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Chapter 487: Mythical Revival (2)

Ordinary ruins, high-level ruins, and legendary ruins respectively corresponded to ordinary legends, titled legends, and legendary Beast Tamers. Shi Yu’s ruins space was only an ordinary ruin, so even Eleven and the others’ daily training was difficult to withstand.

However, the legendary ruins space that Senior Lu had cracked herself was too fragrant. It was not a problem for overlord-level pets to fight inside.

“When I have the chance, I must find a legendary ruin to equip myself with.” Shi Yu made a great wish.

Shi Yu didn’t expect to find the ruins of these legendary Beast Tamers in the Beast Taming Era. The chances of them leaving their Beast Taming Space behind were not high.

He could only look at the legendary Beast Tamers from the distant totem era or abroad.

The owner of Senior Lu’s ruins space was a legendary Beast Tamer in the totem era.

“Do you want to fight?” At this moment, the gem cat screen teacher suddenly appeared.

“Count me in. I’ll go and watch the commotion.”

“How’s the situation in the ruins?” Shi Yu asked. After returning here previously, the gem cat had gone to study the ruins space where the Void Mantis was again. It planned to see what the Void Mantis meant by the Space Emperor not dying. It wanted to see if it could find some traces related to the Space Emperor through the ruins space.

“I didn’t discover anything.” The gem cat yawned and said, “Or rather, I can’t understand it. I suggest applying for a spatial legendary gem from the association for me. Perhaps I can understand it when the time comes.”

“Come and watch us then,” Shi Yu said.

Lu Qingyi said, “Help me protect the ruins venue and be a judge.”

Gem Cat: Hmm?

In Senior Lu’s legendary ruins space.

Under the lead of her, the owner of the ruins, Shi Yu and the gem cat entered.

Lu Qingyi was wearing a battle-type research suit. She walked in front and said, “The rules are 1VS1. The rules of the Space Emperor Ruins are also 1VS1. Didn’t you want to challenge it? You can treat it as a test of strength in advance.”

“Alright.” Shi Yu nodded.

Senior Lu was ranked seventh in the Sequence. Shi Yu was still quite curious about the true battle power of a Beast Tamer of this level.

A moment later, in an empty field.

As a level-six Beast Tamer, Lu Qingyi sent out her Wind Demon Lion!

The Wind Demon Lion was a creature that looked like a lion hound on the surface. It had fluffy white hair, dignified blue eyes, a black cloud pattern lingering around its neck, limbs, body, and long tail. It was especially domineering.

< Name > Wind Demon Lion (Demon Suppressing Lion Bloodline)

[Attributes]: Wind, Spirit

[Race Level]: High-level overlord

[Level of Growth]: Monarch Level

Energy Points: 5,870,000

< Introduction > It’s originally a high class commander species, the Wind Demon Lion. After accepting the inheritance of the guardian-level creature, the Evil Suppressing Lion, its race level evolved into a high class overlord.

It wasn’t the first time Shi Yu had seen Senior Lu’s Wind Demon Lion. At first, Shi Yu thought it was an ordinary commander race, but later on, he realized that he was too young and too naive back then.

“It’s so good to have a grandfather from the first bureau.”

However, the reason why Senior Lu’s Wind Demon Lion was strong was not completely because of the Evil Suppressing Lion bloodline.

Instead, it relied on the opportunities they obtained in the Mythical Ruins.

Senior Lu didn’t have any strengthening talent either. The Wind Demon Lion was the same as Shi Yu’s pet. It relied on other trump cards to help Senior Lu reach seventh place in the Sequence. There would definitely be a lot of hidden strength. After thinking about it, Shi Yu sent Eleven out.

If he went to the Space Emperor Ruins to challenge the Void Mantis next, he also planned to use Eleven to understand the information about the Void Mantis. Shi Yu judged that regardless of whether it was Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, or Susu, the chances of winning were not high.

The Void Mantis had also mastered Instant Transmission, Concealment, and various high-damage unique skills above transcendent. Its attainments in the spatial element were even stronger than Buggy. In terms of low-level skills, the difference between Shi Yu’s pets wasn’t very big. In terms of super skills, its proficiency completely exceeded Shi Yu’s pets. It wasn’t that easy to deal with.


After being summoned by Shi Yu, Eleven stood on the spot and looked at the big dog opposite with a serious expression.

It rubbed its bear paw on its body and turned to look at Shi Yu.

It sensed some bloodline suppression from the other party…

It wanted to ask why a dog’s bloodline level was higher than its.

Shi Yu was silent. How would he know! Perhaps the other party had received a Mythical inheritance and had a low-level Mythical bloodline.

On the other side, Lu Qingyi smiled and said, “This Iron-eating Beast has already been cultivated by you to be so strong.”

“Four inscriptions?”

“Yes.” Shi Yu nodded.

“Where’s the meteorite fragment?”

“There were some accidents. I can’t carve it for the time being.”

After Lu Qingyi nodded, her expression became serious. That meant that Eleven had already mastered five super racial skills. In addition to those basic skills with ridiculously high proficiency, this would be a fierce battle.

“Roar ~ ~” The Wind Demon Lion got up and locked its gaze on Eleven.

They were both black and white…

“I see. Come on then.” Lu Qingyi took off her glasses and her short hair fluttered in the wind.

“We won’t hold back then. Wind Demon Lion, Mythical Revival.”

With that said.

Strong winds rose around them.

“Roar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

The Wind Demon Lion opposite raised its head and roared. Black and red afterimages enveloped its body, and a terrifying aura began to spread from the Wind Demon Lion.

Its black and white hair was dyed red and black at this moment. Its size also suddenly increased, and its body length reached nearly ten meters. Its gaze was filled with a dignified expression, like a prehistoric ferocious beast standing in front of Lu Qingyi.