enough.

“Meow.” The gem cat held the food quietly, not wanting to care about worldly things.

Ice Dragon was silent. It was worried again if Shi Yu would die in the world competition and cause the investment to go down the drain.

“…Even if you don’t participate, how about your Dragon King team go and see the competition?” Shi Yu looked at the sky.

As he looked, he suddenly realized that a figure slowly appeared in the sky.

Suddenly, the totems and overlords present held their breaths.

The figure in the sky stared down quietly.

“Lord Dragon God!!” After a moment of silence, the Sea Dragon King, the Azure Dragon King, and the other totems exclaimed. They didn’t understand why the Dragon God had suddenly come and greeted them.

The overlord chef, the Crystal Dragon, was also stunned. It was so scared that it immediately raised its claws and tried to pass the food to the Dragon God…

“Yes.” The Dragon God nodded and slowly landed. Then, she looked at Shi Yu.

Shi Yu immediately stood up cautiously.

“You’re saying that you want to fight for the blessing of that tree?” the Dragon God said.

“Lord Dragon God, do you know about the World Tree?” Shi Yu said.

The Dragon God said, “It’s considered the embodiment of the blue planet’s will, and also the strongest existence on this planet at the moment.”

“Mythical level?” Shi Yu said.

The Dragon God shook her head and said, “If it’s purely the will of Blue Planet, it might be called Mythical, but it’s just the embodiment of will. It can’t be considered that.”

“But even so, its power is extraordinary. Just like how the Blue Sea Sprite is known as the top existence among demigods because it can control the power of the sea, the World Tree is stronger and can control the natural power of the entire planet to a certain extent.”

Shi Yu opened his mouth slightly. and this still wasn’t at the Mythical stage?

“Every Mythical creature is a life form that can transcend the restrictions of Blue Planet. They will be stronger,” the Dragon God said.

“However, the race level of the World Tree might be considered a Mythical race. After all, it can also be seen as the son and embodiment of Blue Planet.”

“Blue Planet’s true consciousness might have already fallen asleep with the end of the Mythical Era. The World Tree is equivalent to a clone it chose at the last minute.”

Shi Yu was stunned. “Then this World Tree’s Blessing… is it a divine skill?”

The Dragon God looked at Shi Yu and said, “I can’t tell. Do you want to increase your cultivation through the blessings of the World Tree?”

Shi Yu’s expression fell. “Yes, my cultivation is too slow. When I thought that my level might not be enough to help you, Lord Dragon God, I couldn’t rest well all night. Then, I happened to hear that the Blessing of the World Tree could quickly help Beast Tamers reach the legendary level. I decided to take a gamble and go to the World Tournament to take a look.”

“Although it’s indeed a little dangerous… We’re not too weak either. We think we can give it a try.”

Ice Dragon and Gem Cat : “…”

If this wasn’t a scumbag playboy, what was? Was this really his goal??

The Dragon God said, “Alright.”

With that said, she casually swung her hand, and the green water condensed into a bead that flew towards Shi Yu.

“The Blessing of the World Tree is indeed the fastest way to increase your strength. Do your best.”

“This bead is for you. It’s condensed from the ‘Protection Water’ skill. It can protect your life at the critical moment.”

Ice Dragon and Gem Cat: “!!!”

Lord Dragon God, he just wanted to trick someone into giving him treasure!!

However, putting aside the truth, what Shi Yu said just now didn’t seem wrong from a different perspective?

Or rather, as long as the outcome was the same, the Dragon God didn’t care about Shi Yu’s true goal at all.

At the same time, Shi Yu, who had received the water droplet, was extremely surprised. He was even more surprised than when he obtained the legendary resource.

Water of Protection!

Susu had also mastered it. Like Chi Tong’s Flame of Protection, it was a skill that could predict danger to a certain extent and automatically protect the holder.

After training to a high proficiency level, one could even go past the user and give it to others.

It was the core of a top-notch protective equipment. Shi Yu even had several on him at this moment.

Although Shi Yu had several, could what Susu gave him compare to what the Dragon God gave him?

Through the protective water condensed by the Time Fruit, Susu could barely withstand an overlord’s attack.

But it wasn’t too much for him to expect surviving a demigod’s attack if it were the Dragon God who gave this to him, right?!

In other words, it should be able to block the attack of a top-notch totem. It was probably even easier for ordinary totem-level attacks. It might be able to block several times!

Could a mere overlord-level attack cause ripples to this?

This was simply a consumable legendary top-notch defensive equipment.

Shi Yu suddenly felt that he could be more confident in doing some things.

Initially, he was still a little hesitant to go abroad to train and go to the World Tournament, but now, he heaved a sigh of relief and instantly felt that he had several more lives.

“Thank you, Lord Dragon God!” Shi Yu quickly thanked.

At the side, the little white dragon watched in envy. So good. In comparison, the method it used where it summoned its parents to be reinforcements was too slow. When its parents arrived, its ashes were scattered.

“Don’t disappoint me.” After the Dragon God sent the protective water bead, she slowly turned and left, as if she had appeared this time to let Shi Yu stop courting death.