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Chapter 491: Ice Dummy Eleven (2)

As the reincarnation of the Blue Sea Sprite and the peak half-god of the Blue Sea Sprite, many people thought that it reincarnated from a half-god. What if it reincarnated from a Mythical level?

Shi Yu imagined it, but unfortunately, reality gave him a slap. These little guys had no divine power.

In the end, Shi Yu, who sighed, could only place his hopes on Ling.

He hoped that after it fused with the Kirin fossil, it could learn this skill. This way, even if it couldn’t perfectly inherit the power of the Kirin fossil, it might be able to deduce a complete divine power later with the Mythical Revival.

Apart from that, Shi Yu also replicated the “Turning Misfortune into Luck” skill.

This wind-element skill could be taught to Ling. Shi Yu felt that it was very useful. After all, as a Mechanic type, it was very difficult for Baby Ginseng to have any healing effect on it. It was very troublesome for a Mechanic to suffer damage, but with the anti-injury skill “Turning Misfortune into Luck”, Ling’s defense ability after that would be greatly improved.

Next, Shi Yu gave Eleven sufficient time to rest and let it adjust its state to prepare for the additional points of the Undying Golden Body.

In the outside world, Shi Yu estimated that he couldn’t defeat the Space Emperor Ruins for the time being, so he didn’t pay much attention and left it to the others to deal with.

However, he was still more worried that someone would clear the ruins first. At that time, not only would the Space Beast Egg be gone, but even the cultivation opportunities inside the Space Emperor Ruins would be gone.

It was said that the cultivation effect inside was very good. Shi Yu didn’t expect to be able to reach the level-seven Beast Taming Space in a short period of time. As long as he broke through to the level-six Beast Taming Space, he would be very satisfied.

At that time, it should be easier to increase his physique and add some super skills. Apart from that, he could also contract Ling. According to Ling’s attribute feedback, it should be able to make him, a Beast Tamer, smarter.

At that time, with the memory water drop, Shi Yu felt that he could take the time to memorize the knowledge that he usually didn’t have time to remember.

“Are you ready?”

A day later, Eleven recovered.

All of Shi Yu’s pets were also adjusted to their optimal state.

Shi Yu began to decide to add points.

In the ruins space, as Shi Yu was about to give “rewards”, the pets gathered and looked at Eleven in envy.

One of the rewards of the internal competition, the pet that won the championship had the priority to add some super skills.

Therefore, now, Eleven was naturally the first to learn a super skill. This opportunity made Buggy beside him extremely envious.

“Wuu!!!” King Eleven was wearing a “frost cleansing suit”. It turned into an ice block with a serious expression. It was ready!!

This frost cleansing suit was condensed from Susu turning itself into “Cleansing Water”.

It was an equipment that could “cleanse negative emotions”. It could effectively help Eleven increase the learning success rate of super skills.

Susu was the only pet in Shi Yu’s team that had experienced the additional points of super skills, so it knew what help a pet that received super skill experience needed.

With Susu protecting them, this was also why Shi Yu was at ease teaching Eleven and the other super skills with medium willpower.

“Chi Tong, possession, Baby Ginseng, heal me, Buggy, venue, Ling, record.”

As it was too difficult to add points last time, Shi Yu made more comprehensive preparations this time.

Chi Tong still possessed Shi Yu and increased his physique and recovery ability.

As for Baby Ginseng, it stood behind Shi Yu and held Shi Yu with one hand, as if it was “imparting strength”. It was preparing to transmit nourishing power to help Shi Yu later.

On the other hand, Buggy instantly modified the environment of the ruins into “earth and sunlight” that coexisted, creating rich earth and sun power to allow Baby Ginseng to take root and recover with Shi Yu.

Rubik Ling, on the other hand, analyzed the state of Shi Yu and Eleven’s bodies with a serious expression. It guarded the bottles and jars filled with “Water of Life” on the ground and did the safety guarantee. It was in charge of stopping the adding of points in times of crisis.

This time, it was foolproof.

Skill: Undying Golden Body

Status: Can be taught

[Teaching success rate]: Medium

[Teaching Risk]: Medium

“Let’s charge.” Shi Yu took a deep breath and stretched out his hand towards Eleven. A golden halo spread from his palm.

Unlike low-level skills, when teaching super skills, the color of the halo would change with the skill attributes.

For example, when he taught Susu Infinite Devour, the halo was blue. Now that he was teaching Eleven, it turned golden again.

“Wuu! (My strength was obtained through my own hard work. Beast Tamer, increase points!!)” In order to strengthen his indestructible heart and successfully withstand teaching, Eleven kept hypnotizing himself.

Even banks could borrow money, so what if it overdrew its hard work in advance? It just had to make up for it later. No one could deprive it of its right to be a bear!

It would definitely succeed this time!


A golden teaching light pressed on Eleven’s head.

Eleven, who was wearing an ice stool cleansing suit, instantly felt that its body was about to crack. Its watery bear eyes widened and were filled with electricity.

Unlike teaching low-level skills, which was extremely comfortable and intoxicating, learning super skills was extremely painful.

In an instant, Eleven felt as if its body had been smashed into pieces by Baby Ginseng’s self-destruction. Then, it was reassembled and shattered again.

Its body was destroyed, recombined, destroyed, and recombined without limit. The pain time and time again was several times greater than the self-mutilating training it had experienced. Even Eleven, a crazy bear who didn’t care about its life when training, felt incomparable pain.