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Chapter 492: Ice Dummy Eleven (3)

At the same time, Shi Yu was the same as last time.

The teaching speed of super skills was extremely slow.

His body began to wither, his hair and eyebrows began to turn white, and his life force quickly flowed away. He felt extremely weak as if he was about to die. Although he was already mentally prepared, the second time, Shi Yu still had the thought of never teaching super skills next time, unless he broke through.

Ten minutes.

For a full ten minutes.

It didn’t take long for him to teach Susu super skills.

But teaching Eleven this time took a full ten minutes.

[Teaching success rate]: Medium

[Teaching Risk]: Medium

In this, Shi Yu suddenly understood that it wasn’t just referring to pets, but also to him.

The lower the level of the pet’s will, the slower it was to absorb the experience of super skills. At the same time, Shi Yu had to continue teaching and consuming energy. The physical fitness and vitality he needed to pay was even greater!

The consumption of super skills was not fixed. It would change with the teaching situation. This discovery made Shi Yu curse.

The last time, he only taught it for a while before it killed him. This time, it was a full ten minutes. Shi Yu didn’t know how he survived.

If not for Baby Ginseng’s continuous life support and Chi Tong’s possession, Shi Yu might really have died midway.

Eleven was the same. It had endured the destruction of its body countless times. Its miserable cry spread throughout the entire ruins space, making Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, and Ling Sese tremble.

Even Eleven, the tough guy in the team, was so miserable. Could they really withstand the pain of super points?

For a moment, the little guys were a little afraid.

In these ten minutes, Shi Yu wanted to stop teaching and give up every minute and second.

When his physique improved and Eleven’s will broke through, he would teach it like this. It might be the same as teaching Susu last time. Although it was also very painful, it wasn’t unbearable.

However, when he thought about how giving up now meant that his previous efforts had been in vain, Shi Yu gritted his teeth and persevered.

They had no idea how these ten minutes passed. In the later stages, both Eleven and Shi Yu almost lost consciousness.

Chi Tong had already been taken out because Shi Yu’s state was not enough to withstand the possession. Susu was also lying at the side like a limp jelly because it had consumed all its strength to support Eleven.

Only Baby Ginseng and Ling were still staring with their eyes wide open. Just as they judged that Shi Yu and Eleven’s state really couldn’t continue and had to be interrupted, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from Eleven!

The golden teaching light slowly faded.

[Teaching successful]

The wrinkles on the old Shi Yu twitched as he smiled.

“Wu!!!” “Yi!!”

“Mi?!” “Ning!!” “Wa!!”

At this moment, everyone who suddenly realized something took a deep breath and looked at Eleven in front of Shi Yu with burning eyes.

[Undying Golden Body, teaching successful!]

Although the changes in other aspects weren’t very obvious, as Eleven learned the Undying Golden Body, its physique indeed underwent a qualitative change again.

In terms of strength, it was impossible to determine, but in terms of recovery power, it might not be inferior to Chi Tong and Baby Ginseng at this moment. Just like how the source of life skill changed Baby Ginseng’s physique, and the Spirit Release skill changed Chi Tong’s physique, the Undying Golden Body also changed Eleven’s physique.

It made Eleven feel that even if injuries appeared on its body at this moment, the automatic healing speed of those injuries wouldn’t be much slower without the high-speed healing skill. This was only the basic effect brought by the Undying Golden Body. The stronger effect was naturally the use of the skill core.

Transforming the damage it endured into vitality!

Coupled with skills like Inner Power, Giant Transformation, Space Quake, and Overlord Body Armor that could easily cause damage to the body, Eleven finally walked on its invincible path.

More ferocious, fiercer, and stronger.

If it fought with the Wind Demon Lion again, Eleven could at least erupt with two more rounds and crush the enemy.

Eleven slowly opened its eyes, revealing an invincible expression amidst its fatigue. It let out a cry at Shi Yu in front of it.

The Void Mantis was definitely going to lose. It was useless even if the Space Emperor came! If it really came, forget it.


Buggy, Baby Ginseng, Chi Tong, and the others also suddenly realized that the complete King Eleven was finally born at this moment.

The difficulty of defeating Eleven increased again.

Shi Yu smiled again like a toothless old man. He said with difficulty, “Cut… Cut the crap. Baby Ginseng, heal…”

“Wu wu!!!” Eleven hurriedly waved at Baby Ginseng. Why wasn’t it healing but staring at it instead?!


At the same time, Eleven looked at Susu and asked with a psychological shadow if it could use the cleansing water to condense a frost cleansing suit for it…

Eleven still had a trauma from learning the Undying Golden Body just now. It hurt when it closed its eyes. It estimated that it would take a while for it to recover. In order to prevent nightmares, it felt that it was better to wear a frost cleansing suit.


A few days later.

As Shi Yu finished eating the Water of Life he had obtained from Dragon Palace City as well as the Vortex Demon Beast’s roasted meat was completely eaten. During this period, he even let Baby Ginseng constantly enter the overlord level through the Time Fruit to heal him. Only then did he recover.

However, even so, there were still some after-effects of the weakening. The weak-looking Shi Yu lay in the ruins space with a dry cough. At this moment, he didn’t even have the mood to maximize Susu’s low-level skills.