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Chapter 479: Space Beast Egg (3)

“Unfortunately, before anyone could defeat the Void Mantis, the Space Emperor himself was suspected to have fallen in the starry sky. And because this challenge ruin is inextricably linked to the Space Emperor himself, there were also changes, causing the ruin to seal itself. The Void Mantis inside had no choice but to fall into a deep sleep. It was only awakened today hundreds of years later.”

“This is almost all the information I got from that mantis when I went to challenge the Space Emperor Ruins.” Lu Qingyi shrugged.

Shi Yu opened his mouth slightly.

Emperor Kong’s secondary pet?

An egg of a cosmic beast?

“Didn’t the Void Mantis show anything when it learned that the Space Emperor was dead?” Shi Yu asked.

“No, because it said that Emperor Kong didn’t die and the mystic realm space didn’t completely collapse. That’s the best evidence.” Lu Qingyi looked at Shi Yu with a burning gaze.

“It said that it wants to continue carrying out its mission and wait for the Space Emperor.”

These words made Shi Yu’s heart skip a beat.

What, the Space Emperor wasn’t dead?

Although the Space Emperor was the emperor of the last dynasty of Dong Huang, he should be hundreds of years old.

Even if no accident happened, time would naturally pass. It was time to die.

Unless… it was in a special place! Or he had broken through to the Mythical stage!

“The Space Emperor Dynasty has been destroyed, but this mantis still plans to continue the mission left behind by the Space Emperor?”

“Well, it looks like it. Although this mantis is quite strong, it doesn’t seem to be very smart. It’s also relatively simple-minded. It should have been cultivated with the Space Emperor since it was born and doesn’t have any understanding of the outside world, such as the Space Emperor Dynasty.” Lu Qingyi had a headache. “I wanted to trick the pet egg over, but it didn’t fall for it and insisted that I defeat it according to the rules.”

“In its understanding, everything is about the rules. Defeat it and you can get the egg. If you don’t follow the rules, it will use its identity as the owner of the ruins to expel those who don’t follow the rules.”

Shi Yu : “…”

Senior Lu has changed. How could she try using lies?

“I’ll give it a try.” Shi Yu looked at the crack in the sky.

Lu Qingyi said, “Huh? I feel that… you can’t either.”

Shi Yu curled his lips. She lost, so she didn’t want to believe that others could win, right?

“Senior Lu, if you can’t, I might not necessarily can’t either. By the way, Senior Lu, when are we going to fight?”

Shi Yu chuckled.

Lu Qingyi was immediately angry. This was too much. The little guy she dug up a year ago was going to challenge her now?

“Let’s fight later.”

“Alright.” Shi Yu was energetic.

However, if the opponent was the pet of the Space Emperor, he felt that it was indeed not easy to deal with. Shi Yu was silent for a moment. He planned to teach Eleven the Undying Golden Body first before taking a look. Well, he would replicate a Mythical Revival skill from his senior. The more the better.

At this moment, the two of them suddenly noticed that the gem cat beside them was looking at the crack eagerly.

“Teacher Ying…?”

The gem cat: “What do you think the taste will be when it’s fried?”

Lu Qingyi and Shi Yu: !!!

Shut up!

Shi Yu’s arrival also alarmed Principal Feng and the others.

Principal Feng, Grandma Li (who had given Baby Ginseng to Shi Yu), and Dr. Chen Yuan, an archeologist who studied ancient legendary emperors. Shi Yu also saw them. These were all familiar faces. Even Dr. Chen Yuan, who usually had a relatively low presence, had actually contacted Shi Yu a few times and asked him about Emperor Shi, Emperor Wu, and other related matters. After all, Shi Yu’s archeological achievements involved these aspects. This Dr. Chen Yuan still admired Shi Yu very much.

“Found it.”

Principal Feng didn’t mind too much when Shi Yu arrived, because the situation in the Space Emperor Ruins had already been explored. If Lu Qingyi couldn’t defeat the Void Mantis, he didn’t expect Shi Yu to either.

At this moment, Principal Feng was most happy that he had already locked onto the archeological genius who had summoned the Space Emperor Ruins.

Five members of Bureau 11 gathered in the conference room.

Principal Feng said with a smile, “Through some time-element transcendent skills, I’ve already locked onto a candidate who might be the Beast Tamer who summoned the Space Emperor Ruins through predictions.”

“Our Ancient Capital University wants this kid. Old Li, Old Chen, alright?” Principal Feng smiled at Grandma Li and Dr. Chen.

“Haha, you’re quite greedy.” Grandma Li shook her head.

“Hahaha.” Dr. Chen also shook his head.

This Ancient Capital University had Lu Qingyi and a genius archeologist like Shi Yu for free. Now that another Beast Tamer with the talent to listen to the Voice of History has appeared, they still wanted him?

Lu Qingyi said, “Grandma Li, Grandpa Chen, why don’t you let me come into contact with this person? I think my experience in leading newbies is quite rich.”

After Shi Yu went rogue, Lu Qingyi planned to switch a target to nurture.

Grandma Li and Dr. Chen were speechless. They kept feeling that Lu Qingyi was unreliable, but they couldn’t refute it. Because Shi Yu was really brought out by Lu Qingyi, wasn’t he? Although they didn’t know what role Lu Qingyi played in this…

Shi Yu sat at the side and watched.

“So who exactly is it? Old Feng, stop beating around the bush,” Dr. Chen urged. “From the sound of it, it’s a young person?”

He revealed an envious expression.

Among these people, apart from Principal Feng, who had reached level seven in the Beast Taming Space, the other three were all at level six. They had entered the ruins and were also shattered.

Although Senior Li and Senior Chen were big shots of Bureau 11, because they realized their listening talent was too late, they had already missed the optimal meditation age when they joined Bureau 11. Even after various resources were thrown at them later, they had yet to reach legendary.

Not every historical talent was as lucky as Lu Qingyi and Shi Yu to have been unearthed and nurtured very early.

Upon hearing that this newbie was young, they immediately felt that this person was extremely lucky. He had been unearthed by Bureau 11 so early and could receive very good cultivation. They didn’t dare to say that he could become a Titled Legend, but there was still a high chance of him becoming a Legendary.

Principal Feng didn’t keep him in suspense and immediately said,

“His name is Fang Lan, a junior high school student. She’s a local of Kong Capital and has talent in telepathy. His parents are teachers of the Mechanic Department of Kong Capital University.”

“And this Fang Lan herself is also a small mechanical genius. She has been cultivated as a Mechanic since she was young and is very interested in machinery. She even won the first prize of the National Junior High Mechanical Competition. She’s almost a genius internally decided by the Mechanic class of Kong Capital University. There’s also a small chance of her going to Star Capital University. Therefore, it’s still quite difficult to persuade her to come to Ancient Capital University… After all, our Ancient Capital University’s Mechanic class… Anyway, Qingyi, are you confident?”

Lu Qingyi was stunned. With such a family background, it was indeed not easy for her to change his profession to an archeologist and go to the Ancient Capital University where Mechanics weren’t the best. However, if he didn’t specialize in archeology, it would be a waste of this talent. It would be good even if he studied both machinery and archeology.

“Senior Lu, Senior Lu,” Shi Yu whispered beside them.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you need help?” Shi Yu asked softly.

A little genius interested in machinery? Wasn’t this easy to deceive?

If she was given a mechanical Tyrant Dragon to ride, wouldn’t she come to Ancient Capital University eagerly? When the Mechanic Department of Ancient Capital University established the Mechanical Beast specialization, her parents would have to jump ship…