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Chapter 478: Space Beast Egg (2)

These big shots arrived at the scene.

Once the Space Emperor Ruins appeared, many members of Bureau 11 looked over.

Unlike small ruins like the Ping Cheng Ruins, the Space Emperor Ruins was very important and received very high-level attention.

In the camp, Lu Qingyi also discovered the updated sequence ranking.

She sighed silently with a conflicted expression.

At this moment, she already knew what had happened during her seclusion.

For example, Shi Yu had gone out to sea and crushed two overlords, or Shi Yu had brought the gem cat to break through to the totem level, or Shi Yu had won all the national championships in one go… She knew all of this, so her mood was very complicated.

Her original plan was to let Shi Yu go to university to learn something. After graduation, he could have some ability to do hard work for her, investigate some ruins, and be an archeological assistant. Why was he doing all of this only in his first year? Not only did Shi Yu’s archeological achievements surpass her in all aspects, but his strength had even caught up to hers.

This wasn’t her initial plan!

“Senior Lu!”

“Little Qing ~”

Lu Qingyi stood on the ground and looked at the black cross-shaped spatial entrance in the sky. Just as she was thinking nonsense, two familiar voices suddenly entered her ears, stunning her.

She quickly turned around and discovered the afterimage of a man and a cat. They appeared not far from her and were looking at her happily.

“Shi Yu, Teacher Ying.” Seeing them, Lu Qingyi was stunned. “You’re back from Dragon Palace City.”

“Yes,” Shi Yu said. “I saw the messages Principal Feng sent me. Senior Lu, this is the entrance to the Space Emperor Ruins, right?”

After Shi Yu arrived at the first scene, he immediately looked up at the black cross spatial crack in the sky.

“Yes,” Lu Qingyi nodded and said.

“No one can crack it yet?” Shi Yu was surprised.

“Is the guardian really that strong?”

Lu Qingyi looked at Shi Yu with a helpless expression and said, “If you have the chance to enter, you’ll know when you fight.”

At this moment.

In the ruins of the Space Emperor.

A top-notch master in his fifties was currently challenging the ruins as the vice president of the Beast Tamer Association.

Although the Space Emperor Ruins specified levels, it didn’t specify age. Therefore, some middle-aged and old Beast Tamers who had more accumulation than young people could also challenge it.

Compared to the top masters ranked under the age of 30, these top masters were older. Their development of talent was stronger, and their pets were cultivated more.

The pet sent by this master was a quasi overlord race creature with a normal energy value of 6 million. Under the enhancement of his strengthening talent, its energy value instantly reached 14 million.

This pet was of the light element and was famous for its speed. It shuttled through the ruins battlefield, and light and shadows intertwined in the air. However, bean-sized beads of sweat flowed down the forehead of the vice president of the Kong Capital Association. Opposite him stood a two-meter-tall, pitch-black transcendent life form similar to a mantis. In front of it were two “black saber” organs.


The figure of the Floating Light Eagle flashed and turned into a beam of light that stretched out its sharp claws to tear at the mantis life form, but the mantis life form seemed to be very indifferent.

With a gentle wave of the saber, the invisible spatial blades that filled the sky formed a sword domain. Under the tearing of space, accompanied by a miserable cry, the feathers on the entire body of the Floating Light Falcon were sliced off. It fell from the sky in a bloody mess, making the top-notch master’s face immediately turn pale.

“Weak, weak, weak, next,” the mantis life form said in boredom.

“Void Mantis, quasi Mythical race, spatial element. It’s a pet personally cultivated by the Space Emperor.”

“Its status to the Space Emperor is equivalent to the status of the Sea Dragon King and the Butterfly God to the evolution legend Lin Feng.”

“And it’s very likely that it’s a pet cultivated by the Space Emperor after he became a legendary Beast Tamer.”

“Although this Void Mantis is only at the monarch level, its battle power is comparable to some weaker overlords. It’s even the master of this ruin.”

“The normal energy level exceeds ten million, and all skills below super level are transcendent. The proficiency of the four super skills is all close to perfect… And it’s a spatial skill. In a one-on-one battle, probably no one can win.”

“This…” Shi Yu was stunned. Listening to the description, he felt that even Eleven and the others were under a lot of pressure.

Lu Qingyi slowly said beside Shi Yu, “It’s said that when the Space Emperor was exploring the starry sky, it accidentally fell into the Starry Sky Mystic Realm. Many extraterrestrial lives are different from Blue Planet live there. The Space Emperor once stayed there and obtained an egg of a cosmic beast and brought it back.”

“At that time, the Space Emperor’s contract slot was already full. He no longer had any intention of contracting a new pet. Even for a top-notch race like the Void Mantis, he only cultivated it as a secondary pet.”

“However, the Space Emperor values this Space Beast Egg very much, because there’s a certain difference in the life structure between the Space Beast and the extraordinary life forms on Blue Planet. It’s a new life form different from animals, plants, elements, and undead. Moreover, every Space Beast is ridiculously strong.”

“The Space Emperor wanted to see what changes could happen to both parties after the Beast Tamer contracted the cosmic beast. At least at that time, there was no precedent for the Beast Tamer to successfully contract a cosmic life form. For this, the Space Emperor sealed this egg and set a test, planning to reward it to the geniuses of the dynasty.”

“As long as a Beast Tamer genius can defeat the Void Mantis he cultivated, he can obtain this egg and inherit the hatching and contracting method of the Space Beast Egg he concluded.”