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Chapter 493: Ice Dummy Eleven (4)

In the short term, he no longer wanted to add points, even if it was a low-level skill.

“I’m almost recovered… It’s time to challenge the ruins…”


In the outside world.

The matter of the Space Emperor Ruins had already spread. To be precise, it spread among famous top-notch masters.

Legendary-level Beast Tamers couldn’t enter the ruins, so they naturally wouldn’t pay too much attention. But for top-notch masters, the Space Emperor Ruins was an opportunity for them to enter the legendary domain!!

Sequence number eight, Tong Yan, Sequence number nine, Ning Tianming, and Sequence number ten, Zou Yun. These geniuses whose Beast Taming levels were still at level six were all invited by the Dong Huang Association to the Space Emperor Ruins to try to break out of the situation. If they could succeed… Even if they didn’t succeed, if they were suddenly liked by the Void Mantis, they might be allowed a few more days to cultivate there. In the Space Emperor Ruins for a few days… This was not a small benefit.

After all, the meditation efficiency here was even higher than Lu Qingyi’s legendary ruins.

Almost all of the top ten in the Sequence, apart from the first four legends and Zheng Hai the quasi legend, had been invited by the Dong Huang Association. It was obvious that the Dong Huang Association really wanted these young people to break through to the legendary level here. After all, it concerned the battle power of the World Tournament.

At this moment, in a camp outside the Space Emperor Ruins, a few young people were leisurely drinking afternoon tea.

“Fight my ass, I’m not fighting anymore.”

Heavenly King Zou, who had failed several consecutive challenges, lost his mind.

He sat back down and sighed.

His trump card battle pet, “Black Demon Rat”, could reach 20 million energy points under his strengthening and explosive skill. It could even fight against weaker overlord-level pets, but it couldn’t even last three moves against that mantis. How could he fight?

This was f*cking monarch level?

“Heh, none of us ranked at the top are his match. Zou Yun, stop struggling.” The feminine man, Ning Tianming, took a sip of tea and chuckled.

“It’s just that the initial ranking is high. No one has fought before. It’s really uncertain who’s stronger,” Zou Yun said in disdain.

Sequence 9 Ning Tianming came from Bureau 12. He was a special hybrid human with two souls in one body. He had the bloodline of a ghost god in his body. His bloodline came from the guardian ghost of Dong Huang because the first patriarch of the family and the guardian-level ghost spirit had become partners.

“Well… I gave up anyway.”

“My poison can’t touch it at all… There’s no time to develop a new poison. I’m leaving tomorrow. All the best.”

Tong Yan from the 13th Bureau of Medical Care held her face and spoke. She was a genius doctor and also a poison master. Most of the pets she contracted were poison-type. She had once used a combination of strange poison to kill an overlord. Just like her name, she was like a young girl with a very innocent appearance.

These geniuses from all over the world gathered in the Space Emperor Ruins to challenge the Void Mantis, but unfortunately, they all failed.

As geniuses, these people were also familiar with each other. Although the world was very big, at a certain level, the world was very small. As time passed, every genius would more or less have some interaction. Of course, freaks like Shi Yu, who had risen to this level in a year, were an exception.

“I heard that Ji Feng will also come in the afternoon. Lu, what do you think?” Tong Yan smiled and looked at the silent Lu Qingyi beside him.

A few years ago, the archeological genius of Ancient Capital University, Lu Qingyi, and the genius of Imperial Capital University, met in the finals of the National League. The two of them won the championship and the runner-up. Lu Qingyi was defeated, and Ji Feng won.

After graduation, Ji Feng joined the tenth bureau, the Intelligence Bureau’s undercover totem area. He had just returned recently. The strength of both parties was already worlds apart from back then. With Tong Yan’s understanding of Lu Qingyi, she would most likely want to challenge the number one spot from him.

“He won’t be a match for that Void Mantis either.” Lu Qingyi shook her head and said, “The Void Mantis has mastered the ‘Demon Restraining Domain’, which can restrict the flow of all natural energy. In other words, pets can only fight with their own strength and can’t rely on natural power. This completely counters Ji Feng’s ‘Myriad Affinity’. He can’t compete with the Void Mantis in the ruins, right?”

“But that guy’s talent is All Things Affinity. Perhaps he can get intimate with the Void Mantis and directly pass,” Heavenly King Zou said. “Of course, the chances aren’t high. That Void Mantis is very stubborn. It won’t even allow me to take a photo with it and post it on social media…”

Damn it, he missed another trending opportunity to take a photo with the Space Emperor pet.

“Eh, right, didn’t Shi Yu come?” Heavenly King Zou, who had only arrived recently, asked in confusion. With his understanding of Shi Yu, it was impossible for him to be absent from such an occasion. Shi Yu, who was at the fifth level of Beast Taming, should want to increase his level more than everyone present.

Moreover, in Zou Yun’s opinion, Shi Yu’s strength was not weak at all. He was definitely not much inferior to everyone present. He could totally give it a try.

Shi Yu…

Upon hearing this name, apart from Lu Qingyi, Tong Yan and Ning Tianming were stunned. Clearly, they also knew this super genius who had shocked Dong Huang in the past year. Their reputation belonged to the kind that had been established a few years ago. As for Shi Yu, he was a new super genius who had advanced in the past year. His rise was very fast. Now that he was already 11th in the sequence, his strength was probably not much inferior to theirs. Moreover, in terms of achievements and potential, they were only inferior to Shi Yu.

“Shi Yu? He arrived much earlier than you guys,” Lu Qingyi said in boredom.