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Chapter 481: Archeologists Who Don’t Want to Be Mechanics aren’t Good Archeologists (2)

After Shi Yu finished speaking, he communicated with the ruins space and summoned the mechanical Tyrant Dragon raised by the Mechanical Research Institute.


In the conference room, as a spatial wave flickered, under the stunned expressions of the archeologists, a pet’s figure was gradually outlined.


The pet in the light had a big head with a fierce expression. Its short front limbs were equipped with huge black metal claws. Its muscular strong body was even wrapped in mechanical armor made of gold and silver.

Although most of its body was wrapped in mechanical equipment and it was much smaller than a real adult Tyrant Dragon, the people present still recognized the obvious Tyrant Dragon characteristics on its body at a glance!

“Roar!!!” The mechanical Tyrant Dragon came out of the ruins space for the first time and was extremely excited!!!

“Sit down.” However, as the demonic voice echoed in its ears, the mechanical Tyrant Dragon’s eyes were immediately filled with panic. It recalled the situation of being beaten up by Ling and Shi Yu in the ruins when it was disobedient. In an instant, it became extremely obedient. Even without a contract, it was still extremely obedient.

“This is…”

At the same time, looking at the mechanical armed Tyrant Dragon cub in front of him, Principal Feng, Grandma Li, Lu Qingyi, and Dr. Chen widened their eyes in disbelief.

“There are life characteristics…”

“It’s a living creature.”

“This is… biological mechanical modification?”

“Where did you find the Tyrant Dragon cub? Did you obtain a sealed Tyrant Dragon egg from some ruin??” Principal Feng said in a shocked voice.

Grandma Li also stepped forward in shock and pried off the mechanical Tyrant Dragon’s claws and feet like she was picking up a chicken.

The mechanical Tyrant Dragon trembled. This grandma was rough.


In the face of the seniors’ shock, Shi Yu said, “How can I be so lucky to find a living Tyrant Dragon egg…”

“This is the combination of technology and fossils just now. By materializing the dream illusion in the fossil and transforming it into the form of a mechanical pet life, it can revive extinct ancient creatures and speculate the ancient history through them.”

“You mean, you modified the dream illusion of the fossil into a life form?? How is this possible!!” Grandma Li couldn’t understand.

In essence, the dream illusion of a fossil was no different from the dreams of humans sleeping. The people and things that appeared in the dreams were all fake images outlined by mental waves. How could such fake images become life forms?

“Perhaps the power of imagination of my Butterfly of Imagination is relatively special compared to Baby Ginseng’s time and life force? After tinkering with it, I succeeded…” Shi Yu muttered.

The situation contained in this was too complicated, and he couldn’t explain it clearly. As for why it could succeed, he had to ask Ling.

“How are its attributes?” Senior Lu asked.

“Low-level monarch race successfully inheriting a racial skill of the Tyrant Dragon, Earth Domain.”

“Earth Domain…” Everyone was stunned. This was the skill that had appeared in the dinosaur era the earliest. It was a rare domain skill. Earth-type pets in the Earth Domain would have the effect of their earth-type skills increase. Their life, strength, spirit, defense, and resistance would also increase significantly.

Wherever it stepped, there was earth. Archeological discoveries showed that there had also been Tyrant Dragons in the ocean. That was the result of Tyrant Dragons expanding their territory in the ocean through the Earth Domain and fighting.

“At the moment, this technology is not perfect. Otherwise, it might be able to perfectly inherit the full racial power of the Tyrant Dragon. At that time, it will be equivalent to the mechanical life of an overlord race. If it can be perfected next, not only can I see the historical gaps of the totem era through the fossils, but I can also see the further Mythical Era. If the research target is the Mythical Creature fossil, the meaning will be even greater.”

After Shi Yu finished speaking, the few of them were already stunned.

Damn, was Shi Yu serious about everything?

“Is this why you only want to contract a mechanical life form for the sixth one?” Principal Feng asked.

Shi Yu nodded and said, “I obtained a fossil of a Mythical creature from Dragon Palace City.”

“We’re currently researching if we can revive Mythical lives. Unfortunately, the research is too difficult, and we’re lacking a bunch of funds…”

Principal Feng and Grandma Li were silent.

“All the funds for the Mechanic class of Ancient Capital University will be yours!”

“Use all the fossils in the fossil museum under my name as you wish. Although there are no fossils of Mythical life forms, there are all kinds of ancient biological fossils of various attributes and races, including some fossils of ancient totems.”

Grandma Li was still scratching the Tyrant Dragon in confusion. So, this was developed with the fossil she gave Shi Yu?

Grandma Li suddenly felt that her fossil collection was about to increase in value.


Shi Yu wiped his tears. Great, Ling, the family is rich. No need to wait for the Mechanical Conference for the time being.

“At that time, I plan to use this research result to participate in the Mechanical Conference.”

As Shi Yu finished speaking, Principal Feng and Grandma Li became even crazier.

“You’re representing the Mechanic class of Ancient Capital University to participate. It’ll be just for show, the rewards are all yours.”

“According to what I know, there’s a fossil of a Mythical creature in the national resource bank. Through this research result, we can definitely apply for that!” Grandma Li also said.

In the small conference room, no one cared about the Space Emperor Ruins anymore, nor did anyone care about the genius archeologist.