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Chapter 484: Archeologists Who Don’t Want to Be Mechanics aren’t Good Archeologists (5)

“This talent is very rare. At the moment, there might only be a dozen or so people in Dong Huang. Therefore, we want to confirm further if Student Fang Lan is the person we’re looking for. If she is, we want to invite her to join Bureau 11 and become a reserve member to receive the system’s archeological training.”

After Lu Qingyi finished speaking, the three members of the Fang family were completely dizzy from this news.

Fang Lan was even more stunned.

This… Fang Lan’s parents had clearly heard of Bureau 13 before. However, they never expected that their daughter was actually an archeological genius?

However, they had clearly nurtured Fang Lan into the mechanical field since she was young.

An archeological field was a new field and completely out of reach.

“We still need to confirm further.” At this moment, Shi Yu thought for a moment and stretched out his finger.

In the next moment, a mini blue summoning array appeared on his fingertip.

Then, a drop of water condensed on the summoning array.

He looked at Fang Lan and smiled. “Come, this is a memory water drop. Come and come into contact with it. It can allow your memories these days to be incomparably clear. You can also recall things you forgot.”

Memory water drop?

Father Fang and Mother Fang suddenly looked at the water drop in Shi Yu’s hand.

That memory drop that could make a fool quickly memorize a dictionary?

Lu Qingyi also glanced sideways at Shi Yu. Shi Yu had mastered this skill? Which pet, the Blue Sea Sprite Reincarnation?

“Come.” Shi Yu stretched out his hand. Fang Lan looked around and also reached out to touch the drop of water.

In the next moment.

The water flowed into Fang Lan’s body.

Fang Lan’s mind cleared up. She was immediately stunned. She felt countless memories reappear in her mind.

What had happened in the past week, even the order of the traffic on the way to school, the faces of every passerby immediately appeared clearly in her mind.

Among them, the sound and scene she heard and saw in her sleep had just happened when it immediately appeared in front of Fang Lan.

[In the scene, a thin, long-haired, and yellow-robed man casually fiddled with the space, and a new alternate space was born.]

[A large number of Beast Tamers entered the alternate space one after another and came out covered in dust.]

[It failed again. How can a pet cultivated by the Space Emperor even be defeated? I feel like he doesn’t want us to obtain it… It must have been prepared for the princes and princesses.]

[What happened? Why are the ruins closed!!]

[Not good, it’s said that the state of the ruins created by Lord Space Emperor is closely related to his own state. If the ruins suddenly close, did something happen to Lord Space Emperor?]

The complicated memories in the “dream” appeared, making Fang Lan’s brain almost explode. However, she was very incredulous. She actually remembered everything.

“Have you remembered something?” Seeing Fang Lan’s state, Shi Yu smiled.

“Tell me about the dream you forgot.”

“Well… I, I, dreamed of many people talking about Emperor Kong,” Fang Lan said in confusion.

Why would she dream of this?


Lu Qingyi and Shi Yu looked at each other.

Then, Fang Lan said word for word what she had seen and heard.

After saying that, Shi Yu and Lu Qingyi fell into deep thought.

It was not much different from what Lu Qingyi had learned from the Void Mantis.

Moreover, from these words, one could confirm a legend.

[It must be prepared for his princes and princesses.]

The main point was those princes and princesses.

The higher the life level, the harder it was to keep a son. After reaching the legendary level, wanting a child depended purely on luck.

At the legendary Beast Tamer level, it was even harder to reproduce than for demigods.

However, it was said that the Space Emperor was a rich young master. He came from a large spatial family and was engaged in his teens. He had a wife and concubines. Before he became a powerful Beast Tamer, he had a bunch of descendants.

Therefore, he also had the most heirs among the legendary emperors.

After the totem era ended, the number of princes and princesses in the Kong Emperor Dynasty was naturally the highest.

Shi Yu and Lu Qingyi looked at Father Fang, Mother Fang, and Fang Lan. Could it be that one of them was really a “Descendant of the Space Emperor”?

Although the Kong Emperor’s surname wasn’t Fang or Liu, and they didn’t have spatial talent, it had been hundreds of years. After experiencing hundreds of years of chaos, it was normal for there to be changes.

“From the looks of it, she does have the talent to listen to history.”

“Because the ruins that appeared in Kong Du this time were left behind by the legendary emperor in history, the Kong Emperor,” Lu Qingyi said with a deep breath.

This little girl was impressive. She definitely had secrets on her body.

“Emperor Kong…” Although Father Fang and Mother Fang were shocked that their daughter was related to such ruins, they quickly realized a problem.

“You mean, you want Little Lan to give up the Mechanic class and change to the archeology department?” Father Fang frowned.

Although Bureau 11 was very powerful, they had started to nurture Fang Lan’s interest in the Mechanic class since she was three or four years old. They had cultivated her mechanical skills for ten years and could be said to have spent a lot of effort. Father Fang and Mother Fang almost cultivated Fang Lan for the template of a legendary Mechanic, hoping that Fang Lan could surpass them. Ten years of hard work, giving up the Mechanic class and changing to the archeological field, this made them too conflicted.

Why wasn’t it the fourth bureau that came looking for them?